1 inch hd display with 1280 durch 800 Auflösung, even though it is called hd. Technisch, it is only 720p resolution. Mediatek p22t processor, Bluetooth, 5.0 it’s got a 5 100 Milliampere-Stunden-Akku. They are advertising up to 10 Stunden, web browsing or eight hours of video playback, and it also has dual speakers with dolby atmos now. The version i have here is four gigabytes of ram. Mit 64 gigabytes of storage is 40 or more at 169. I think the only difference between this one and the cheaper one. The cheaper version only has 32 gigabytes of storage and 2 Gigabyte RAM, but the cheaper one is 130 in the united states, but i’ll leave a link in the description below with current pricing and more information. Oh Junge, nice and lightweight that’s good to see usbc charging cable. They do include the usb charging brake micro sd card tool and, Natürlich, your safety warranty and quick start guide. Pretty some bezels here on the sides there on the right hand, side is your power button volume rocker, it also looks like you’ve got two microphones and then your micro sd card tray opposite side or the bottom you’ve got your pogo pins for a keyboard. This one does have a headphone jack and the speakers are on both sides, so that’s always nice to see with the charging port there on the bottom. It’S got a nice metal looking finish to it, camera there up in the corner on the back now, when setting up you’re not going to get a fingerprint scanner, but you do get face recognition, Muster, pin or password.

You can also choose what navigation style. You want gesture two button, navigation or three button looks like it’s using about 16 percent of storage so far, and you can definitely tell thisis only a 720p resolution screen, especially up close on text or even on here, where it says android 10. You can see it’s a little jagged around the zero. I don’t think it’s going to be a big issue when watching movies or videos. I think just when you’re browsing online or if you’re reading, then yeah you’re, probably gon na notice. The text isn’t quite as clear as it would be on a 1080p display. What i do like about lenovo tablets is the software is pretty much stock. Android swiping over to the left, you’re gon na get the google news feed swipe up to access all your apps and they also don’t put a lot of bloatware on here. You’Ve got mostly google apps it’s also got the google kid space, which is probably a good idea, especially if you’re going to give this to one of your kids. Most of your typical shortcuts up in the notification shade, such as auto brightness, auto rotate adobe atmos they’ve. Also got eye protection mode, dark theme, screenshot screen recorder, you’ve also got a focus mode, airplane mode, battery saver data saver and screencast now size wise. This is almost identical to the lenovo tab: m10, full hd, Plus, especially on the back. You would think these are the same exact tablets, but the plus version is just a hair taller and a hair wider, obviously on youtube.

You’Re only going to get 720p resolution same thing on netflix you’re only going to get sd quality here’s a quick, sound test. Just so you can see what the speakers sound like, so i can’t believe it, but i just got an xbox series x. I actually beat the bots, Oh ja. I think it was about a week ago when i watched the jake randall live stream. If you’re not familiar with him, he does a lot of live streams here lately trying to help people get into xbox or ps5. I took his advice and failed and failed and failed, and i thought you know what i’ll try one more time and then i failed. I don’t know if you can tell from that small clip, but yeah these actually sound, really good nice and loud doesn’t sound distorted when turned all the way up. Also, as far as overall loudness on these speakers, Ich, like it let’s, take a quick look at the camera. The surprise linux has a pretty fast shutter speed on it. It even has decent detail in ideal lighting conditions. Natürlich, i really expected the cameras to be worse than this really, but in the camera app it’s going to be very similar to other lenovo products, you can switch to your front facing camera, choose between filters or you can change various settings within the camera. App quality is eight megapixel on the rear facing camera, five megapixels on the front, and it does shoot 1080p resolution for video, so at least you’re not limited to just 720p here’s a few samples of photos and video.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect so, as you can see from these samples, this definitely isn’t the best tablet out there, but just keep in mind. This is an entry tablet at just over a hundred dollars for the cheapest version, und, to be honest, i really wasn’t expecting much from this tablet at such a cheap price point, but surprisingly, i think it’s actually pretty decent for what you’re paying uh uh mm. Hmm. Leider, this didn’t really perform that well when gaming, especially when trying to play asphalt 9. for whatever reason the game just kept, closing or crashing pretty much. Every time i tried to race and that’s, not really a good sign. It also struggled a little bit with call of duty mobile and the frame rate seemed a little choppy when lots of people were in a small area, but then again hey at least it played. But having said that, it’s still actually playable. Just keep in mind. This isn’t going to be the best tablet for gaming, Aber dann, when it comes to pubg mobile, even with the lowest settings for graphics, i think it actually played just fine sure it takes a little bit longer for things to load and the details. Aren’T going to look quite as good as on more expensive tablets, aber hey. This is a fairly cheap tablet and i thought it performed fine for what this tablet is now i’m, not gon na say this is my favorite tablet out of everything that lenovo makes, but i think if you’re wanting something cheap and you don’t really like the fire, Hd tablets, i think this could be an option.

I’Ll be able to tell you more once i compare this to some of my other tablets, but just some things to keep in mind. This is one of their cheapest tablets. It only has a 720p resolution screen, so i think this is fine if you’re gon na buy this for kids or if you’re, just gon na use this for watching videos on youtube, or maybe some netflix here and there. But if you’re expecting this to compare to something like an entry level, ipad you’re, definitely gon na have to pay a little bit more and look at some of the other tablets out there. So if you’ve made it this far into the video, you may want to say thanks by subscribing and don’t forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.