Lets talk about real mes latest entry level, offering the real me pad and of course you guys know that i made an unboxing video of this device and if you havent seen that yet i will link that video right up here. Anyways realmes debut tablet offers a number of compelling features that gives it a good price to spec ratio on paper, but having this device for a little over two weeks. Gut, lets talk about its performance, based from my experience, also los geht's. The first thing that really captured my eye on this device is its premium build. The realme pad is covered in aluminum alloy, with a matte finish, plus we got it in the color gold. Also, ehrlich gesagt, guys for a budget tablet, this looks and feels absolutely premium. You dont really get a lot of fingerprint smudges on the back, since it has a slightly matte coating and top that off with its absolutely portable size of 6.9 Millimeter, ultra slim design and a weight of 440 grams well its safe to say i can play games Or watch movies on this tablet without feeling tired or slight heaviness on my wrist, unlike other heavy and bulky tablets out there, so guys so branca antalagana tablet, even if youre playing games or watching movies or videos and honestly, this is actually perfect for my gaming stream. So if you guys want to tune in to my streams, go ahead to the unboxed ph facebook page, i go live there.

Every friday, 7 pm philippine standard time. I play games on different gadgets, its going to be fun, we can play games or gention. So yeah see you guys there going back for its display. I honestly expected it to have an amoled screen, since it does look the part, but the real me pad does have a high quality 10.4 Zoll. Ips lcd display with a solid 60 hertz colors, may not be as vibrant as an amoled panel, but it does have good color balance and a pretty sharp and detailed display. Now the screen sits at 360 Nits Spitzenhelligkeit, which is good for indoor usage. This also has a great set of speakers with dolby atmos, ehrlich gesagt, the audio quality and surround sound experience is pretty impressive for its price and it has good volume loudness to it too. Also heres, an audio sample Music Music lets move over to its gaming performance. The real me pad has a mediatek helio, g80 processor and for its ram it can go up to four gigs and for its storage it can go up to 64 GB Speicher, but our model unit has a three gig of ram and 32 gigs of storage Variant now this also runs on the real me ui for pad based off android 11.. So for the games it ran smoothly for mobile legends. Graphic quality was good and overall gameplay was incredibly smooth. Jedoch, since the buttons and characters are displayed on a larger screen, it did appear a bit blurry or some slight pixelation there.

As for call of duty, you can play it on medium, graphics and high frame rate. You rarely see some frame drops and stutters on this. One and animation was lag free and so far its still a smooth and enjoyable gameplay for call of duty, while on kenshin its default settings is set to the lowest and well. I noticed some stutters from time to time and graphic quality isnt that great in its default setting unless you amp it up to either low or medium settings. I noticed that the device warmed up a bit after i played on it for about 30 Minuten oder so, but its nothing too alarming, so its safe to say that the roomy pad is capable of gaming. As long as you manage your expectations when it comes to graphic settings and if youre here for the numbers check out our benchmark scores in terms of the ui, this didnt come with a lot of bloatware, which i appreciate. The interface looks cleaner and simple, but it does have very limited options for customization features for the tablet. Jedoch, you can easily multitask on this plus its split screen works well for the battery. The real me pad is packed with a 7 100 milliamp hour battery with an 18 Watt, quick charge and reverse charging and based from our battery test. The roomy pad lasted roughly 13 Stunden und 29 minutes of regular media consumption, which is very impressive and as for charging speed, it took about two hours for it to fully charge from zero to 130 Minuten von 20 An 100.

. For the cameras, Dies hat eine 8 megapixel ultra wide front camera and 8 megapixel rear lens. So weit, the cameras are pretty decent for its price. The details and colors are a bit washed out, while dynamic range could be better. Jedoch, its front facing camera makes it the perfect device for online meetings and classes, plus the noise cancellation microphones on this works. Nun auch, jedoch, one thing that i do think is lacking here is the realme pads accessories, and i do hope that realme can further improve the pads edge by offering accessories to maximize its potential as an all around productivity device, but hey for its price. I cant complain cause it already delivered a lot more than expected from its premium looking build to its impressive, surround, Klangqualität, capable processor and stunning screen for productivity and games. I do recommend this device to students or for people who are looking for a budget friendly device that can handle online meetings, multitasking gaming and some entertainment on the side. The real me pad is priced at 10, 990 pesos for the 3 Gigs von Ram und 32 gigs of rom variant and 14 990 pesos for the 4 Gigs von Ram und 64 gigs of rom variant and 16 990 pesos for the 6 Gigs von Ram und 128 gigs of rom variant now the base model will have a special price in shoppi, where it will be available for 8990 pesos starting october 22.

, while in real me stores and partner dealers nationwide, das 3 Gigs von Ram und 32 gigs of rum variant will have An early bird price of 9990 pesos from october 21 An 31.. So what do you guys think about this tablet? Comment them down below and share your thoughts. Also dont forget to check out unbox.ph for more awesome content and remember to like comment share and subscribe, and also dont forget to hit that notification bell for more updates. Noch einmal, this was me elle and ill.