The first thing i want to talk about are the hinges on this laptop, because this is important and there are two of them theres, the main one thats traditional official one everybody knows about, but this one is loose its not actually fixed like this is just gon Na you know it just taps around what that means is that you only get three dedicated positions to be able to use this laptop. You have the laptop mode which is normal. Then you have this mode called tent mode, which has magnets in the board itself so that it sticks and stays there and then. Schließlich, Natürlich, as everybody knows, you have the tablet mode, which is flat on the surface now. The reason thats important is because, over the past 30 Tagen, ive been using this in the regular laptop form, for maybe 80 percent of the time, and the other 20 ive primarily just been using it in this hybrid mode like this now theres no magnets here. So this does wobble now the dedicated tent mode, which is this it doesnt, wobble so its pretty hard but its very uncomfortable to actually write or take notes like this, because it is too steep. This is great for viewing in video or getting to that later, but you cant actually take notes while its in this form and when you go down to tablet mode. This is too high for my wrist. Now i dont like to be on the tablet.

As i write, i like to be kind of off uncomfortable for my wrists to write like this, especially for longer periods of time, im talking an hour, long lecture, Youre, taking notes like this, your wrist is going to start feeling it if youre comfortable writing. On top of the tablet itself, Es sollte Ihnen gut gehen, and i think artists and most designers are okay with that, but for myself, um taking notes on the whiteboard app, i just found it uncomfortable in this position just because it is very high in tablet mode. This is not moving around theres grips on the bottom on both sides that make it stay in place very, Sehr gut, but the other thing is that its very heavy it has weight to it, and that also adds to not moving around, but it just makes it Uncomfortable to use anywhere else than a tabletop, Meine Damen und Herren, youre not going to be using this on your lap, youre not going to be using this while holding it up in tablet mode. This is not something you can take to bed to watch videos or to read books, not happening. Your biceps are going to be sore in the morning. The only way to use this in tablet mode realistically is to have it down on some sort of a table or surface and using it like this, otherwise this isnt something that can replace a tablet or a ipad. Just in case you were thinking about doing that.

Dont, do it talking about weight. Es ist sehr, very noticeable if youre gon na be taking it around, because its so heavy, whether its in my backpack or in a carry on. I definitely feel the weight of this in that luggage. Typing, jedoch, is a standout feature on this laptop. There is a raised platform on the bottom of the computer, that houses the intel chip, the gpu and a cooling system to cool the components, and i thought because of the rays, it would be very uncomfortable to actually type for my wrists. But that is absolutely not the case. Theres a large deck here. For you to rest, your palms on and typing is absolutely a pleasure. It is one of the best better keyboards ive used on any windows pc device. The keycaps are very smooth with barely any texture. They provide a surprisingly large amount of travel and they sound great. The trackpad is also one of the best ones. Ive ever used very solidly built quite large and its actually very similar to the m1 macbook pro, no matter where i click, i get haptic response and good feedback which just feels great. I it doesnt matter where im clicking, if its here or here youre gon na, feel that response that vibration, it feels really good one hard reality you have to face is that there are not enough ports on this laptop. You get two thunderbolt 4 usb c ports on one end and a headphone jack and charging port on the other thats it no card slot reader.

Nein, i o, especially for a device thats made for creatives. It kind of is a pretty big frustration generally for my use. One of the ports would be connected to an external hard drive and the other port would be connected to an adapter and just like that, im all out. So just it just isnt enough ports to be able to justify the price point now lets get into the actual studio laptop, and the first thing i want to talk about is the picture. Quality were talking 120hz refresh rate on a 14.4 Zoll-Bildschirm, which just looks gorgeous every time i open it. It looks beautiful and whether its gaming, whether its note taking or whether its just doing videos and watching entertainment and stuff like that it doesnt matter what youre doing the display is going to look beautiful. I know a lot of people made a big deal of these. Rounded corners on the end they really dont annoy me at all. I barely ever even noticed that they were there. The video quality and the picture is great, but the speakers are a very big letdown again now. Dont get me wrong, theyre very robust. They do have good sound. They get extremely loud. 100 is madness. Okay ive never used this at 100. Jedoch, für eine 2 000 laptop it just doesnt sound good. Wirklich, it sounds like the the volume is coming from like a tin. Can it just doesnt sound good? Its not crisp by any means its far away from that it is just loud and obnoxious, and that makes it very muffled.

So when i was first using it, i youll realize how bad the sound is right off the bat, and i thought that id just get used to it, but that never happened 30 Tage später. The only thing thats changed is my tolerance. I can now tolerate it. Much easier, but i still know im listening to garbage sound. It is what it is. Music Music multitasking, jedoch, ist genial, especially with a 14.4 Zoll-Bildschirm. You can get a lot of things happening at once, which i was doing and with the processor and everything it runs extremely well. Die 14.4 inch screen works wonders with microsofts new, smart snap layouts and, along with whiteboard, that just makes multitasking amazing. Meistens. I had whiteboard open on one end along with social media tab here and then a youtube tab or a gmail tab here. So i was usually working on three different windows at once and talking about the whiteboard app, das 120 hertz refresh rate makes note, taking extremely nice youre, getting almost zero latency on your notes and its the most truest note taking app to date. Jetzt, wie ich sagte, i was also editing on this device as well, video editing and generally, i found it to be a breeze as well. There were no glitches over the four months of using a video editor. I used wondershare filmora, no problems at all and generally exporting a clip that was six minutes long in 4k took about six minutes, also very similar to the m1 macbook pro.

So it does a very good job of handling heavy loads. It has no problems, processing, proper amount of processing, Macht, im, Tut mir Leid, and it also has no problem cooling. The system as well so now weve talked about a lot of good things. Good experiences ive had during the past month lets continue to push the boundaries and lets talk about gaming. Microsoft does advertise this for the weekend gamer. That was definitely appealing to me as when i purchased this. I knew there was one game i was going to be playing on this and that was dota 2., its like a moba, and i did play it. I tested it and i had absolutely no problems playing that game. The only problems that did show up at times were the sound again. The sound quality was just poor. I have both speakers on my main setup, and so this just does not compare and honestly just sounds washed out as well. Now i took it to more console level games like fortnite and playing games like that. Did you did see a very significant drop in performance while dota 2 was playing at over 100 fps fortnite was playing at 40 and generally consoles are able to play that at around 50 FPS, so youre, not necessarily getting console level gaming on this? It is still a whole standard below, but it still is playable. You can still play console games like fortnite and more taxing games on this device and still have an enjoyable experience as well.

Davon abgesehen, the fans and the cooling system does have quite a load on its hands and it manages it perfectly. The fans are located under the trackpad area and your palms are here, you will feel them heat up, but it never got uncomfortable and when its under heavy loads. You also feel a hot air rushing out from these vents, but again its not uncomfortable and its also. Not loud, the fans are very, very surprisingly, extremely quiet. My normal use of about 20 different tabs whiteboard running as well got me about three and a half to four hours of use on a single full charge. Thats not enough. The performance is great sure, but for me someone whos traveling around and doesnt have constant presence of power outlets three and a half to four hours, isnt enough to get through the entire day. Before i get on this, i actually needed to think do i really need to do this or not? Is this something that i need to get done, or can i just hold it off push it till i get home and maybe think of something else, so it wasnt it it wasnt, more productive. It was less productive. In that sense, now a few things you can do obviously is set the brightness to half and thats generally, where i had it set as well. The other thing you can do is go from 120 hertz zu 60 Hertz. Now microsoft did announce that it would have smart adaptive refresh rates, but that hasnt been pushed out to these devices.

Doch so, if you do want to set it to 60 Hertz, you would actually have to manually go into settings dive into wherever the hertz displays are and change that from there. You just paid two thousand dollars for this im, not running 60 Hertz. Auf einem 2 000 Gerät, Meine Damen und Herren, thats not happening, and the other thing is that if you did decide to go down to 60, hertz thatll only get you about an hour of additional work. So i mean its its just its just poor really for a to for a device. This expensive it is poor. So who is this laptop really for? Offensichtlich, microsoft is marketing to artists, was Sinn macht, but the market for artists is very small, so microsoft has stretched its market into developers into content creators who, Ich vermute, are different from professional content creators i dont know, but i think it it seems like microsoft is Picking a wider audience with its vast multitasking ability and this huge screen can business people use it as well. What about gamers besides artists? Frankly, i think this laptop is for the person who wants an m1 macbook pro, but on windows, and it looks just like the m1 macbook pro, but with a few extra quirks and features that make it really stand out. So yeah its made for artists, but with its solid spec and performance it can operate in almost any niche, with two primary drawbacks: a very steep price and a poor battery life.

You can stomach those two and be honest with yourself, because if battery life and price do matter to you, this whole flexible thing is really gon na wear off really quickly. Im Grunde, what im saying is this is an amazing laptop, but if youre not an artist or a designer, and if you cant think of a very real reason for you to have this flexible display, Youre, better off spending, your thousands elsewhere, gon na take a little bit Of getting used to, but you can do it, theres balance.