So this thing here is packed with the latest stuff and it is the ux363e. It says: it’s pine grey, 13.3 Zoll, oled wharf, Ja, Das heißt. What i’m talking about oled display latest 11th generation intel 1165 g7, hat eine 512 gig ssd 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x. That should be the fast one, wi fi six, it may be wi fi 6e i’m. Not sure, should have some thunderbolts here should be evo, certified windows, pro that’s good, that it comes with windows pro and if you want to upgrade your laptop to windows, 10. Pro look in the description: i’ve got a discount code for you. You can also get office 2019, just check the description use my discount code and the last thing it says here is a four cell 67 watt hour battery wow wow. So what that means is. I can tell you straight off the bat that this is gon na have good battery life, weil 67 watt hour battery full hd display 11th gen cpu the battery life is going to be amazing. It looks like he has some thunderbolts. Also, as i’ve said before, the rule here at teleo tech is, if it’s new, oh that’s, not a knife. This is a knife. Ja, if it’s new, i will unbox it so let’s unbox it. Oh there you go. Look i love how they present this stuff. Okay, you open the box, it presents the laptop to you nicely there. I hope you can see that that’s pretty freaking cool and amazing how they do that.

Look at that nice search, pretty incredible. I don’t know if they found incredible yet, but um yeah. They make some good laptops here. If we have a look here, we’ll just have a quick look here. We can see there. 100. P3 awesome, hdr, 500, 70, less blue light, so that’s good, but we’ll have to check if it has pwm flickering, but it does say flicker three, so maybe it doesn’t. What else you get in the box is look at that you get a pen because it is a two in one i mean a lot of companies will charge this as an extra accessory. They give you the pen in the box, because indeed, of course it is a two in one. We have some literature there. You know standard fare there and we should have a 65 watt usb c charger, and indeed we do. It is a usbc. Wir bekommen. The australian plug there that’s about it, i don’t know what comes on this side. Oh, Tatsächlich, we got something that we got a bit of a bonus here. Look there you go. This is for your headphone jack. It has no headphone jack. Offensichtlich, Dann, because this is your headphone jack, it goes into the usbc or thunderbolt, and actually i can see something else here. Look there, can you see there’s something hiding and there it is you get a nice leather pouch there. So i don’t know if it is real leather, es ist, probably fake leather, but yeah that’s good.

You get a pouch for your laptop. How cool is that so i’m, always in two minds whether i should take this stuff off or not let’s do it. Oh there you go that finishing on the lid. Oh, Ja, a zeus do that the finishing on their metal is it’s. Just superb it’s. Absolutely superb hope you can see that finishing on there, aluminium of course or aluminum. Wherever you live there and it looks nice. It looks nice feels yeah feels like a normal 13 Zoll. Ich vermute, and it doesn’t look like it’s 16 durch 10. It looks 16 durch 9 and the important thing guys is evo certified, so this will have killer battery life. We already know that we have the track pad that can change into a number pad. That is awesome, pantone certified oled panel. There we have 496 pressure levels with that pen: 13.9 Millimeter, Dick 1.3 Kilo, 3ish poundage there, something like that: perfect weight, ai noise cancelingthat is realthat is real, that is really good: 11 Stunden, Lebensdauer der Batterie, sie sind, saying and yeah military. It is military date, certification and it says easy charge. I don’t know what that means, but it does look nice now. Two months usually have the power buttons on the side which we do, and this is the right hand side, and we have the power button there and just the usb type a and on the left hand side. We have two thunderbolt 4s.

They have to be thunderbolt. 4, wenn es ist, evo and hdmi, i don’t know what kind of hdmi that is, i suspect, it’ll be 2.0 or maybe even less than that, so let’s try and start it. You know how they say: don’t work with children and animals well don’t work with laptops, because when you want power they never have them. Okay. So the first thing i can tell you is yes: the pen works well very good nice and responsive 2 1 baby. It looks good the wi fi signal is good because out here, it’s really hard to get wi fi signal on getting wi fi signal, no problem saying there bring out the whiteboard because look at this we’re installing whiteboard, because we have a pen now the display is A little bit glossy, but oh, Mein Gott, oled wow let’s, have a look at the you know the brightness there and you can see the viewing angles should be good and they do look good. So on battery we want just that performance there. On battery. We don’t need full performance on battery so yeah. This thing looks good let’s test out the old two and one features this keyboard should be disabled i’ve, looked there flips over and yep when you flip that over the keyboard is disabled at the back and yeah. Of course you can use it in all its modes. You can use it in tablet mode like that, Natürlich, now you can put it in the old tent mode like that, and it rotates automatically two months.

Ich liebe es. Look at that that’s, where the exhaust is the air there love how easy it is. It feels feels solid. There um yeah stay tuned for the review of this one. It should be good. It should have good battery life two and ones everything you want only back on the 13 inches baby that’s. What we’re talking about it looks like a good package. I will say one other thing is this: keyboard is nice because when i started typing with it, it felt nice when i logged inand you know, put all my details, etc..