I wanted to go ahead and find supposedly one of the best cheap tablets that are out there and a lot of companies don’t even make tablets anymore. Tatsächlich, this is an android tablet, so hopefully some of my apple fans will stick around, but long story short. This is going to be one of the cheapest ones i could find with really high ratings, and i picked this up at best buy. I got this for right around 60 on sale during you know black friday or whatever. So i wanted to go ahead and see it had really good ratings. I checked it out on amazon too. It has really good ratings there. The price has since gone up a little bit but um, but i’m gon na you know stick with it. You can probably pick this up for about 60 Böcke. If you do your due diligence, this is the digiland dl 1036. So the digiland dl1036 i’m going to show you some pictures here and show you some other things about it. What it looks like all the features and everything it has you know, is it worth your hard earned money even at 60 i mean when it comes in at like 1, 6th or 1, 10th or 120 at the cost of an apple tablet. Can you get away with this? Can you actually use this in day to day use, and is it going to? Weißt du, work good for you, so anyways let’s get into it.

I just want to go through this. This is one of the best budget tablets everyone’s telling me so without further ado, let’s check it out all right, here’s, a good look at the box, just in case you’re, walking by it in the store, pretty attractive box it’s, not like apple packaging but pretty nice. So in the box you do get the unit. You can see it here, it’s packaged with some plastic around it. You get a charger which comes with the cord and the plug, and then you get some instructions and that’s about it. That’S about all you get in the box, the good thing with the plug, wie Sie hier sehen können, is it does come with both parts of the plug and on top of it is usbc so it’s, a newer plug, which is really nice it’s, not the old Usb, Schließlich, you get some really really simple instructions about how turning your tablet on and turning it off nothing beyond that. So hopefully you know android pretty well all right so to go over the specs of this let’s get into the specs i’m going to show them up on the screen, but it’s really actually a pretty capable system for around 60, Alles klar. So for around 60 Böcke. You do get a mediatek quad core processor, which is pretty nice and then look at the specs it’s android 10, which is unheard of at this price. Punkt: 10.1. Zoll 800 durch 1280.

You do get two gigs of internal memory and 32 Gigabyte Speicher. There’S two cameras on this unit: battery is 500 Milliampere, so it’s got a really good battery we’ll get into that in a second it’s got a micro, usb adapter as well, so insgesamt, really nice unit here’s one of my friends while i was filming he kept coming Up to this coming up to the window trying to get some treatsand i finally gave inand i finally gave him a few things to eat there, so he did bug me a few more times throughout the video all right the process of peeling off. This is not quite like apple, but not too bad for sixty dollars. When you boot it up, you do get this screen. It takes maybe about a minute or so to load. So you have to go through this whole process. It says hi there and then you have to go through the setup. You know is it english and then you know the whole thing where you put in your wi fi and everything like that so it’s very similar to an apple device. You know go ahead and throw in your wi fi, and then it has to months to know if it wants to copy your data over. Insgesamt, aber, it only took about five minutes to actually get set up, so it wasn’t a lot of loading or anything like that. It was really pretty fast.

The actual overall unit has a pretty good build quality. It is plastic for sure, but pretty good for the price point you can see here, it’s kind of almost like a bluish black and uh. I don’t know it’s basically got this it’s a plastic back for sure. It’S got a little texture to it. So it’s easy to hold, i don’t know if you can see it there, i’m scratching at it it’s kind of a just kind of a you know a weave on it. It does have a rear camera as well and in other there’s two cameras on it. It also has two speakers, so it’s got a left and a right, stereo speaker there on the back of the unit, so that makes the unit. Offensichtlich, if you’re holding it, it can mute the sound but not too bad all right. All the ports and buttons are just on one side of the unit, so you can see them here, they’re only on one side, Also, auf der rechten Hand, side over here you have a headphone jack, the micro sd card slot and the usbc for power, and then The left left hand side over on the other side over here. You do have a power button and the volume control and that’s really about it. All you have on the unit as far as the glass it’s, really more of like a plastic glass, i got ta, say it’s more it’s, definitely not like gorilla glass or anything like that, so it might be easy to scratch it’s hard to say right now.

It doesn’t look bad, and it looks pretty good. Es ist, Weißt du, can definitely get a lot of fingerprints. You can see them in this shot here because of the way the glass is overall, though not too bad the build quality and there’s that squirrel again um. Insgesamt, the build quality is pretty good and it looks attractive from a distance. Ich würde sagen: it’s a pretty nice unit for sure um he’s, looking at me and anyways it’s, the so buying it for the money. Wieder, Weißt du, is it a good device? The build quality, Ich denke, is pretty solid overall. So how does it perform? I think that’s what everyone wants to know. It does really well actually and it’s running android 10, which is a huge bonus, es ist, really kind of a clean, install of android there’s very few apps. This is the home screen when it’s delivered there’s, really only you know a couple things on the home screen and i’ll show you in a second there’s, really not that many apps overall, and that makes it pretty snappy so uh the screen here. If you let me, go to this next screen, there’s about 19 different apps here, you can see them. You know calculator just really basic stuff. It does have some google stuff, like chrome and stuff it’s, got youtube, but beyond that it’s, not really that you know, it’s got almost nothing on it, Das ist toll. Now um go ahead and take a look at the next screen here and i’m going to show you the storage.

Das bedeutet, dass. Im Grunde, storage is really good on this, so you have 32 Gigabyte. You know it comes with, and it only uses about 4.95 total now keep in mind that this screen looks a little wavy here. This is not the way the real screen is in real life. It’S very clear: this is my camera making. This look like this, so i apologize about that. As far as the battery you can see it here. es ist 94 i’ve been using it for probably 30 Minuten, so it’s a very, very solid battery. With that 5, 000 milliamps and anyways go ahead and search here. You know if we search on chrome and stuff everything is pretty snappy it’s, not like it’s snappy, maybe as an apple device, Aber es ist. You know snappy enough it’s not going to sit there and stutter all the time. The main thing, aber, people want to use this for is youtube and how does youtube perform actually really really well, so it does once it loads in it it’s pretty snappy, again scrolling doesn’t stutter too much. You can search for things, things aren’t just hanging. It plays videos really quickly um and it does also plays them very smoothly, and these these ads are always coming up, but it just you know overall you’re not getting any stuttering. Now the thing is it’s only playing you know 720, so it can do it really. Gut, all these videos come out with a really good color again my screen looks foggy but it’s, just because of the the camera, but it’s really sharp images again.

The quality is only 720p, which makes the playback very good, because that’s all it’s, really capable of so overall. How does this unit work? Is it a unit that i would you know, recommend? Definitely this is actually really good for streaming. Content like netflix, Zum Beispiel, and maybe hulu, would be a good way. You know you can stream that for sure and then even obviously the prime would be a great candidate for this, so it’s overall, a great system for that um. I highly recommend it. Sie können sehen,. Basically anything you do on here is very snappy. You can move windows around nothing really stutters on you, es ist, Sehr, very good overall, the one bad thing that i think that you know is the camera, but you have to expect that with cameras overall it’s, a really really bad camera for sure. So just expect that so overall it’s a really comfortable tablet to use. I had no problem just sitting here for an hour to reading the news and looking at some videos. Also für 60 bucks you know, have a coffee, you can’t complain very good unit. You know for the money for sure absolutely all right. So what is my verdict on this tablet after using it for a few days, i want to say that it’s actually pretty good, pretty good value. You get the 10 inches of screen. You know the build quality is maybe not the best, but what do you expect for 60 US-Dollar? You get the expandable storage, you get fairly tinny speakers, but they’re good enough obviously has a headphone jack as well um, so you can actually just put in headphones and that works really well.

It’S got the quad core processor it’s got 32 Gigs von ram. It’S got the 800 durch 12. Let me see here, it’s a weird dimension, es ist 800 durch 1280. As far as the screen, so you can only watch 720p on this. So when you can only watch 720p, basically on youtube and it’s a small screen, it looks good and it doesn’t have any problems running it. Just because of the fact that it’s, not a lot of you, know not a lot of stuff pixels to actually push there. So it runs really smoothly so, Insgesamt, this is a great tablet for the cost i mean we’re talking. You know as much as 1. 6. 1, 8 of the cost of an apple tablet, so i definitely recommend it i’m, going to give it like about a 4.5 von 5 stars again build quality you’re going to suffer on and some presentation the screen’s, maybe not the clearest it’s going to be a Little bit, Weißt du, you’re definitely going to notice this if you’re using 4k or even 2k screens, but for the money again keep in mind for the money, maybe for a kit or something great unit. I would definitely pick one up if you can get it for around 60 it’s totally worth it it’s, not one of those tablets that just you know, spazz out on you all the time and never work this one actually does work really well just wanted to give My two cents on this and definitely check out my channel.

I do videos all the time, maybe three to four a week. You know i usually do a lot of apple stuff, aber ich bin. You know pushing in to do a little bit more kind of mainstream or just just gadgets and stuff, because i know people like gadgets so subscribe.