Zum glück, we have been able to try all the products you find below and rank them in terms of their features and how fast they are, der Preis, the display quality and much more now, let’s dig into the video, but before that, please subscribe and hit notification bell For exciting videos on new gadgets all week, long on number, six and 199 dollars cheap, we have lenovo m10, fhd plus lenovo is made in china, and here it certainly lives up to its origin by using all the hardware chinese made. Yes brian. If you see the main device within the processor is mediatek, that’s chinese and the rest of the equipment is too so. It’S got a solid 8 Kernprozessor, with up to 4 gb widm. The storage is 64 gb and the display is 10.3 Zoll. Full hd that’s 1920 durch 1200 that’s under 200 PPI. The battery is not bad with 5000 mah that can work up to 8.5 Stunden, video playback and up to 9 Stunden. Video browsing that’s based on the testing of mobile mark in 2014, and the battery varies significantly with selling factors, so the camera is ir which can provide lit still images and dim screens, so it has wi fi bloated security face unlock audio and it’s also got tight. Speakers with an audio jack, Das heißt, superb and it’s also got 8 megapixel camera autofocus on the red and on the front, it’s got a 5 megapixel camera autofocus, das ist sehr gut.

Uh it’s got a slot for a single sim insert, which is also then the same, and the best part is. The storage can be increased to 256 gb on number five starting at 783 US-Dollar. We have microsoft surface book 3.. The good thing about this tab is got a computer based intel processor, which is either i3 i5 or i7. The intel processor also doesn’t heat very quickly, so it doesn’t need a fan, so ist es, very cool and quiet this time, and now it’s got usbc. Schließlich, which will increase the transfer speeds and also decrease the charging time the downsides are still it. Doesn’T have a thunderbolt 3 it’s dated design that looks all next to surface pro x and lack of built in lte removable ssd. So what you have is what you get and therefore you cannot upgrade it on number four: we have the samsung galaxy tab s6, which starts at 650 dollars almost the 650 Galaxie Tab s6. Is the company’s latest attempt at a device that can be used for both consuming content and productivity? Und, Ja, it runs android. Certain s6 has a great tablet: it’s got a great screen and speakers and it’s thin and light enough to hold for extended watch time sessions. It even has enough battery to last through at least three marvel movies. On the flip side, samsung’s attempts to make the tab s6 a productivity device fall short. There are a number of annoying bugs in the software and it’s, not a great enough device to replace your laptop.

The good stuff about the tab is it’s, got a gorgeous display loud, clear speakers, sleek design, fast performance and the stylus comes in the box, unlike apple that you have to picture separately. The bad stuff about the tab is widescreen aspect ratio sucks for productivity, optional keyboard case is unstable on a lap in screen, fingerprint scanner is slow and unreliable deck. Software features feel half baked and are frustrating to use and numerous software bugs. So therefore, we have this at number. Four. Moving on to number three: we have the new apple ipad pro starting at 7.99, so the apple would have two models: das 11 inch and the 12 Zoll. Die 11 inch would start at 799 Und die 12 inch will start at 9.99, but in both the cases, a more realistic cost is at least a couple of hundred dollars more. You should factor in the price of a storage bump over the anemic 128 gigabytes of base storage and the price of a keyboard case. Gut, brian, the ipad pro doesn’t make any sense, because ipad pro buyers will quickly spend as much or more than the cost of a good, macbook air or even a macbook pro. Hence the tension. The good stuff is that it’s got a great display, it’s fast, lightning fast. It does have a trackpad support as well, and the bad stuff is you’re paying for a lighter, which you may not use ipad. Os limitations still great and you don’t have a headphone jack on number two.

We have huawei mate bad pro, which starts at 569 US-Dollar. Only huawei’s new make pad pro 5g is a 5g version of the 10.8 inch tablet it announced last year for the chinese market. When combined with its keyboard case and implants, the tablet invites some obvious comparisons to apple ipad pro, but huawei’s tablet has a couple of unique features of its sleep. These include two way: wireless charging, the ability to mirror the screen of a paired smartphone and the aforementioned 5g connectivity like the apple operating system and unlike the samsung’s decks. The hawaii also has a very good unification platform with its devices and so that’s. The reason we have it at number two, if it’s not number one but let’s, see who’sthat Music, hey Music uh at number one. We have none other than the samsung tab s7 at 649. As i expected, the tab s7 do stack the spec sheet, at least as far as the android devices go. They have everything from 5g to 120 hertz of display and quad speaker system, but they also cost a stack starting from 650 dollars for 11 inch and tab s7 850 Dollar für die 12.4 inch s7 plus adding samsung’s keyboard folio case to the mix tax. On another 199.99, 11 inch or 229.99 12.4 inch to the tally, meaning you can easily spend over a grand on one of these tablets so good stuff. Up with the tablet, it’s got beautiful. Super amoled screen elegant thin and light tablet, fingerprint reader and display for s7 plus.

It also comes at stylus, which cost another 150 dollars in apple and the downsides are the book cover. Keyboard has issues, dex mode still has room to grow and there are app incompatibility issues. So this is it for the top seven best tablets that you can buy in 2020. Wenn Sie möchten, our video hit the thumbs up button any point of time, if you want to buy any of these tablets, there is link in the description below and if you do not agree with our top seven, you can always leave your comments and we’ll.