I just got my package from 12 12. Music anyway, so yo unboxing open another Music, okay, Music stones, let es, open Music, Ja, Musik, Musik, foreign, Musik, Musik, es gibt, no leather inside it’s, just the box, the unit, the headset, the holder, the charger. This is the charger for the glass, the cable, der Stift, which is very cheap. I have this Music Music m40 tablet, so ist dies 6 gb ram with 1 An 8 memory or internal memory. So you want an adventure, so you would see in the metro make up. In fairness, i tried to check out the new videos yeah it’s 1980 by one two ips, Also, okay, okay screen so reason why bhagavata home elena is because class. The main purpose of this tablet i bought this sony for video, herausgabe, iphone phones or on iphones, so ja, 6gb and 6gb, and the one two eight magnanimous pecs for the price of 90 Plus 12 12.. I know from abroad, but i think it’s normal one week or eight days or nine days in terms of overseas delivery or packaging, um Music, Sie, Musik, Musik.