The yoga 9914 is a fast and efficient convertible 2 inch minus one that only suffers from a too short 16 An 9 display rock solid, Bauqualität, competitive productivity performance, excellent battery life, superior audio quality pen is included and conveniently docks keyboard remains a little shallow 16 An 9 display is yesterday’s technology colors are a little muted and inaccurate lenovo’s yoga 9i14. The replacement for the yoga c940 is an incredibly innovative convertible 2 inch minus 1 that comes in two distinct flavors distinguished by much more than color. The shadow black leather edition incorporates an edge to edge glass palm rest, optic touch pad and ultrasonic fingerprint reader to go with the leather cover on the lid. The mica colored model has a traditional palm rest and touch pad and a simple metal lid and they cost the same go figure. The mica version is a more direct replacement for the yoga c940 and offers up a more traditional, 2 Zoll. Minus 1 experience which raises this question, should you consider the mica version without the extra innovations we tried a nicely configured micro unit with a top of the line: 11 gen intel tiger lake core i7, 1185, g7 cpu 16 gigabytes of ram a 512 gigabytes key solid State drive ssd and a full hd 1920 durch 1080 ips display that configuration is 1380 at best by pricing alongside the best two inch minus one laptops but competitive with similar machines design, as with most mid range and better lenovo laptops.

The yoga 9914 feels solidly built. I couldn’t get anything to flex or bend, including the lit the keyboard deck and the chassis bottom seriously. This laptop is solid as a rock and in the same class as the hp spectre. X360. 14, the dell xps 13 and the apple macbook pro 13.. The yoga’s stiff hinge does require two hands, but it does a great job of keeping the two inch minus one in the desired mode, be it clamshell, media, tent or tablet aesthetically. The yoga 9914 follows lenovo’s. Recent penchant for simple clean designs without any bling the aluminum chassis in the mica light gray, silver color, looks mundane, except for two standout features: the notch at the top of the display for the webcam and the dolby atmos soundbar, incorporated into the hinge more on that Later, compared to the spectre x, 360, 14 and the xps 13, the yoga 9914 doesn’t stand out that’s. Okay, aber, because it still looks attractive and i’m sure there are plenty of users who prefer a simpler design, let’s call it understated elegance and leave it at that. The yoga 9914 has small bezels around the top and each side, but the chin is a little large, as is often the case, mit 2 inch 1s that require more complicated hinges. That makes it a smaller 14 Zoll-Laptop, but certainly not the smallest you’ll find the msi prestige. 14 of oh, Zum Beispiel, is just slightly smaller in depth and width.

Although we’re talking fractions of an inch here but it’s also thicker than the yoga 9914 bei 0.63. Inches versus 0.57 An 0.61 Zoll. The yoga is slightly heavier at 3.02 pounds versus 2.84 Pfund. Compare the to the hp spectre x, 360 14, which comes in at 0.67 Zoll und 2.95 Pfund. Connectivity is fairly sparse for a 14 Zoll-Laptop. You get two thunderbolt 4 Häfen, ein USB 3.2 port and a 3.5 millimeters audio jack, all of which are on the left side of the laptop on many 14 Zoll. Laptops you’ll get multiple usb ports, a full sized hdmi port and a microsd card reader. But not here you do get wi fi, 6 und Bluetooth 5.