. Dies ist ein 13 inch business class laptop and i have actually done a review. Video of the x13 yoga gen. One now that one is a two in one version, that means that you can actually flip the screen around, and it comes also all the styles, so you can actually convert it to a tablet and then also right on the screen. Jetzt, if you haven’t checked that review video out i’ll put a link in the description below, so you can actually check that out if you’re interested after this, so i’ve got a bit of an idea what to expect for this version of x13. Now this x13 is the clamshell traditional one that you normally see so got a bit of idea on that now i did say this is a special one, so this one i’ve got here is the intel version of it, and so what i’ve got special is i’ve. Also got the amd version of the x13 gen one as well now i’d, like to first make a big thank you to amd for sending me this front here. So i can actually have one of these rare occasions where i’ve actually got both of these on the do different types of configurations. So this one is an i5 of the x13 and right here, i’ve got is the ryzen 5 version of the x13, so these will head very nicely, compete against each other there. So this is going to be a dual unboxing there, so i will create a follow up.

Video after i spent a little bit of time with these two computers so expect that a little bit and i’ll put a link in the description below when that is made available. So let’s start off with the unboxing. Wie immer, wie Sie wissen, i’ve got my good old trusty knife here so which one should i start off with let’s might as well go over the intel. Erste, Alles klar, let’s get this one going so let’s just make that little slit. These are easy with the lenovos and just do that one more time. It is dangerous. Alles klar, i’ll just bring that up. I might, since i’ve got the marker, i might as well just undo the last one for the amd version as well. There we go i’ll. Just make that clean cut there let’s put this one away and i might as well put the ain’t even over here and let’s start with the intel version here. So this is going to be quite interesting to see so as always, let’s bring this up here. So let’s first off is pull this box out now we’ve got. What here is power? Kabel, as i always like to do, is look at the power cable first i’m. Just put this over here now. What do we got? We’Ve got a 65 watt power adapter and then a three prong thing, and this runs off a usb c, so that’s good to see let’s chuck this on the side here and then we’ve got also the laptop okay.

Let’S pull this thing up: oh that’s, nice it’s. Tatsächlich, using cardboard so they’re, actually being very sustainable, environmentally friendly, so it’s very easy to recycle that’s good to see that from lenovo, oh and then we’ve got this laptop here now these all right, so let’s have a look at what this one here, we’ve got now. This one is very nice and clean. Is there anything else besides that i’ll just have a quick look all right, just some documentation, we don’t need those we’ll read that a little bit later i’m going to move this down to the bottom here around there all right. So this is the intel version i might as well bring out the amd version out as well. So let’s start that one out as well too. I have a feeling it’s going to be very similar in what we’re going to get. So i think we’re going to get oh the screen there we go again, ich bin, expecting six. Five four watts and we’ve got 65 watts as well and of course it should be usbc. It is usbc, so i’ll just put that along this over here and let’s drop. It down there again good to see carbon looks like cardboard, Das heißt, nice and sustainable that’s great to seeand i might bring this one out herei’ll just drop that down there and again on these ones. Hier, Music let’s bring that up. Okay and here’s. The amd version so i’m going to keep the amd to my left side and, and that which is your right side, Alles klar, so first off fuel wise.

They both feel the exact same. So they both have that nice sort of like powerly carbonyl plastic. So that can take a fair bit of a beating which is great to see i’ll just check this on the amd version same as well, auch, that whole polycarbonate all the way through very nice texture. These will last for a long time. These things here they weigh pretty much nearly the same here. They pretty much weigh the same, but pretty much there’s, only a few few differences. Besides the chipset itself. I do know the amd version with the intel version. It will support thunderbolt if it’s got that configured. Most of them do have thunderbolt 3 configured, whereas the amd version it’s only the usb 3.2 gen 2 for so for those two ports there. So it doesn’t have the intel thunderbolt, Natürlich, for the amd version. But we’ll get some things a little bit from. Maybe a little bit more surprises from the amd version of anyway. So let’s first off let’s have a look at the buffs of the slides here. Oh they do take a fair bit, see as you can see. Oh there we go now. I do just need to take those things off now. This one came with that one there, this one didn’t that’s, Alles klar. Okay, so straight up both look those keyboards the exact same. They pretty much will use the thinkpad keyboard, which is pretty well known. With this same again, both function, keys on the right hand, Seite, sorry left hand side there, and you can do the swap around for the control keys anyway, wie auch immer, let’s get past the track pads the same as well.

Everything looks the same. We still got fingerprints scanner on both of them, and the power button is on there now i’m, just going to have a quick check now with just the hinge wise that will go 180 degrees for the amd and with the intel version again. It’Ll probably be 180 degrees as well too that’s pretty easy. Now i might as well just do the quick one finger test on both of these here. Nur so, you can see how they go so i’m, just going to link that yep they’re both pretty much. The hinge is the same here, so let’s take a little bit of effort, so just hold that down and pretty much go all the way through there, and i might as well just do the same i’m just going to do one of them anyway, because it’s the Same i know people ask me this question: if does the lid open, as it turns and i’m going to have to tell you it does not so it’s got a nice very, very nice shot clam system, but it does take a little bit of time to open Up one finger, Natürlich: okay now i’m, going to bring the set now this one. Okay here is the intel i5 version, and this one is the ryzen 5. Now this is the ryzen pro 5 okay. So what makes the difference here so with the intel? They’Ve got the v pro and with the pro version it will do the amd management pro system there so and for the big organization.

They actually have these manageability as well security built in, and so that actually can it department can actually manage these two computers. In a way, so it’s pretty good to see all right, let’s kind of boot. These things up, i do have very two different one so and we will boot these up now i will be running the benchmarks and also the thermals and testing out the temperatures and fan noise of both these two computers in my review, video so do check those Two out, but here we go, i don’t think we’ve got one fired up how about this one here this one’s probably been image with my organization, so dass das, probably a reason why it’s far away this one’s completely gon na be maybe need some more power for this. Sometimes it does need more power, but that’s right, we’ll get this one through. This will have probably finished its setup already, whereas this one has not but pretty much. It let’s have a quick look at this one here, Alles klar, so we can see the screen here is quite nice, so you’ve got this sort of a little bit fair bit of bezel on the top and a fair bit of bezel on the side. Sorry on the bottom, but on the side, it’s not too much it’s about a medium length of bezel i’ve got ta, probably admit so it’s doing all right there and of course, it’s got a 720p webcam on both of these and we’ve also got the privacy shutter On those two as well too, so i will get this one going.

It’S probably just needs to be connected to power and that’s quite usual. Some of them do they haven’t been fully set up yet so i’ll connect these two power, but this is just unboxing just having a quick first impression as well. I will be putting these two x13s through its pace and, if you haven’t actually subscribed to my channel, do subscribe just to get the notifications when i do upload the video out for you and if you actually enjoy this video or find it informative. Smack that, like button for me and again, if i haven’t subscribed to the channel subscribe, my channel do upload a new video every week as well, und, Natürlich, imperfections in life makes it beautiful and interesting.