, Beginnend mit den Unterschieden in den Spezifikationen. Die 2070 hat 20 mehr CUDA-Kerne, aber niedrigere Boost-Taktraten.. Die 2070 hat auch 2 GB extra VRAM, und der Speicher ist schneller.. Die Leistung beider Optionen variiert je nach Leistungsbegrenzung Im, Vergleich beider mit dem gleichen 115 Watt-Grenzwert, which is the highest. They both allow so expect worse results with a 90 watt or 80 Watt 2060 for instance.. The two laptops Im testing with have the exact same specs inside and were kindly provided by Metabox here in Australia, its basically the same Clevo chassis as the Eluktronics THICC 15. In the US or XMG Apex 15 in Europa. Its using a Ryzen, 7 3700X desktop processor and 32gb of memory in dual channel as weve got the same chassis, I can do a very fair comparison and cover thermals battery life and more.. I plan on comparing the laptop graphics with a full desktop PC too, so make sure youre subscribed for that.. Both laptops were tested with the same version of BIOS Windows and Nvidia drivers, so kann in die Ergebnisse. Red Dead. Erlösung 2 wurde mit dem Spiele-Benchmark getestet. Werkzeug. Ich bekam die 2070 shown by the red bars and 2060 shown by the purple bars below. Ive testete auch alle verfügbaren Voreinstellungen, die auf der linken Seite angeordnet sind, mit dem niedrigsten am unteren Ende bis zum höchsten oben.. Wie erwartet, das 2070 was faster at all settings with a 17 higher average frame rate at ultra.

Schlachtfeld 5 wurde im Kampagnenmodus getestet, indem der gleiche Abschnitt des Spiels auf beiden Laptops ausgeführt wurde., Die 1 low performance was similar at low and medium. Then the 2070 was ahead.. Inzwischen, das 2070 was ahead in average FPS, regardless of setting level coming out 14 schneller als die 2060 bei Ultra-Einstellungen. Shadow of the Tomb Raider wurde mit den Spielen getestet, Benchmark. Weniger Unterschied auf den unteren Einstellebenen, as presumably the game is less Gpu heavy there, das 2070 war nur 2 faster there, but at the highest setting preset its now reaching 15 höherer durchschnittlicher FPS. Die Steuerung wurde getestet, indem man durch den gleichen Teil des Spiels ging, on both laptops and as more of a GPU heavy title. Die 2070 saw the biggest improvement out of all 15 Spiele getestet mit einem 20 higher average FPS at high settings. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was tested with the games benchmark and also had good gains with the 2070. At the highest ultra setting preset the average frame rate was 16, higher than what the 2060 machine was able to produce. Borderlands 3 was also tested using the games benchmark tool and there were even further gains with the 2070 Laptop, which was around 20 faster at max settings. The second biggest improvement out of all 15 Spiele – Getestet. Apex Legends – was tested in the Worlds Edge map running through the Drill Site on both laptops, Und die 2070 war um 16 faster at max settings with a bit less of a difference at minimum.

Where were presumably less GPU bound., Die Division 2 was tested using the games benchmark tool and there was a smaller difference. Diesmal ist die 2070 hatte eine 12 lead at ultra settings. Monster Hunter World was tested running through the main town in the same manner on both machines.. Interessanterweise, das 1 low had a boost with the 2060 bei niedrigen Einstellungen, but otherwise the results were quite close.. Average FPS was also about the same at low. Then the 2070 was otherwise ahead. Mit einem 13 boost to average FPS at max., Rainbow Six Siege wurde mit dem Spiele-Benchmark-Tool mit Vulkan getestet. Die 2070 War 12.5 faster in this test at max settings.. Ebenso, Metro Exodus was also tested using the games benchmark though there was a larger improvement. Dieses Mal, mit dem 2070 nearly 17 faster with the highest extreme preset., Der Hexer 3 neigt dazu, ein GPU schweres Spiel zu sein und Ive hat es getestet, indem ich den gleichen Teil des Spiels auf beiden Laptops durchlaufen habe.. Es gab ein überdurchschnittliches Ergebnis mit der 2070, which was nearly 16 schneller als die 2060 bei Ultra-Einstellungen. CSGO wurde mit dem Ulletical FPS Benchmark getestet und, Da dieser Test CPU-abhängiger zu sein scheint als GPU, it saw the second smallest difference out of All titles tested with the 2070 9 schneller als die 2060 bei höchsten Einstellungen. Assassins Creed Odyssey, was tested using the games built in benchmark and the improvement with the 2070 at max settings was very similar, as this test seems to depend more on processor power.

, Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark tool, and this game saw the smallest difference out of all titles tested with the 2070 gerade 5, faster with the ultra setting preset.. Im Hinblick auf die allgemeine Verbesserung gegenüber diesen 15 Spiele, die RTX 2070 graphics was performing 14. Better in terms of average FPS., Wie Sie sehen können, der Leistungsunterschied kann zwischen den Spielen etwas variieren. Tests that depend more on CPU power. Like Far Cry new dawn, CSGO or assassins creed are towards the bottom, while more GPU heavy titles like control, saw up to a 20 boost on the 2070. Außerhalb des Spielens. Ive also got some 3DMark results and the 2070 was almost scoring 30 höher im Feuerschlag, Grafiken, score or 16 höher für Zeit Spion., As both machines have the same cooling solution and thermal paste, we can accurately compare temperature differences., Ive tested both laptops with the Unigine. Heaven benchmark for an hour and interestingly, das 2070 was a couple of degrees warmer, but either way quite close and could just be down to tolerances in manufacturing.. This may be due to the difference in clock speeds. I was seeing the 2060 hit higher speeds, was Sinn macht, as this is the case when we compared specs earlier., When looking at the total power draw from the wall, obwohl die 2070 was drawing about 6. More so not too much extra when compared to the performance differences noted earlier. Both have the same 62Wh battery and due to the 3700X processor, neither have integrated graphics.

Also, apart from having pretty terrible battery life, I was seeing the 2060 system last about 12 Mehr. In my YouTube playback test, which the Nvidia GPUs would be handling., I havent just tested games, Ive, Getestet, DaVinci Resolve with the Puget systems benchmark and the 2070 hat fast gepunktet 21 höher als die 2060.. This is meant to be a GPU heavy workload, so that result lines up with the best improvement we saw in the games.. Adobe Photoshop was also tested with the puget systems benchmark and the scores were much closer together here, as the GPU doesnt seem to play anywhere near as much of an important role.. Adobe Premiere was tested with the Puget systems, benchmark too. The difference is a little bigger, but again not a major difference worth concerning yourself with when picking one or the other.. Bei der Betrachtung von Rohexportzeiten, aber, Premiere did seem to gain a little more improvement with the 2070 completing nearly 10 Schneller., Die Puget-Systeme testen zuvor mehr als nur Exportzeiten wie Live-Wiedergabe und mehr, but either way not a huge difference. SPECviewperf tests Out a number of professional 3D applications and although results would vary based on the particular test in general. Zum größten Teil, das 2070 war voraus. Nun zum letzten Unterschied, den Preis können Sie die Links in der Beschreibung für auf dem neuesten Stand überprüfen, Laptop-Preise mit beiden Grafiken, da sich die Preise im Laufe der Zeit ändern werden.. Dies hängt davon ab, wo Sie leben, aber im Allgemeinen erwarten Sie die RTX 2070 mehr Geld zu kosten, da es sich um eine Grafikoption mit höherer Ebene handelt.

In den USA. The THICC 15 from Eluktronics is only sold with the 2070, so dass das, not too useful for comparing prices. Hier in Australien, were looking at paying 400 AUD more to go from the 2060 zum 2070 or around 17 mehr Geld.. This equates to around 250 US-DOLLAR. In Europa. The XMG Apex 15 costs about 9, more money to go from the 2060 und 2070, which sounds pretty reasonable for the on average 14 boost to gaming performance. Aber wieder, the price as a percentage will vary based on other hardware. Customizations. Ehrlich gesagt, Ich denke, die 2060 offers a great gaming experience for most people. Die 2070 is really only for those looking for some of the best performance you can get at the moment in a laptop form factor. So youll need to decide. If you want to pay this extra money to get that. For some workloads, it may be worth paying the additional price just for the extra VRAM, especially if you plan on holding onto your machine for many years yet.. I should be able to do some fairly interesting comparisons between desktop graphics and laptop graphics. If I stick a 3700X in my test PC, let me know if youd be interested in seeing that. Wie auch immer. Auch, let me know which graphics youd pick for your next laptop and why? Unten in den Kommentaren und wenn Sie neu im Kanal, then get subscribed for more upcoming laptop comparisons and tech.