But one of the most important thing is that this one has had compatibility issues with windows 10, and this is a bluetooth, dongle and it’s. I think it’s bluetooth, 2.0, ich bin, not so sure nowbecause i bought this maybe five years agoand it already is wrapped with a sticker here, because it’s kind of tears up apart and it has this fake hole here. It has an antenna before that is a fake antenna and i was slapping about it, but it works for my old computer. It works for all that. I needed it to work for, but recently it has a sort of having problems after a windows update, and i think i can’t really use it reliably anymore. So i have a few bluetooth peripherals on my desktop, like my mouse, my drawing tablet and whatnot. So i decided to order one to replace this one and it in this one is advertised as more modern bluetooth and it arrived here. Okay, just let me move this coffee cup, okay, so bin ich, just gon na open this up, i’m gon na hear the plastic uh get ripped open and i’ve ordered a few things together with this one on the same store because they kind of in a promo kind Of in uh what you call chinese new year, promo so it’s from the same shopand i ordered a few things so i’m, nur gon na – have to review this in one go and do an end depth review of the other things later so that you’ll know What it’s, for so again, it’s well wrapped in bubble, wrap and it’s again from ugreen, and this is the new bluetooth adapter that i bought so as you can see, it’s written there as bluetooth 4.

0. So this is two versions higher than the one i had but it’s. Also usb 2.0 capable and has about 20 meters operation range and the chip model is written there. Okay, so bin ich, just gon na hold it so that you can read it and that’s. The data transfer rate it’s around three megabits per second or megabytes per second, so that’s from you green and have good experience with them recently. And if you compare this one with the old one, this one’s pretty huge okay and this one’s, pretty small, so bin ich, just gon na open this up and show you more in detail and let you know later how this one works so inside this box or this Plastic container is some extraction manual. A thank you card from you green, wie Sie hier sehen, okay, so let me show you and contact us in their website. Their phone numbers, so kind of have a support and what’s written on this detail. Pack is how it would work so yeah. You can hear some background noise. We have a coffee shop outside, so its product details are bluetooth, 4.0 and how it works. You just plug it in notes. This unit is driverless, so dass das, the most important part here, it’s driverless, so for data transmitting under windows, 8 und 10, and as for windows xb7, you need to install a driver to the provided, Treiber, cd or download. The installation package. Os x is not supported, but they have an osx version of this one, but this one that i bought is for windows, because obviously i use windows and yeah inside.

We have the installation cd here, so no problem for the old windows versions. In case you encounter some problems there and then the device itself – okay, so just gon na get the device it’s kinda wrapped in there tight okay. So there you go i’m, just gon na replace everything back so that i’m sure i’ll find it later. When i need it, so then just go in detail with this one. Okay, so as you can see, äh es ist, ziemlich schön, looking it’s pretty small, it has this hook here you can put a lanyard here so that you won’t lose it if you’re going mobile. So this light here is the indicator light, and it has a cover this plastic over here and then there you go okay, so i plan to use it above. My my current setup and i’m gon na show you that it works as quickly as it does i’m. Just gon na cut the video first, but before i do the other pack that i bought is this one. So i bought two because i’m currently attending um some online classes and when i use my my computer as well as my mobile phone, sometimes in zoom i’m having problems attaching a microphone and a speaker together and when i attach it via bluetooth. The speaker that i had i have some of the tws functions are working and it would block my microphone and it won’t work. So this one splits it up so i’m just going to go in detail later about this, but this is pretty neat pretty useful.

So it comes in this nice package. This plastic here it’s a resealable plastic, so you can reuse it anytime. You need to so again for the quality. U green, again included includes this uh. Thank you card i’m, just gon na return it inside the plastic. So just don’t throw away these kind of plastics you can. You can reuse them for some useful stuff and you’re gon na save the environment. By doing so – und hier geht es weiter, wie Sie hier sehen können, i’m just gon na do a review of this in detail, and it it has the good thing about this, one that i i saw on the listing for this, and i was not sure if it Really included, that is the icons so that you’ll know this. One is for this for attachment of an earphone or a speaker and the other end. The split end is indicated as a microphone. So you won’t confuse yourself with that. It has this sort of attachment in the middle that protects it from being yanked out it’s, pretty long it’s around 10 Zoll lang, and this end, so i would have loved if, if this was gold plated i’m sure they have a gold plated one but got it For a steal, all in all this order just cost me around twenty dollars, so that’s twenty dollars for everything, but this one is the most expensive, which one was that the bluetooth one that i’m gon na show you later how it’s gon na work so i’m, just Gon na review this in deck later i’m gon na test it out, but for now i’m just gon na stop the video to show you how the bluetooth thing works: Musik, Applaus, Musik, so jetzt, ich bin, just going to show you that i haven’t had any bluetooth Connected here on my device, so i removed the old one now i’m going to attach the new one here on my computer.

This is my usb 3.0 slot here, and this is my usb 2.0 slot here. So it says here that this one is a usb 2.0. Also, okay, just in detail uh, it has some some logo of you green that you will notice here that now that i am under a light, so it has a bluetooth icon and i’m. Just gon na show you and i’m gon na plug it in for the first time and as you can see it lights up there: okay, Musik, so it lights up: Musik, okay, so not blinking! Just lighting up then i’m gon na go back to the computer here and refocus, wie Sie jetzt sehen können. There’S a bluetooth icon, almost immediately Music, so no drivers needed show bluetooth devices, so yeah it’s working okay. So you see there it’s now detecting all of my devices. There speaker my dongle everything else, wie Sie hier sehen können, it’s pretty nice, looking pretty good looking right, so there you go that’s my review for today, i’m gon na review this one in detail later and i’m.