Let me build me there youll be bad before we talk about deep down about the reeling pad lets talk about the main features of this tablet. Erste, we got your 10.4 inch wx g8 plus display without have a solution of 2000 durch 1200. As i done, we also got here a helio g80 processor, ein 7100 milliamp hours of battery 18 watts charging a quad speakers that supports dolby atmos, which is perfect for entertainment and, Natürlich, marathon 8 megapixel camera on the front and also at the back later, were Gon na talk about how good the camera is so first lets talk about the design of the real me pad. As you can see here at the back of the tablet, this one looks really cool. This is actually the gold color and we got here a metallic body design. It comes in real gray and real gold. Natürlich, i got the real gold, but both of them are premium looking as for the quality, its actually not just premium. Looking it also feels premium because of the aluminum back, and also this one is actually made of plastic for the antennas and everything we also got here. Some flat sides details are real neat pad and, despite that, its actually pretty ergonomic, i actually like the flat sides. The magnet on tablet at all, because the tablet isnt that thick so using this one magansha for my taste, so this one is only at 6.

9 Millimeter dünn. We also got here a body of 440 grams long. So a lot of you are doing this. This one will be just fine, i mean its light and again this one is pretty ergonomic and actually im using the tablet like this in hindi, even after watching a lot of videos already on youtube. One of the reasons why this one is pretty ergonomic is because of its bezel size, my guitar udita, the bezel size is just fine, Natürlich, aspect ratio its 16 durch 10.. One of the reasons why its perfect for me is because, having that aspect ratio combined with the size of bezels on the tablet means that it will have a lesser footprint, which means nothing again. This is still a 10.4 Zoll, wux, g8 plus display, but because of again yokanya aspect, ratio measurement is compared to other tablets and a while ago, nito is as long as the tablet is very portable, very light and very ergonomic. Alles in allem, adidas with the real me pad, Zum glück, unlike their other smartphones, they didnt ditch the headphone jack on this one. So if you still have your headphones, if you love listening to spotify or apple music, while uh doing your work headphone jack, but you also got here a usbc port that supports 18 Watt Schnellladung. So the varn that we got comes in three gigs and 32 gigs the variant and a lot of you might comment now: okay, 32 Gigs, considering theres a lot of games already that are at a higher na story.

Long and well. Gott sei Dank, we got here a micro sd card slot, so if you want to expand that storage, you can do that here on the real me pad. One of my favorite features on the realme pad is actually the quad speakers with dolby atmos. This one is really loud. I mean really really loud. It can even complete this amount of flagship tablets in the market right now, and i actually love watching movies on this tablet because of the very very loud speakers and its very clear in hindi and for its price. This one is actually pretty good, so if youre like me, who loves watching netflix well, of course you can download netflix on the real me pad and watching these movies super la casina and sobrano with the redmi pad, jedoch, were missing a feature in here. We do not have a fingerprint scanner on this one. Gut, considering your kanyon decides. The only placement to play design fingerprint scan is the power button. Leider, theres no fingerprint scanner on this one, but thankfully you can use your face unlock if you want to use face, unlock on the real new pad. Now lets talk about the cameras of the tablet. Ja, we got here a front facing camera over here, so the placement of this one means that the tablet is meant to be used as a tablet in landscape mode, Natürlich, up to you. But i dont really recommend using uh the real me pad as your photography device, and this one is actually mental for zoom calls.

Video calls magnum bug and surprisingly front facing camera does have an ultra wide angle, Das heißt. Why using this one for zoom is actually perfect. So this is using youre adding front facing camera of the real me pattern. Überraschend, okay, but its actually better than i expected considering its price and again, this is an ultra wide, the front facing camera thats. Why i mentioned background and thanks to that, its perfect for video calls like zoom or facebook messengers or whatever in a video calls. Gut, this is your camera, so kanini panda religion was gon na. Give you mike because im using the dual mic: noise cancellation of the realme pad and if you like that? Gut, your new, my quality number uh with the realme pad lets talk about the display of the real me pad. Also, as you can see in here, the real me pad comes with a 10.4 Zoll. Wx g8 plus display its a 16 durch 10 display aspect ratio and i think thats uh kind of good. für mich, i mean its not 16 um neun, seine 16 um neun. Almost white button, i think this one is already portable. Ich mag eigentlich die 16 durch 10, because uh its perfect for productivity parasite and young size tablet again minimal bezels thats, why the tablet does have a kind of small footprint and caches and all but lets talk about. Yukanyan display quality again 2000 durch 1200, display aspect, Verhältnis, Theres, Nein 90 Hertz-Bildwiederholfrequenz, but thats understandable.

I mean we got here a helio g80 processor, which is fine for basic tasks, apps and everything. But if youre planning on doing a lot of work detail, you might not be able to fully optimize the 90 Hertz-Anzeige. As for the resolution, Ja, it is sharp. The panel is not amoled but its fine. The colors are nice, the viewing angles, but its not the best tablet, but what were talking about is a very uh, affordable tablet and filipino thats. Warum? I think the uncanny tablet is kind of great for its price, and actually i have no doubts about it. As for the colors it, it is actually pretty nice, it isnt the best one again because its not amoled. However uh there are a lot of features in amazon. You detail like your eye comfort mode. If youre like me, nagumagamit and tablet before going to bed watching videos or if youre, watching if youre reading books, you would appreciate young eye comfort, i did like that one. I mean its not an exclusive feature, but i really appreciate that till me has added that feature on the real me pad and, Ja, you can use the really pad even outside its, not the brightest one, but it will do just fine uh, but i think maybe They can improve the brightness even more, but again were talking about here, an affordable tablet, so expectations go for that one, and this been about expectations more because of the price you would do.

You would get a pretty good tablet for its price. As for the performance, we got here three gigs and 32 gigs of iron. This is the uh entry level nang realme pad and if youre, just the type of person whos just watching netflix watching movies well, im making problematic the 32 gig would be just enough for you. But if youre planning on installing a lot of games, i suggest getting the higher variant with more ram four gigs or six gigs up to 128 GB Speicher. If you are a power user, better get the six gigs in variant. As for the processor, its a helio, g80 processor, we all know that processor i mean its capable of doing different, apps and tasks, facebook office or whatever it will do just fine as long as its light and casual tasks on the realme pad. As for different games, like call of duty mobile, this one would do just fine if youre planning on installing a lot of emulators as long as magano emulators indicate modito and im pretty sure that you would enjoy those emulators with the large display of this tablet. Also, if youre having doubts, how about checking out the benchmarks that ive just done here on the realme pad on geekbench, we got you a single core score of 347 und 1307 on multi core with 3dmark wildlife. Wir haben eine Punktzahl von 693 and for the pc mark work 2.0 battery life test.

We got here a score of 11 Stunden und 37 minutes since were talking about the battery on the real me pad uh again, three gigs plus 32 gig variant. Gut, its actually pretty fine, actually pretty happy with the battery life of this one. Seventy one hundred milliamps battery thats big, considering the hero g80 shot. I was actually getting up to two or three days of use average use on the real me pads. Also, Ja, that is a pretty good for me and uh, if youre a heavy user. If you love playing games, probably much or probably even more depending on, but if youre a heavy user, you can get moblemon with the real me bad. Jedoch, my gripe on this one is that the charging is a little bit slow again, its an 18 watts charger. So it will take some time before you can fully charge the tablet around two hours ago, if youre coming from zero to 100. But a lot of you would probably charge the tablet before even reaching 20, so the real me pad is actually running on real me ui for pad, so that is different on the phones, because the real me uh ui for pad comes with these applications. We got the youtube kids, we got here the kids space uh. These are applications that are meant for. Your kids is meant for those people in my family theyre using a tablet single tablet for the family. They would appreciate that they got youtube.

Kids and kids pay. So much protected. You know if my if theyre uh, using the tablet that much mero and kid space to control them since this one is real me ui for pad. There are quite unique features, including you wanting multi windows, so nadine. I also think uh, selection and app, so all i need is to press this, and my mini power is an app and then automatically you can open two apps side by side. You can even adjust your adding window quality similar to most android tablets out in the market. We have here a multitasking feature and despite having a helio g80, Weißt du, Ich denke, shift nothing windows or google chrome and photos as long as major lighter monitoring. Absolutely so. You might be curious well, its best for those people who loves watching movies on netflix on youtube may enjoy display. The resolution is good, so if youre just uh using the reading pad for your photos, you would enjoy you photoshop detail and videos, as we got here. Large screen and auringaman the colors data with the real new pad the long battery life is also perfect for those people who are always on the go if lumalabasa during the pandemic. If you need to work salabas uh, you would enjoy the battery life of this one because imagine battering it with a real knee pad and of course, you could still play games on this one, so its a helio g80, seine, not uh the most powerful one.

But for his price, this one is pretty good. Helio g80 can do a lot of things. It was even able to play games in impact detail. Überraschend, i didnt expect that it would be that powerful, but of course you have to tone down yourself in your expectations. Its a heal, your g80, Ja, it can run the latest games, but you have to tone it down at the lowest settings now on to the verdict of the realme pad. Insgesamt also, the roomy pad is a pretty good tablet for its price. Ja, there are a lot of competitions in the market, but what were getting in here is a premium design, really good display, wxga, plus its also good. For the second panel, the colors are nice, its not amoled, no higher refresh rate, but its fine again were talking about a tablet that wont break the bank, its perfect for those people who wants a tablet that they can use for video calls and zooms of messenger. If you got a family in ofw lagging at a wagon, this one is perfect for you, pentagon video calls. I like the wide angle, Kamera, especially the front facing camera yeah its good. The quality is just fine and, Natürlich, samantha movies. You would enjoy the large display, the resolution, the colors and especially quad speakers. You dont need an external speakers on this one, but in case you needed one theres, eine Kopfhörerbuchse, so putting so.

I suggest that if youre getting the real me pad get the higher variant, Wenn du willst, because you would get a larger ram, but not just that, your important detail is the larger storage. But of course you could enjoy your micro sd card. You detail by extending or expanding your real me pad using micro sd, so the rear view pad starts at ten thousand nine hundred ninety pesos for the three plus 32 gig variant. Fourteen thousand eight hundred ninety for the four plus sixty four and sixteen thousand eight hundred. Ninety for the six plus one twenty, Acht, the really bad three plus thirty two will be available for only eight thousand eight hundred ninety pesos at the real me official store and shoppi starting this october 22. So please do take advantage of that. One parameter at a very affordable price that is two thousand pesos off meredith young early bird, offering a realme pad 3 32 at official real me stores and partner dealers from october 21 An 31, Das heißt, 990 pesos, so dass das 1, 000 pesos off again take advantage Of that one, if indeed private shopping, then my 2000 passes off, so i guess thats it. I did satin review nang real me pad its a pretty good tablet, especially for its price premium. This place nice, especially the speaker and everything so yeah. I guess thats. It detaching video, so if you like, this video dont forget to give us thumbs up and, Natürlich, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and be sure to click that subscribe button along with that bell button to get notified of our latest videos.

Here stacking youtube channel so once again, im jump jump online, dot ph. Thank you for watching and see you guys again so soon.