This is the panasonic toughbook 33 2021 Ausgabe, and this laptop is trying to give us a look at what a professionally truly professionally designed laptop is intended to be. This is tk, and this is xdatv let’s check out the toughbook 33, so this is the toughbook 33. Dies ist die 2021 edition of this laptop or this ruggedized laptop from panasonic. And what i mean by this, this is the refresh edition. There is an original model, and what we see essentially with this model is a few things. They incorporated a lot of the inputs with a lot of the feedback from users from the first generation, as well as generational upgrades, and what i mean by this. Im wesentlichen, the cpu generational upgrade that we have here. We have two models: there’s going to be the i5 model and then the i7 modeland what i mean by this essentially is we have the option of going from 512 GB interner Speicher, all the way to one terabyte ssd. Im Grunde, an opal nvme ssd option. Now gives that gives us the ability of having longevity, as well as a 16 gig base model, all the way up to 32 Gigabyte RAM. That again provides us the longevity of the functionality that we get in here, the overall aesthetic that you’re getting here is very unique and very different than most laptops. The thickness here will probably be thicker than most laptops, but the main benefit here is that this is a two in one, and what i mean by this essentially, is that the laptop is entirely running on the top part of the actual computer and that’s going to Be the tablet form, so this is the three by two aspect: Verhältnis, wqhd, so qhd resolution with touch interface, because there is also, Natürlich, pen input, support which makes the toughbook line very ruggedized and, Natürlich, meant to be used outdoors, not necessarily just in an Indoors, environment, the overall ui is windows, 10 professional and, Natürlich, as i mentioned to you guys with the specifications, we do have 4g lte support, although not configured on the model that i have with me here, and it should be supported by verizon in the near Future and other carriershopefully after that now the model that i have in here is the core i5 model and again there’s the core i7 model that is available there with v pro support, and what that means essentially, is that they didn’t necessarily use the latest and Greatest chipset, but they use the latest and greatest chipset that they’re able to also source for quite an extended amount of time replacement parts for this laptop will be available for much longer than any of your conventional laptops available on the market.

Front facing cameras have been optimized and upgraded as well with the new shield guard that’s, providing us the protection, so you don’t have to put any more of those stickies there. We do have front facing cameras here. We have a qr code, breeder that’s present at the top right there and, Natürlich, as i showed you guys at the beginning, there’s a front facing cameras where the back facing cameras on this laptop outdoors. So the introduction that we did on this video was done. Outdoors uh to demonstrate a couple of things: a the new microphone arrays, as well as the cameras that we have in here on the front facing cameras, but it’s also intended to show you guys that this laptop is really meant to handle outdoors the outdoors. Because of the mil spec 810g certification, the ip65 rating and, Natürlich, the ability of handling up to a four foot drop with the keyboard or a five foot drop without the keyboard. Just for the tablet itself, no other laptop on the market right now can handle indirect sunlight visibility, as well as speakers that can work in a very loud environment and if you drop it you’re not gon na have to run after it because more than likely, this Is gon na be one of the toughest laptops you’ve ever seen out there Music Applause Music? Jetzt, although one of the thickest laptops we’re, probably going to be able to see on the market right now, it has ports galore not only on the main body of itself, with the actual pen input, but also the additional options that you’re able to get with the Keyboard they do provide three different types.

This one actually includes quite a bit. We have a usb 3.1 volle Größe, ethernet a full size, uh here, basically an rf connection to be able to connect it to it any external peripherals. Auf der anderen Seite, we also have access to a full size, sd card and again you notice how all of them have the nice little snaps. This allows them to be rucketized and allow it to there’s, no water. That goes in here the other option. Here we have hdmi and, Natürlich, Vga. I know it’s an older piece of tech, but if you ever do need vga support this laptop. Has you covered again another regular size, usb port, Natürlich, the power connector here that’s, provided you can charge the laptop directly from the keyboard or you can charge it directly from the main unit itself. Conversely, the unit itself actually has its own ports, which here you see, usbc hdmi, Usb 3.1 und eine 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with that cover option to be able to provide us that protection. What i like about the panasonic toughbook 33 is the fact that it actually culminates a lot of different options. We’Ve seen other options from them here i did a video for you guys not that long ago, now that laptop had a lot of moving pieces which is intentionally made to be more of a modular laptop, this one isn’t trying to be modular. This is really incorporating everything that you need in a simple easy to use ergonomic setup.

Now you probably have seen these laptops in the field or outdoors let’s say with police officers, first responders medical responders or even, if you’ve ever gone to a drive through if you’ve ever seen. This check it out next time the person that’s helping you take your order in standing in line and taking your order more than likely they’re using a toughbook panasonic corners, the market when it comes down to the recognization they’re, literally the gold standard. When it comes down to ruggedized laptops on the market, so i want to say thank you very much to panasonic for allowing us to check out the toughbook 33. Please let me know in the comments below what do you guys think of the toughbook 33? Is this truly the professional laptop when you think of a professional laptop this i, in my opinion at least, feel like it just kind of embodies that entire thing they listen to their consumers and, Natürlich, providing us an update and just for reference there’s not going To be a 2022 model of this, because this is intended to last, they have parts to replace hardware on this for years to come, that’s the main benefit of a tough book from panasonic like and subscribe as usual and, Natürlich, make sure to check out my Channel for more tech tips and, Natürlich, videos to help you enjoy your tech. This is tk.