This is my surface book. 3 15 inch review Music, so the surface book 3 originally came out in may 2020. So almost nine months later is the surface book 3 still worth it right away. I’Ll tell you that this laptop is very expensive, but it’s also unique there’s, no other laptop, wie es ist. The design hasn’t changed from the previous model. You still have a detachable display, was ein 15 Zoll mit 3240 durch 2160 resolution 3×2 Seitenverhältnis, which i prefer over the traditional 16 durch 9 Seitenverhältnis. I like that this arrangement gives me more vertical space, es ist, really handy when editing videos, because i have a taller timeline area while not sacrificing the preview area as well. The downside to this is that when you’re watching movies, you’ll notice larger black bars on top and bottom of the videos, there are two color profiles enhanced for normal, everyday use and srgb. If you want to make sure you have accurate colors when editing videos or photos, you can easily switch between these two options in the action center, and this is one of those things i love about surface products. A lot of the settings are done through windows 10. Instead of a separate app on other laptops, i’ve used, if i need to change the display color profile, i need to open the laptop company settings or open like adobe vision, app there’s a lot going on with this detachable display and even though it’s huge at 15 Inches it’s actually very light at just 1.

8 pounds above the display is a 1080p camera and windows hello, Äh, Gesichtsentsperrung. I used to never care about the front facing camera on laptops, but i’ve done a lot more. Video calls in the past year and the front camera on the surface book is so much better than most laptops because they mostly have 720p cameras. Another unique feature is the rear facing 8 Megapixel-Kamera. I barely use it, but an awesome use case is taking photos of documents directly from the surface book. Instead of your phone, no need to do. File transfers just take a photo edit or share. Speaking of the camera. I also really like windows, hello to unlock. It feels so much faster than fingerprint unlock. I just open the lid and the surface book automatically recognizes me to unlock or if the lid is already open. I click one of the keys to wake up the laptop and it automatically unlocks when it sees my face. Another unique feature is the front front facing speakers. Most other laptops usually have these on the keyboard deck what’s great about them. Is that they’re pointed directly towards you and since they’re part of the detachable part of the surface book, they’re still functional. When you take the display away from the keyboard, the headphone jack is also located on the top half of the surface book 3, which is great if you need headphones in tablet mode but i’m, not a fan of the placement since it’s placed so high.

The headphone cable is dangling in front of me when i’m video, editing or watching videos with headphones it’s a little bit distracting. The keyboard feels fine. I type on. I love that there’s, no additional column to the right of backspace enter and chef binds there’s a dedicated button to detach the display, which you have to press and hold to activate there’s, also backlighting for the keys, but it’s only really useful when it’s very dark. The keys are silver, so if you turn on the lights during the day, the letters become hard to see the trackpad feels really great to touch it’s responsive as expected, it does all. The windows gestures really well like three finger swipe up for task view. Three finger swipe left or right for switching apps and four finger tap for action center or the notification center. Jedoch, i think in the next model, microsoft should consider going a little bigger with this trackpad. The right side of the surface book 3 is the same as the previous model. It has the usb type c port and the magnetic charging port. The usb c port is not thunderbolt 3, but it supports display out and power delivery. This means that you can use this for an external display and even fast charging a phone like my pixel 5.. If you were wondering yes, you can also charge the surface book 3 using the usb c port. Ich habe die 65 watt usbc charger from another laptop and it worked.

The left side has two usb type: a ports and an sd card slot. I love the inclusion of the sd card slot it’s great for photographers or video editors, who can simply take off the card from the cameras and put it into the surface book 3.. Now that i’m, using more devices with usbc, though i’d, like microsoft, include more usbc ports in the future. You can configure a surface book 3 with 10th gen intel core i7 16 Gigs von ram 256 gig storage and nvidia geforce gtx 1660 ti max cube for 2299. This review unit got some upgrades: Es hat 512 gigs storage, 32 gigs of ram and nvidia guadro rtx 3000 max q, Grafiken, which is available only on the surface for business website. My jaw dropped when i saw the price it’s three thousand five hundred dollars. When microsoft sent this over for review, i didn’t know quadro or text. Graphics was an option. You won’t see it on the main microsoft store website, but you’ll see it on the surface for business website, and this made me learn a few things. The business version of the surface book 3 gets windows 10 pro instead of home surface book 3 for business also gives you options for gtx or quadro graphics, like what’s, been added here, i’m very happy with the performance i’m glad that 32 gigs is an option which Definitely helps i can easily switch between applications and run my office tasks with ease.

I also do a bit of video editing and had no issues there. I shoot with a canon, eos rp, editing with 1080p files, but exporting in 4k for youtube again, no issues with scrubbing the timeline or exporting videos for reference exporting a 10 minute 1080p timeline into a 4k video for youtube takes about 6 Minuten, which is actually very Good, if you want to see some numbers here’s, a look at some benchmarks – Musik, so bin ich, not a big gamer, but you can certainly game on the surface book 3. I play a little bit of call of duty, warzone and i’m able to play a 1080p on medium high settings at 60 frames per second i’m, very satisfied with the fan noise, it’s quiet during normal hours and when it’s time for serious work or gaming. It’S not distracting at all. I can hear the whooshing sound when i’m exporting videos or playing call of duty, but it’s not aggressively loud compared to other workstations that i’ve used. The surface book 3 came with windows 10 pro. I was happy to see no unnecessary apps, like third third party antivirus star software, which is the case on some of the other laptops, i’ve reviewed and coming from a macbook in the past year, i’ve come to appreciate a lot of windows, 10 Funktionen. Zum Beispiel. I really like action center to see all my open windows. I also like that i can close apps from this view.

Unlike the macbook another favorite i have is the built in clipboard manager. I can control c several times and then hit windows v to show a history of what i’ve copied. Another handy feature is hovering over an app and the taskbar will show preview of those windows. If you have multiple windows of that app open battery is about seven hours with normal office use like browsing the web, editing documents and checking emails, aber ich bin, mostly using the laptop on my desk, so it’s usually plugged in so that’s the surface book 3 for business. To sum it up, it’s really expensive, but you’re getting something that’s unique, not everyone needs a form factor like this, but having the option to detach the display and use it as a 15 inch tablet is really nice. I'M. Auch, a big fan of the 3×2 aspect ratio and i’m noticing more companies are starting to do. The same surface has been doing this for a while. Now i also like the balance of power and battery life on the surface book 3 es ist, not insanely, thick or heavy, like other workstations, but it’s certainly capable to do workstation types of tasks. It’S got good battery life, great display it’s, not loud, and if you do a lot of video calls chances are your video quality will be better than your colleagues. Unlocking with windows hello face. Camera is also much better than fingerprint unlock, and what i love about surface in general, is that you’re getting a clean version of windows sort of like why i like to use pixel phones, which run a clean version of android there’s no pre installed third party antivirus Software or third party apps to tinker with display sound or track badge settings.

All of that is built into windows 10 on the surface book 3., so bin ich, very happy with this laptop and for the next version of the surface book i’d, probably want to add more usbc ports make the trackpad bigger change. The headphone jack placement reduce the display, bezels and possibly make the body smaller and lighter in general, so that’s my review of the surface book 3 for business. Lassen Sie mich in den Kommentaren wissen,. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, i usually respond right away.