Two mini up for review today had this keyboard for a long time now. I just never actually got to reviewing it. If you do purchase this despite it being 2021 – and this came out several years agoit’s really not a purchasing decision. I would ever regret making this board basically can be described as a jack of all trades. But i really want to point out that the customization of this board is what really draws me to it. Despite being a stock board, there are so many things so many options that you can do to customize this board to really fit into your lifestyle, ob Sie, a gamer programmer just regular typist, just working from home or whatever you can make this work for you, es ist. A 60 board, but it has a lot of function, more function than many of the other larger boards that i see around town let’s jump into the review Music, hey guys. This is betty from switch and click, and this is the ducky one. Two mini it’s, a really popular board, i’ve, seen a lot of people use this board and it gained popularity. Several years back and keyboards have really evolved. Seit dieser Zeit, we’ve got a lot more features that are popping up in the budget range such as hot, swap ability. Wireless and bluetooth, maybe even a wireless dongle we’ve, got optical switches, there’s just a lot going on. When this keyboard came out, it was basically ahead of its time with the high quality build the usb c port, the pvt keycaps, the rgb, the firmware pretty much.

Everything was like whoa, that is an amazing board and well worth its price in its quality and its function now in 2021, can you say that the ducky one too many is still worth it? Persönlich, i can, and i stand by that decision. 100. It’S a high quality board and it does a lot of things really well let’s jump into what’s in the box, all right in the box. Natürlich, you get the keyboard itself, it’s very typical, of a ducky board with the white bottom and the black top we’ll talk about the star of the show. Later it also comes with the zodiac space bar here. I’Ve already put it on the board, because i prefer that look better, but originally it does come with just a bland black pvt space bar with the ducky logo. On the front side, you get the cable and all of its rubber kinks, and you can straighten it out. It just takes a little bit of a while and it does have a velcro cable tie right here just to make it easier to carry around. I do use this cable despite what it looks like because this keyboard doesn’t work with my test cables e series it’s a little bit unfortunate. You also get your recyclable plastic dust cover again. I don’t use these it’s great to have, and you know i get hair and cat hair and dog hair and my hair pretty much on everything and i’m just gon na have to live with that.

This is really convenient, aber, if you want to protect your keyboard, you also get the ducky branded keycap puller it’s wired it’s very easy to use. It also has a little hole on top if you do want to attach that to a keychain or something that’s easy to keep track of where your wire keycap puller is i lose those a lot you don’t really get a manual. You get this warranty information sheet that you can fill out and it says that it has one year warranty from the day of your purchase. And then, if you do want the manual, you can follow the pathway on the back of the car to go to their website to download the manual. But if you don’t want to do that, i’ll include the link to the product page where you can download the manual down below. Daneben, you can pretty much just look up ducky one two mini manual on google, and alongside that it does come with some additional keycaps from ducky. You get the ducky escape key. You get the colored backspace enter and shifts, as well as the arrow keys. For i, j k and li don’t have those with me because they are on our ducky one two sf, but just know that you get that we got blue but there’s a random assortment of colors that you can get from and it’s pretty much all the Colors of the rainbow you ever browse website after website looking for the best products, only to see that everyone is recommending something different and you’re left more confused than where you started.

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I don’t need to use a wrist rest with this board at all. It does have oem profile keycaps, which is a little bit higher than what i’m used to. But the angle, the board is pretty low and easy to work with. You can bump up the angle if you want it goes up pretty high and i don’t use the highest angle at all. But you know if you’re into that you absolutely. Can you have your dip switches here and they’re fairly small, so maybe get like tweezers to edit them or something, but with these dip switches you can read in the manual what they do, but you can change the layout of these four keys in the bottom right Here and that’s their primary purpose gon na have to look at the manual for that because i don’t remember it at the top of my head at the back here. You got your usb c port on the top left side and you got your ducky one to mini branding on the right side, es ist, pretty typical of a ducky board. If you have the one two sf you’ll see that branding right there as well, and the build quality is pretty much all plastic. But despite that it’s, a pretty durable board got the typical ducky look with the white bottom plastic case and the black top case. It’S got pretty thin bezels all around, and i really like that. It just makes it easier to type in a comfortable position.

You can rest your hand on the desk while gaming, without worrying about how much extension or your wrist is going into so build quality is pretty good as far as branding goes. All you get is that on the top right and then you have some ducky branding on the space bar, whether you choose the original black space bar or the zodiac space bar. It still has a ducky branding on it, but people are gon na recognize that it’s a ducky keyboard from pretty far away if they know what that looks like it is a 60 board, but despite its limiting size, its function pretty much makes up. For all of that, it’s got a bunch of different layers that you can work with there’s the standard layer, Natürlich, which is what you’re used to without holding on to anything there’s the fn layer that lets you access the function row, the media keys and a Lot of other things going on too, you have the fn and alt layer that lets you do rgb, herausgabe, d, bounce delay like minesweeper or the games whatever is on here, and then you have your fn and shift layer that lets you access the different rgb modes. Without having to cycle through it, so a lot of stuff going on. Darüber hinaus, if you read the manual, you can also program up to six profiles on the board too for macros, and then you can also edit the rgb and it does have perky rgb editing too.

So a lot of options here, a lot of customization. It does take some time to read through the manual to figure out the different steps that you need to follow and to get it to be exactly what you want to be. But after you do all that it’s pretty much saved onto the board, and you can say this is your ducky one too many someone else might have a hard time using it. But you know you got it in the bag because it’s yours as far as keycaps go. These are double shot. Pbt keycaps, with rgb shine through the legends, are super super clean. The rgb shines through very nicely there’s, no separations in your legends and despite it having side printed legends for the secondary functions. If your backlight is on pretty bright, you can absolutely see them even in dim lighting, because the bounce back from the plate emits light up and you can see them really easily and i would say, that’s an absolute must, because there are so many secondary function sites. Just going to be hard to remember all them it’s just going to take a little bit of time as far as switches go. There are so many different options that you can pick from. I bought mine from mechanical You can use code switch and click to support us if you’re shopping on there anyways, they have cherry switches, gather on switches, ttc switches, kale switches and, in addition to all those basic switches, you also get options to pick the speed or the silent versions as well.

So a lot of options going on here. It is not hot swappable. So whatever switch you pick you’re pretty much stuck with unless you have a desoldering gun and you’re willing to go through all that, and then you know, but if you’re doing that, you might as well just buy a custom keyboard or a hot swappable keyboard. The stabilizers are all pretty good there’s. Nothing to complain about really stabilizers are pretty unique in the way that they are colored. You have the blue, stabilizer housings and then the stems are gray, so something a little bit different. Ich nehme an,, at a closer inspection i can say that i don’t think they are prelude from the factory, but they sound pretty dang good. So who cares? We’Re gon na do a typing test. Umm, i have the ducky one, two mini with the cherry mx black switches and everything else is stock, so type in this right now: Musik, Musik, Musik, Applaus, Alles klar. That was the typing test. Äh. If you could hear it, there is quite a bit of spring ping. I can’t blame that on the board, but rather i mean they’re stock switches, so it’s pretty normal for them to come with some spring ping, but i think the board does amplify that. Just a little bit where you’re just pressing things around, and you can really hear that it may not be a problem to most of you, but to those of you who are a little bit sensitive to those high pitched sounds or you have really sensitive hearing that May be something that you can think about all right: let’s go through some of the r2b effects, so it does have on board effects that you can cycle through using fn, alt and t several effects to go through here and we’ll.

Look at them right now, Musik. There are two different rgb zones that you can customize to your own preferences, Zum Beispiel, if you’re gaming at night, and you want wasd, maybe q, e r and maybe ctrl shift and tab to be lit up. You can do that and if you want, i j k and l to be lit up. You can do that too, so it is editable to turn on the first zone, it’s fn, alt and g. The second stone is f and alton b to edit both zones. You’Re going to hold fn, alt and caps lock for about three seconds, then you’ll see g and b, light up by itself and that’s, where you pick whether you want to edit zone 1 or zone 2.. If you edit zone 1, you press g and then what you can do is pick the color that you want by holding caps, lock and either z, x or c, and those are the different levels of brightness within each color. So you have red, but you also have green and blue and you can move those up or down to get the color that you want and the color that you are using is the one under caps lock after you set that color you can press all the Keys that you want to be in that color and you’ll, just repeat that for the colors, that you want to take away a color from a key you’ll, just press it again, and then it has no color to erase everything you press caps, lock and v and They’Ll undo everything that you just did, and you know once you get everything that you want, you can just press caps, lock and left shift to exit this rgb editing mode.

Now that does get a little bit complicated. What i personally like to do is just go to the static color and then press fn, alt and space bar to go to the color palette and then i’ll press a single color and that’s. It that’s the static color that i picked and that’s it’s easy. Da dies, it is customizable if you want to and that’s the great part it’s if you don’t want to you don’t need to if you do want to like that option is there, alongside that. It also has macro recording. As i said before, there are six profiles that you can edit. Jedoch, there are uneditable keys and those are fn and caps lock. You absolutely cannot change those, aber anders als das. Everything else is pretty much up for grabs and, despite it being a 60 board, i found myself switching to it pretty easily transitioning to a 60 layout without being like. Oh my gosh, i i hate this there’s no delete in the place that i wanted. There'S. No arrow keys in the place i want it, it’s really easy to get used to the ducky one too many so what’s. My verdict on the ducky one two minute. Clearly there are some downsides here. Having no software makes it a little bit harder there’s. No just a visual interface that you can click things and move things around you’re going to have to read the manual to get whatever you want out of it.

But it basically is a plug and play board. You can plug it straight into your computer and be like hey let’s, go let’s game, we’re good or you can tinker with all the little things. Despite all those difficulties, i suppose it’s an amazing board. It has pretty much everything that you might get in a full size, keyboard and more all in its compact design. Daneben, the rgb looks absolutely amazing and you don’t need bulky software to be on all the time to get the effects and to get the colors and the macros that you want. Mit diesem Gesagte, you can transfer it from computer to computer without being like. Oh nein, i need to download this software and i oh no. I need to like sync it up. Oh nein, like what am i going to do, es ist, es ist, all on the board. Everything is on the board. The memory. My verdict on the decking one to mini is that it’s a purchase that i would never regret. I personally don’t even like 60, but it’s a board where i can switch to it pretty comfortably and not feel like i’m missing a significant portion of my keyboard while using it. But back to the question: is the ducky one to mini still good in 2021, with all of these keyboard options out there it’s a yes it’s, an absolute yes, you can pick it up for about a hundred dollars, Vielleicht 110, Vielleicht 120.

If you’re, Weißt du. Looking for more expensive switch options for a hundred dollars, it’s a great deal if you want a 60 and if you’re shopping at remember to use code, switch and click at checkout to support us other than that. You know you can get it on amazon. If you want to links for everything will be down below, and thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in the next one Music, ich bin. Finally done with ducky.