This is going to be for players that are, in the straight beginning, up to a sort of intermediate level and let’s jump straight into that. The first tip that i would bring you to is that stay in the beginning area. As long as you can, the beginning area is the easiest area to be in. If you die, certain things that are in your inventory will not go away at the moment of making this video and you could harvest materials without being worried that other players are going to kill. You you’ll be able to make certain walkers bang out a couple of the achievements that you could get with ease and you’ll even be able to. If you really grind it out, you’ll be able to learn how to fight better, because there have been players on here that have been playing this since the release of the game, and what this game does great with. Is that the tutorial really does explain everything so follow that, as far as you can up to a certain point which we are going to go over in a few moments, next tip? Ist das, as you are progressing into this harvest as much fiber as possible? The reason why i am recommending this is even as a tip is because most things require fiber it’s easy to get wood in the beginning, make sure you get your teeth and harvest as much fiber. It only costs like a few pounds to have a hundred in each tab.

So definitely take a look at that as well. Auch, when you make your first walker or any of them, where you have like your seat to drive in make sure you don’t have a basket or chest right behind there. Otherwise it will constantly go in the way and it’s very annoying as you explore the world. You’Re going to run into these points on the map, where you’re going to see mainly in the desert areas that there’s going to be like broken down. Looking ships there’s three spots in these areas. When you get here that will provide you items, one spot will be going up the stairs and grabbing what i just got there. Another possible spot will be right under and you’ll be able to grab another bin there. There is one more and when you look up you’re, going to see this little bag all the way on top there use your grappling hook, go up, and normally you can get like a fragment or two. There are a lot of materials that are going to be harvested in this game and things that you’re going to find some of them are going to say, uncommon that will have a one. Nächste, to it may even say, rare do not combine a normal one with that it will ruin it, because those those materials will be able to make better items and walkers with those do not combine them with the common one with the uncommon.

Next tip is make sure you have anything that you would deem of importance inside your cargo. Hold players will take a long time to get in there and they will more than likely go after your chest, on top of your walker, rather than your cargo, because that’s how long it takes to get at one. When you make walkers, you could pretty much run into anything. The walkers will not take any damage, so don’t be afraid to run into something if somebody’s chasing you try not to run in anything, but your warfare will not take any damage as you go along the desert air you’re going to see these desert gaps that are Going to be more white avoid that at all costs in the beginning, if you do not know what you’re doing this area houses blue, like tiger creatures from avatar, that will chase you and maul the living hell out of you. If you stay here too long, they will eventually tear your walker apart for the earlier game once so try to avoid this at all cost. Otherwise this will be your experience. This was my first night playing this game, and this is the first time i died so avoid this area at all cause they are in packs after you get out of the starting area. A walker climber will be perfect once when you get out of the starter. Walker, these lovely beauties. If you’re far away from your walker, you can shoot your grappling hook and you’ll shoot straight back onto your walker.

This has saved me quite a few times if you get stuck in a sticky situation, if you when, when you do use these, because i do highly recommend this make sure you put them away from the legs of the walker. Ansonsten, you could get caught in the leg area before getting on top of there. As you follow the tutorial it’s going to ask you to leave the area that you are in to a new area. Do not do this um. Definitely i highly recommend to stay. Follow the tutorial after you get some fragments and level a decent amount before doing this, when you do eventually leave, i highly recommend making sure you go to a medium area. A lot of people have their bases in the harder areas due to the richness of materials, but the medium area will give you a nice starting point to start building yourself up as you’re exploring you’re going gon na notice. Each map is going to be player hostility. I highly recommend before traveling over there, also taking a look to see if it’s, medium or hard area to see how many players died there recently there could be like a clan fight going on. I haven’t experienced that, but if it says 20 something people died recently, you may not want to head over there, especially if you are solo, as you level and progress you’re, going to start building up a lot of walkers after a while in this game, there’s going To be a scorch of the earth outstanding, the map, that’s going to say, it’s going to decay, you are going to need to favorite the walkers that you do not wish to die.

If you do not do this, all those walkers everything in them will die. There is something that you could also get a pack walker, that walker that goes in the packwalker, if it is not favorited that also will go away as well. It will not save it. So you get a chance of five walkers that you will save there. So you definitely make sure you pick and choose which one you want to use occasionally, as you go around there’s, going to be a darkness that could last right now about three minutes. Do not use a torch at this moment if there’s a lot of people here, you will stick out like a sore thumb and normally a lot of players do run over to you outside of the training posts. There are going to be these little like walker, things that you could go up to here. That could also you could trade things here from with money that can build yourself up as well. A lot of the larger walkers hills are not their friend, so it may take you quite a bit to go up a hill. You may want to take a look around the map to see if there’s a better area to go up then otherwise. This could take like a good five minutes to get up the hill, for whatever reason it takes a while, as you could see forward, everything is clear and nice and sunny out when you start to leave the map.

You have to go on the outskirts of the map and there’s going to be like a sandstorm it’s going to look like on the outside. Wie Sie hier sehen können, then you’re gon na click l to leave other players. If they’re behind you, they could see you perfectly. This is only happening to you so make sure that when you get here, you click l immediately, because you can’t see if anyone’s going to come out from behind you outside of slaying rupu for 40 minutes to get fragments to level yourself up the best way. To get fragments will be to shoot the large case with like a ballista. I do recommend doing this with, like maybe a spider walker, if you’re gon na start grinding this so you’re harder to detect. There are better ways to do this than what i’m about to do right now, when you do shoot, make sure that it actually isn’t opening and not an invisible wall, otherwise you’re going to be wasting materials, look for the biggest opening, not the smaller ones. So you don’t have to waste anything. When you do do this, you want to go all the way behind it, get it jammed into something like right, where it is and just go full speed and it will break unlock you’ll, get a decent amount of fragments. You don’t want to do what i’m doing now will take you forever just go all the way back as far as you can go, full speed go further back than this and you’ll be ill unlock, probably in the first or second shot um.

As long as you go on the outskirts normally of the medium area of outside of like the grassy areas, you’ll be able to get a decent amount, there will be other people doing this. So keep an eye on that as well always look around in this gigantic world of last oasis. There are plenty of other tricks and tips that other people recommend. If i did leave anything out that you would recommend to help to the bare bones player, just starting out not 100 sure what to do just yet do comment below on what you would recommend. It would be much appreciated, definitely like this video if they helped you out if you enjoyed the video subscribe for the future videos.