If you haven’t gotten yours yet or want to gift either of these to someone close to you, christmas is coming up. Links to both will be provided in the description now. Let’S get started. The jelly comb keyboard to pair this little guy flip the switch to the right to turn it on and once you’ve done that go ahead and tap either f11 or f12. These buttons are basically bluetooth buttons that help you connect, whichever device your phone, your laptop, whatever your bluetooth keyboard should show up in other devices in your settings. Give that a little tap it should connect, and you should be ready to go now. This keyboard provides an amazing typing experience. I’Ve noticed the design of the keys can reduce the chance of wrong typing and it picks up softer and quicker typing much more easily than other keyboards i’ve used. It also comes with a charging cord and protective silicone cover, which i believe is waterproof, but i wouldn’t test it out to make this keyboard slightly more quiet, Das heißt. What the silicone cover is for. I actually prefer typing with this believe it or not so that’s a perk, but this keyboard is also very high. Quality it’s got quite a bit of weight to it, it’s about two pounds, and this is necessary to balance out the weight of your devices just to prevent them from knocking over. So i wouldn’t say that it conflicts with portability or anything it’s, just it’s a bit heavier than you would expect it’s compatible with ios iphone ipad macbook, but it also works with some surface and samsung devices, kindle fire hd10 and android tablets with 3.

2 oder höher. You can work with this keyboard up to a distance of 33 feet and it has an auto sleep function that kicks in after 10 An 15 minutes to preserve battery life. It generally takes around 3 hours to fully charge, but it has a standby time of 3 months and 40 hours of uninterrupted work, i’ve gone weeks without charging this thing and it works. Great same goes for the mouse, but we will get to that later. You can switch very easily between two devices at once. I love switching between my ipad and my iphone when working at my desk super convenient and it’s it’s incredible. I just love typing on this thing. Umm, if you want this to be your main keyboard of reference, you can also connect it to your laptop or your desktop now fresh out the box. This is what these products look like. These clips are from my ipad pro unboxing and accessories video. So if you want to see what other gadgets i use in my setup feel free to give that a little look after this video i’ll link it in the description and in the little pop up thing that comes up at the very end. So keep a lookout for that it’s, ca. 11.34 durch 6.75 inches and um that’s about all. I have left to say about this keyboard: it’s freaking, Prima, guys it’s, so pretty such a lovely color, such beautiful design and it’s. Probably my favorite keyboard to use out of all of the ones i have.

If you guys want to see a video of me, comparing all of the keyboards that i do have, please let me know let’s get on to the mouse. This adorable pink mouse is bluetooth and usb adapter capable, which means using the back of the mouse. You can easily navigate between one device to another, with the flip of a switch now it’s important to try and charge the mouse for at least three hours before the first use. Just for maximum results to bluetooth pair your newer generation ipad switch the button on the back of the mouse over to the section on the left and hold the bluetooth button down for two to three seconds. Until you see a blue light flash, then you should see the mouse show up on your device, select the option to pair and you should be all set to connect to a computer it’s as easy as locating and removing the white adapter at the bottom of the Mouse plugging it into your laptop or desktop, and after waiting three seconds, switching the notch over to the right now you’ve got a working mouse now, in addition to its pretty nifty ability to be able to connect to two devices at once, using bluetooth and adapter capability. It has some pretty awesome, features that i haven’t even mentioned. Yet now the left and right hand, buttons are super quiet, so the click won’t disturb others. It has a button in the center that allows you to adjust the speed and sensitivity of the mouse to meet your needs.

It’S rechargeable, so you don’t have to keep replacing batteries. It enters sleep mode after two minutes of inactivity to save power and it’s suitable for both left and right hands. It’S portable it’s compatible with a variety of different devices and it’s cute. Darüber hinaus, where can you go wrong with this mouse so guys? That is all for this video. I hope that this review was helpful and that i was able to help you learn how to connect your devices if you’re interested in buying either of these, please feel free to click. The link in my description i’ll have them both listed down there. Let me know what other kind of videos you’d like to see. I hope that you guys have a wonderful holiday.