The brand new microsoft surface go 3, welche, von nur 369 pounds or ‘9, is the most affordable surface tablet two in one laptop. If you add the optional type cover keyboard you can buy, but the thing is despite its ipad like size, this is a full fat windows, 11 pc and actually its one of the first devices to ship with windows, 11 out of the box and microsoft reckon this Is good enough to replace your tablet and maybe your laptop as well, but with so many good normal laptops and ipads and chromebooks, and also the rest of the surface, lineup thats just been updated. Should you go for the go, or should it just go away ill? See myself out sorry, Tut mir Leid, i have to say when i first unboxed this and started using it, i did get a sense of deja vu, because the surface go 3 looks and feels identical to the go 2.. The type cover is exactly the same as well. So really the headline with the go 3 is the fact that we get new pentium gold and also 10th gen, core i3 processor options, which microsoft reckon will bring a 60 boost in cpu performance, which spoilers isnt exactly what i found. It is also a little bit cheaper here in the uk this time around, although the us pricing seems to have stayed the same, so the go. 3 arrives alongside a bunch of other updated surface devices, including probably its closest rival, its own big brother, just like in my own family.

Um ehrlich zu sein, der Surface Pro 8. and the pricier pro 8 is kind of the same idea as the go only with better specs of 120hz screen and much much better performance to be honest, theres just nothing else, quite like the go 3 in terms of what It can do and also the premium build quality for this kind of money. Gut, apart from last years, gehen 2 which actually might be a better buy, maybe because generally two in one laptops are a lot more expensive than this, particularly in its entry level. Spec, and also if they are a two in one laptop, you still have that bulky keyboard that has to sort of fold over on itself and you can feel it on the back, not really the best way to use a tablet. So you do have that proper tablet and laptop experience here, and it doesnt cost a fortune, at least in its entry level. Spec and, to be honest, the closest in terms of form is probably an ipad with a keyboard. But then again the go has full fat windows 11, which is a lot more flexible in terms of app compatibility and options, and i think really its aimed at students and workers, people who need an ultra portable device. That can you know, do a bit of office. Work watch netflix browse the web and also you know its pretty decent for taking notes and doodling and drawing just a good all rounder laptop but annoyingly.

The go. 3 also inherits the same stingy, storage options. You just get 64 oder 128 gigs its less of a problem if youre, just browsing or streaming and maybe everythings in the cloud, and also we do get a micro sd card slot, which mitigates the problem a little bit. But with windows 11 and a few apps installed along with your files, you might find that you need some extra external storage but theres potentially a bigger issue, because once you go up to the mid or high level specs of this, and then you add a type Cover keyboard, which i would definitely recommend, because without it it feels a bit incomplete. This does start to get pretty pricey once you move up to the mid spec with its equally lightweight performance, pentium and youre, suddenly at 500 Pfund oder 625 with the touch cover. Und dann, if you go for the core i3 version, then youre looking at around 700 pounds with the type cover and for that much money, you can get a far more powerful, regular laptop with more storage. Obwohl, having said that, i get that people who want to go three might not want a normal laptop but putting price prices on site for a minute in terms of design. This really is lovely and it looks and feels a lot more premium than the base price. Might suggest, with a smart lightweight magnesium, alloy body and a sharp and responsive 10.5 inch 3×2 Touchscreen.

Although again it is the same as the go 2, but thats no bad thing. Its also surprisingly easy to use one handed as a tablet and if you punch up the scaling factor in windows, its easy enough to navigate around, although its still not quite the same as a dedicated tablet, os like on an ipad so sometimes icons and edges of Windows can get a bit tricky to move and resize its also pretty light at just 544 grams or 1.2 pounds and while theres easy access to power and volume buttons. Judging by the location of the cameras and the speakers, this has been designed to use horizontally. Meistens, we do also get a usb c port which can be used for charging, as well as a headphone, jack and also microsoft, surface connector also for charging and plugging in hubs like the expensive surface dock. If you want extra ports so as youre using it, the ports are all down the right hand side, although i dont love the position of the type c port halfway up which keeps the power cable in your eye line the whole time. Jedoch, if you do fancy a little extra oomph for your editing, rendering – und sie wissen,, Spiele – then check out one of these nvidia studio, certified pc, specialist desktops and a big thank you to nvidia and pc specialist for sponsoring this video, so geforce powers games, whereas nvidia Studio caters to more creative applications and so with a studio, certified pc, Youre, going to get the best and most reliable performance in the widest range of pro apps and, Natürlich, pre builds are one of the best ways to get a brand new gpu right now.

Without paying ridiculous prices and with an rtx 3000 series card, youre getting the absolute best performance with the rt cores, tentacles and and bank encoder, speeding up your games and your workflow plus youre, getting all the best technologies like ray tracing, dlss support and reflex for games And that fast environment encoder helps speed up my editing, so click the link in the description below and head over to, Wer, Übrigens, are one of the uks leading custom pc suppliers build quality is always top notch. You get a great warranty and also you can either play around with their configurator to spec your own pc or pick from one of their recommended nvidia studio certified pcs. So why not give it a try, but i tell you what i do still really love. This hinge, Ich denke, its one of the absolute highlights of the surface lineup, particularly the go3 theres, nothing else that feels as robust as this you can fold it almost all the way down, but theres still a little bit of incline, which makes it more comfortable for Browsing or drawing on and you get these little cutouts on the chassis other side, so you can easily flip it out and also, if you want the stand, actually works in a vertical orientation, although only if you dont mind it being bolt upright. The signature type cover keyboard is just as lovely as ever as well, it doesnt add much to the weight and it turns this into a properly usable, laptop alternative.

The regular type cover is covered in a microfiber material, but for an extra 25 pounds or dollars, you can get this alcantara, clad signature cover, which i have to say, does feel a lot nicer in terms of typing feel, Ich denke, its way better than apples, smart And folio ipad keyboards its a lot closer to the much more expensive apple magic keyboard, although i do still prefer that overall, although be careful because theres zero resistance in this hinge. So if you tilt it too far forwardor you close it without really looking, then it might come crashing down and crush your fingers, as happened to me so for my money. While this does make the whole package a bit more expensive, the type cover is an absolute essential addition to the go 3. jetzt, as for this 10.5 inch pixel sense screen, which again is about the same size as one of the regular ipads by laptop standards. This is pretty small, but then again that small ultra portable nus is what youre paying for here image quality wise. It does what it needs to when its sharp enough for most usersand it gets reasonably bright. Farbgenauigkeit ist gut, although not quite pro level or anything but easily good enough for what most of us need and then, if you fancy paying a bit more, then you can also go for this new surface slim pen, 2 and also theres a haptic motor to Give you more of a sense of drawing on a real paper, seine wirklich gute, seine, not quite as convenient as the ipad and the apple pencil, where you can just wirelessly charge it by attaching it to the side.

This does just about hold there. Although the magnets arent very strong, but you actually have to plug this into a separate little cradle for it, but for any keen doodlers note, takers and well artists, i guess this is definitely worth considering, and then we have the 1080p webcam im in my little new Studio weve got pete filming here, and the quality is actually very good. One thing i can say about almost all surface devices is that the webcam uh, the selfie camera, if you will, the quality is very good. Its 1080p uh and the colors are pretty accurate. The noise is quite low, so ja, despite its flaws, one of the perks of having a go like this. Is you get one of the best webcams in that kind of price range? So altogether we have a 5 Megapixel-Kamera auf der Vorderseite, which can also be used for windows, Hallo, face arching and also an 8 Megapixel-Kamera auf der Rückseite, which is the footage youre seeing now, and they both do very good 1080p. Video, welche, to be honest, is probably what youll be mostly using them for, though its handy, if you need to take a photo of some documentation or something okay lets get to the elephant in the ointment. If im gon na mix my metaphors lets talk about performance because its not great even with this top spec core i3 performance in windows, 11 can be a bit laggy and unresponsive.

Sometimes i criticized the go 2 aus dem gleichen Grund, and despite microsofts claims of a 60 performance boost with the new processors, i cant say it felt noticeably quicker. Tatsächlich, if you look at the geekbench results for the top spec go 2 im Vergleich zum 3 Leistung. Is only maybe 5 An 10 Schneller, which is considerably lower than 60, Ich meine, maybe i am a little bit spoiled in terms of the hardware i generally use, and i kind of expect that instant responsiveness and obviously for most people. This will be perfectly fine. Most people dont care about a one second lag or a little bit of delay when youre, Öffnung, folders and files, aber ich denke für 700 pounds for this high spec core i3. The equivalent regular laptop with probably you know, a 10th or 11th gen i5 would be a lot more powerful and you would feel that difference and i also havent been able to test the lower spec pentium versions of the go 3, which also come with much slower. Emmc, flash storage, and so i dread to think how the emmc version performs, especially as that only has four gigs of ram, but i suppose one consolation is that its completely silent because well it doesnt have a fan. As for gaming on the go, gut, Theres, not exactly a lot of graphics power on tap here and to give you an idea in rainbow six siege at 1080p with the lowest settings, Ich habe 11 FPS, although at 720p that bumped up to 19, but still there Is a better way and thats cloud gaming, whether its through nvidias, Geforce, now or xbox cloud gaming, and so because youre streaming, the games from the cloud youre, not using the relatively low power hardware in the go 3 and it also doesnt really drain your battery life.

Although you do need a pretty good internet connection and ideally youd use a wired ethernet port via an adapter, although the go 3 does have wi fi 6., so assuming youre not going to be doing heavy 4k video, editing or rendering on this and youre. Just you know using it for basic everyday kind of stuff and maybe cloud gaming, then its going to be absolutely fine, but one area i was a little bit more disappointed with is the battery life because its actually pretty good on the go 2. But this seems to be a bit worse. Also, Zum Beispiel, yesterday i was writing this review on it. I was watching some videos browsing the web all on mid to highest brightness. You know everyday care stuff and by around the seven hour point i was out of juice and i only managed seven and a half hours in my full screen, video test, which was pretty disappointing and nowhere near the 11 hours that microsoft claims so lets, wrap up And i guess my conclusion for this surface go 3 review is, if you do quite like the idea of buying one of these, maybe go for the go 2 ab letztem Jahr. The battery is better the performance isnt, really that much different, at least in my experience same screen same design and since its been out for a year, if you can get it on a deal or on sale, then well its probably a better buy.

I mean theres nothing wrong with this per se, but its just not really much of an upgrade, which is not something i say very often, and i have to say, ive, come away from this a little bit disappointed. I did expect more. I think its still going to be a good option for a lot of people who want a you, Wissen, basic all rounder machine and really do value that ultra portability, but for most people a regular laptop is a better option in terms of performance and battery life. This really only makes sense in the lower entry level specs if youre, not that bothered about performance. But what do you reckon? Am i being a bit harsh or do you think microsoft could have done a bit better this time? Let me know what you think of the go 3 in den Kommentaren unten. Thank you so much for watching guys. If you did enjoy the video, then a cheeky little like and subscribe would be lovely and ill.