Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2 Graphics Tablet Review & Unboxing!

I purchased myself a Huion Inspiroy Q11Okay V2 graphics pill for Christmas, so right here is an unboxing and first impressions assessment of it!

Hopefully somebody will discover this handy earlier than they resolve to purchase one themselves.

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Neue Huion Inspiroy Q11K drahtlose Grafik Zeichnung T... UNS $84.50 ALIEXPRESS Jetzt kaufen
HUION neue Inspiroy Q11K drahtlose digitale Zeichnung T... UNS $88.49 ALIEXPRESS Jetzt kaufen
HUION Inspiroy Q11K drahtlose digitale Tablet Profes.... UNS $89.40 ALIEXPRESS Jetzt kaufen
HUION INSPIROY Q11K V2 Wireless Stifttablett Digita ... UNS $139.00
UNS $173.75
ALIEXPRESS Jetzt kaufen
HUION INSPIROY Q11K V2 Wireless Graphic Drawing Ta... UNS $139.00
UNS $173.75
ALIEXPRESS Jetzt kaufen


12 Kommentare
  1. I found it garbage. The pen pressure sucks and the index-point draws heavily off center sometimes.

  2. how about the drawing surface? .. susceptible to scratch?

  3. Anyody know if you can reprogram the pen's buttons?

  4. Who do u zoom on the tablet though🤔🤔🤔

  5. So where there any problems so far and one thing I'd like to know is if the surface felt too smooth?
    Because I heard that this affected the performance negatively for some people.

  6. What program are you using? Are you working on Linux?

  7. Huion is my favorite brand! Thanks for explaining it!
    I'm gonna buy one next payday for 150 Dollars and I was hoping it was good!

    Also Which Pressure sensitivity is better? Q11K or Q11K V2?

  8. I liked that you've reviewed this one (not the ones everyone else reviewed) what I didn't like was that you were taking too long for unboxing. people usually watch unboxing videos when they are browsing for different products. so either keep it within 3 An 5 minutes or make it somehow exiting by other means. wie auch immer, a great unboxing. Vielen Dank.

  9. which pressure sensitivity is better?? Huion Q11k or Q11k v2 ???

  10. Can you map this device to one screen if you have a multi-monitor setup?

  11. Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2 is very good:)

  12. Lol at the Poo monster in the bottom right hand corner. XD

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