But how does this new combination perform in games? Ive getestet 21 different games at all setting levels and compared it against other laptops and spoiler. The gaming performance of this 90 watt GPU beats 115 Watt 2070 Laptops.. My configuration of Aero 17 has the Intel i7 10875H processor, die hat 8 Kerne und 16 Threads. Theres Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Max Q, Grafiken, 16gb Speicher im Dual-Channel. Mit einem 17.3 4K 60Hz screen.. You can find different options and updated prices linked in the description.. Although the Aero 17 isnt exactly designed to be a gaming laptop with these specs, it should still be capable of some excellent results and should serve as a good reference of what sort of gaming performance to expect from this level of new hardware.. The Gigabyte control center software lets you select different performance modes, Ive tested with the highest options available with max fan. Speed for best performance. Well only be covering gaming performance in this video well start by looking at all 21 games at all setting levels then compare the Aero 17 with some other laptops. Danach. Red Dead Redemption 2 wurde mit den Spielen getestet, die in Benchmark-Tool gebaut wurden.. As a resource heavy test, the lower ultra result is expected, aber 70 FPS at high settings and near 100 at low is a good result.. Schlachtfeld 5 wurde im Kampagnenmodus getestet. Ive got the results with RTX enabled shown by the green bars and RTX off shown by the purple.

Bars. RTX was playable at low and medium settings, but Id prefer to just run with ultra and RTX off, which performs better and, meiner Meinung nach, looks better. Zu. Control was also tested with and without RTX enabled, jedoch, as the game also supports, DLSS 2.0 Ive tested this in the red, Bars. DLSS runs it at 720p and upscales it and it looked pretty decent, while also still performing quite well at high settings very similar To with RTX completely off. DOOM Eternal was tested with vulkan and regardless of the setting level used, the average FPS was excellent. I had no issues at all playing even with the highest ultra nightmare, setting preset, which wasnt too far below 200 FPS. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark and the results here were excellent, but well compare this game against some other gaming Laptops soon. Apex Legends was tested with either all settings at maximum or all settings on the lowest possible values as it doesnt have predefined, setting presets and Ive disabled the frame rate cap. Auch bei max Einstellungen. The results would be a good match up for a 144Hz screen. Die Pflicht ruft. Modern Warfare wurde im Kampagnenmodus getestet und Ive testete es auch mit den Einstellungen entweder ausgereizt oder mindestens. Max settings were still playing smoothly. Die 1 low was above even the 60Hz refresh rate of my 4K panel, while above 100 FPS was possible at minimum settings.

Borderlands 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark and even the highest setting preset was still able to average above 60 FPS in this Test. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was also tested with the benchmark tool and is fairly resource heavy at higher settings too, aber, it was still able to average above 70 FPS maxed out a good result for this game. While high settings was still above, 100 FPS. Fortnite wurde mit der Wiederholungsfunktion getestet, and it generally runs quite well on basically any modern hardware. So even at epic settings, das 1 niedrig war über 100 FPS with well over 300 FPS achieved at low settings. Absolutely no issues at all here. Overwatch ist ein weiteres weniger anspruchsvolles Spiel und wurde im Übungsbereich getestet. Wieder, auch mit epischen Einstellungen, its performing very well without any problems at all. Während die 300 FPS frame cap was being hit at low and medium settings., CSGO wurde mit dem Ulletical FPS Benchmark, and the performance here was noticeably better when compared to most of the other 9th gen laptops. Ive been testing for the last year, perhaps owing to the higher turbo boost speeds of the new 10th gen i7. Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane and as another game that seems to prefer higher CPU power. I was again seeing notably better results at low settings compared to 9th gen. Dies vorausgeschickt, even maxed out, the performance here is still more than enough.

Regenbogen. Six Siege wurde mit dem eingebauten Benchmark getestet, but using Vulkan, which was recently added to the game.. Even ultra settings would be a fair match for a 144Hz screen with this hardware, and even the 1 low is above 100 FPS a nice result. Metro Exodus wurde mit dem eingebauten Benchmark getestet. Die meisten Teile des Spiels führen ein gutes Stück besser als dies, Nehmen Sie also diese Ergebnisse nicht als ein gutes Indiz dafür, was sie während des gesamten Spiels erwarten können, da es sich eher um einen worst case handelt.. Die Division 2 wurde auch mit dem eingebauten Benchmark getestet. Ultra settings was almost at 60 FPS für die 1 Niedrig, which is a decent result for this test.. I think a recent game update has really boosted performance here, als 1 lows used to be consistently far behind the averages. PUBG wurde mit der Wiedergabefunktion getestet, though the results arent comparable with most of my previous tests. Due to the map change issues I mentioned in the G14 video. Unabhängig davon, it was still running near 100 FPS at ultra settings in my random play, through. Assassins, Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and is one of the more resource heavy games tested. Hier.. Fast 60 FPS was hit at ultra high settings, which doesnt sound great, but for this game its actually quite good as far as laptop hardware is concerned., Far Cry. New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark and the results are a little better compared to many of the previous 9th gen laptops Ive covered, the extra CPU power is likely helping out in this test.

. Der Hexer 3 was playing fine even with max settings. Jedoch, stepping down to high settings improved the performance, a fair amount, while still looking pretty good in my opinion., This is probably the oldest game. I still test so Ive got years worth of data to compare to in other videos. If youre interested., F1 2019 was tested using the games benchmark tool and, as is usually the case in this test, the performance at ultra high settings looked good, aber, wie das letzte Spiel, stepping back just one setting preset was able to offer a decent boost. Können. Auch, take a look at how this config of the Aero 17 Vergleiche mit anderen Laptops verwenden diese Ergebnisse nur als grobe Anleitung, da sie zu verschiedenen Zeiten mit verschiedenen Treibern getestet wurden. In Battlefield 5 Ich habe diese Aero 17 rot hervorgehoben in der Nähe ähnlich spekulierter Maschinen.. Die Ergebnisse waren fair in diesem Spiel. Die durchschnittliche FPS der 2070 Super Max Q hält mit vielen anderen 2080 Max Q Laptops, die Ive zuvor getestet hat. Jedoch, die Ergebnisse waren in den anderen Titeln interessanter.. Dies sind die Ergebnisse von Far Cry 5 mit Ultra-Einstellungen im eingebauten Benchmark.. Dieser Test begünstigt tendenziell die CPU-Leistung und die 8 core 10th gen processor can actually hit some nice speeds in this chassis Ill show that in depth in the upcoming thermal testing video. Wie auch immer. Die Ergebnisse in diesem Spiel sind einige der besten von allen Laptops getestet, wahrscheinlich nur hinter dem Triton 500 an der Spitze.

Da dies, Deaktivieren Sie die integrierte Grafik, die die Leistung steigert.. Dies sind die Ergebnisse von Shadow of the Tomb raider, mit dem eingebauten Benchmark bei höchsten Einstellungen. Wieder, die Aero 17, mit dieser neuen Hardware, eines der besten Ergebnisse aus dieser Auswahl an Laptops.. Ich fand es interessant, dass es vor dem GX502GW war, da es die 115w 2070 mit deaktivierter iGPU.. Der FPS aus dem neuen Aero ist fast 19 schneller als die letzte Generation Aero Ive bekam auf dem Graphen zu, mit 9. Generation, 8 Kern i9 und 2070 Max Q.. Basierend auf diesen Ergebnissen, it looks like the combination of the 10th gen processor and new Super graphics. Is actually holding up quite well compared to the last 9th gen and non Super graphics options.? Ich war ziemlich überrascht, als ich die 90 Watt 2070 Super Max Q übertrifft die 115 Watt 2070 Laptops jetzt Wirklich interessiert zu sehen, wie die neue 115w 2070 Super Laptops Stapel. oben.. Let me know what you thought about the new i7 10875H and RTX 2070.