The reason why i bought this laptop was because it’s a lot cheaper than the older model with the intel processor, and this one has more cores. It has an eight core system with the new m1 chip, and also it has 16 gigs of ram that i i kind of upgraded in the purchase. The way i purchased, this laptop was through apple’s, uh apple card and so i’m paying monthly payments. The reason why i got this macbook or the reason why i went back to mac, War, i recently purchased a razer blade. 2060 i’ll link that in the videoand i did an unboxing had that for about eight months. Didn’T, like the laptop and i’ll, probably do a video on why i didn’t like it like a quick video but didn’t like the laptop at all, and i actually sold the laptop for what i paid for it. I didn’t like it, so i decided you know what i’m going back to mac. I was going to get the intel version and i decided now. I think i think macs are going to the m1 chip. A lot of the stuff they’re using is going to be more towards the m1, the battery’s supposed to be better uh, the it’s supposed to be faster and they’re they’re, making a lot of programs for it. So i was like you know what that sounds. Like a lot of stuff that’s going to be in the futureand you know how apple is alright guysthis is the unboxing of the macbook, so let’s just do a look around um macbook pro.

I don’t want to show the serial number, but i don’t think it really matters Music. This is how it comes there’s, a tab right here to open it anything on the sides. Just the macbook mac, uh yeah that’s about it it’s not much anything crazy. So let’s do it all right just trying to do so, you guys can see smooth laptop and you know, mac is always legit with their stuff. Okay. How do we open this come on whew that looks smooth. This looks smooth, yep tab all right, so we got the macbook laptop let’s put that on the side, and this is the m1 guys just to kind of state it again. This is the charger you can see. Nice uh let’s see what they have booklets macbook pro yeah. You know the the usuals i don’t think they have stickers anymore, Oh nein, they do so stickers different color. These are kind of like dark, gray uh. What else do they have? Was zum Teufel? So i don’t know: if you can see it looks like there’s something else, but nothing anyways. We have the power brick itself um and then you can see the usbc so that’s kind of different from the older. I had an old macbook like 13. um i’m, not gon na open all this yet um. I just wanted to unbox like what came in the box. Äh, the macbook is i’m, not sure i might as well open it because i don’t i kind of want to wait to get my case, but it is what it is i’ll do it for you guys all right.

This is smooth, Wie Sie sehen können: Music space, gray, space gray. All right see how you open it. Music yep have a little wow it just opened. I didn’t even press. It did y’all see that. Let me kind of move this up. It just opened when i turned it like open the thing smooth touch bar escape english as the main language to use english as the main language. It feels good the this. Oh, this is so much better than the razer i’m i’m, not even trying to be biased. es ist, just i i couldn’t stand that after a while, the computer is so good and i’ll i’ll give you this. I know this is a mac. This is a mac unboxing, but man that razor that razer’s uh touch pad was so bad. I might as well open this too, so just for you guys to see this is unboxing. I thought i was gon na. Do it but screw it if you know how to use voiceover press the command key. While you press touch id three times at the right end of the touch bar to learn how to use voiceover to set up your mac press the escape key. So this is the charger. Hoffentlich, this doesn’t break like the mac um charges for your iphone, because that would be terrible and let’s get this so satisfying to open this. You know what whatever so yeah you know you can see: usbc connect to the macbook yup, all right so i’m, going to put this back because i want to set this up after the video, but i just wanted to give you guys an unboxing of a brand New m1 laptop guys guys i’m just playing around right now, but yeah i’m excited guys.

It looks really good here’s. Another look um. Another look, sieht gut aus, looks good and yeah. This is the unboxing of the m1 and i’ll probably give you a review once i like. Go through the actual laptop but yeah guys i’m done with the razer laptop i’m doing the m1. Now guys so uh thanks for watching subscribe, hit the notification bells i’m going to start trying to upload more videos and yeah. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, leave it in the comments, i usually answer all questions to everybody and uh. If you want me to review another laptop, let me know i will buy it and i’ll review it for you. This is just the unboxing, aber.