Zwei, why really like this laptop and three well i’m, struggling with who the hell should buy it by the way in case you’re, Neu, Hier, i’m josh, and i buy and review a ton of laptops and talk tech from the perspective of what it’s like to own And use these devices if, at the end of this video, you like what you watched, make sure to smash that subscribe, button hit the thumbs up and the notification bell. It shows your appreciation for the insane amount of work that goes into making these all right. Spezifikationen. On screen, i have the model with the i5 processor 16 gig of ram a 256 gig ssd, ein 14 Zoll, 1920×1200 16×10 aspect ratio display and the 1650 ti max q let’s hit performance first, as this is an eye opener. Normally with a laptop’s processor. There are three main factors that indicate performance how fast the processor runs measured in gigahertz. How many things the processor can do at the same time stated as number of cores and threads and how efficient it is also known as instructions per cycle. I want to talk about number one, how fast the processor runs. There are two numbers normally listed: a faster boost, clock and a slower base in the case of the i5 processor in the nv14, its base runs at 2.4 gigahertz and it can boost up to 4.2, but be careful. These stated numbers are the max for a single core if all four processing cores are running simultaneously.

The max boost is less 3.8 gigahertz in the case of this i5, by the way check notebook, check or wikipedia. If you are looking for the all call max of a processor anyway, normally we see a brief couple of seconds where the processor is fed a large amount of power and boost to that faster speed. The processor gets hot, hitting around 90 100 degrees celsius and then the laptop reduces the amount of power to it, causing the processor to run slower but generating less heat. Let me sum this up for most modern processors: es ist, not these numbers that really control how fast the laptop runs it’s, how well the laptop can cool its processor and how much power the laptop manufacturer chooses to deliver to it. Normalerweise, this is a delicate balancing act. Manufacturers have to choose: do they want the laptop to be loud, because the fans are running on overtime, to try to cool it? Do they want the laptop to feel very warm to the touch because they have allowed the processor to run fast without turning the fans on much or do they want to reduce the power that the processor runs at to keep their laptop cool and quiet? Many manufacturers like hp do give you the ability to control this in performance profiles. Jedoch, they are still limited in how much you can control by the way. Don’T think that this is just an intel thing. It also applies to amd as well so here’s the rub.

I’Ve always had this fundamental question: why are we paying for a more expensive, i7 processor in a small laptop when, after a few seconds, they run at i5, clock speeds anyway? The answer i often hear is: if you’re performing really short tasks like loading a web page, which only takes a couple of seconds, the i7 will be faster as it can boost higher. This is true, jedoch. Many people need performance for more than a couple of seconds. They are video, herausgabe, compiling code or playing games. In diesem Fall, one could assume an i5 with lower bass and boost performance may actually perform the same as an i7 that’s, because manufacturers reduce the power fed to the i7, so it doesn’t overheat, which makes it run at a certain gigahertz that an i5 could run At anyway, Leider, i haven’t had solid proof. Until now. The hp, Neid 14 is one of the few laptops i’ve tested able to sustain its full boost of 3.8 gigahertz or cores when it’s running in performance mode constantly drawing 42 Watt Leistung. You can see from me running the cpu at max for 10 Minuten. This is highly unusual and, to be honest, Episch, this nv14 makes its i5 4 core processor outperform every i7 4 core processor i’ve tested. In fact the mb 14 performs so well. It beats out many ryzen 6 core processors, i’ve tested and yes, i’m talking about multi core performance where ryzen normally dominates.

Tatsächlich, the nv14 is able to eat so much performance out of this i5. It performs quite close to intel’s higher end six core i7s. In most of the laptops i’ve tested, this is a huge success for hp even for burst tasks like i mentioned, such as loading a web page. I notice no slowness on this laptop versus any other laptop i’ve tested. Take a look at how it stacks up in real world applications here is starting the integrated development environment, intellij and now compiling and debugging code here is loading a large sql database and now exporting a large 4k video in premiere pro. It really performs exceptionally well. This makes me ask a fundamental question: why are we paying more for an i7 in small laptops that, because of thermals, cannot really make use of it? Intel charges well over 100 us dollars more to manufacturers for the i7 version of this processor and manufacturers pass that cost onto you, probably adding a profit margin on top, and what are you getting out of it? The hbm v14 is proof that, for a small laptop, almost nothingand personally, this does not sit well with me. Jetzt, on the graphics front, das 1650 ti max q underperforms the same graphics chip in my larger dell xps 15 9500.. Davon abgesehen, it’s still good to have dedicated graphics, Aber die 1650 ti is an odd choice. It’S not going to do anything more for esports titles than intel’s, Integrierte, xc graphics on this 60hz display, as you can’t do anything with the extra frames it also won’t.

Do anything for you in aaa games as this gpu struggles to even play aaa games from several years ago, at decent frame rates on the video editing side, it will give you a nice boost if editing 1080 videos or some light 4k ones, but let’s cut the Crap here i know there are youtubers out there who will tell you that this chip can edit 4k but i’m going to tell you the truth. If you are doing real professional levelvideos in 4k, wie ich, with multiple cameras, effects, etc.. This laptop is going to struggle greatly heck my larger hp owner with its beefier 1660 ti and powerful ryzen 4800 h, processor struggles to edit my own videos. No way is this laptop going to be okay under load. The laptop has odd heat development. It feels a lot warmer on the left side than on the right. I measured between 5 An 10 Grad Celsius, which is quite noticeable on the underside, though it does get a little toasty when under load, but when you switch from balance to performance mode, it cools down a lot at the expense of more fan noise. Insgesamt, aber, i found that the balance mode was phenomenal for casual use, the laptop felt a little warm on the left side, but very cool on the right. The underside remained very comfortable to have on your lap and although you could hear the fans at times, they were pretty quiet and not distracting.

Die Tastatur ist gut, even though it does feel a little low travel. It isn’t quite as comfortable as the spectre 14s, aber. My only negative here is the keys suffer from a severe lack of contrast between the key characters and the keys themselves, even with the backlight on from several angles, it’s very hard to make out which key is which this is a problem. On a lot of recent hp laptops and something they must address, the trackpad was excellent, very accurate and sturdy. The display is 14 inches in a useful 16 durch 10 Seitenverhältnis. It has good color, reproduction brightness and contrast, jedoch, not exceptional in this price range. There were no dead, Pixel, backlight blade or pwm flickering used to lower the brightness. The screen is a touchscreen though, and you may notice that the screen is quite reflective in my b roll. Aber, to be honest, if you are using the laptop inside, i wouldn’t worry about it, as the screen is bright enough, that you won’t notice the reflections. The one thing that gets me about this display is the resolution of 1920×1200. I personally found i was squinting when running window scaling at anything lower than 125 Prozent. That meant i was only able to see 41 lines in excel a lot less than the 50 lines. I could see on my hp spectre 14 Und die 47 on my dell xps 13. that’s using the windows scaling settings that i’m comfortable with on those laptops.

This is in part due to the fidelity of the displays. I really would have liked the display to be a bit more pixel dense, no need for 4k, as that would be taxing on battery life, but something in between anyway. This definitely affected me. I didn’t find this laptop as good for casual use, as i just wasn’t able to see as much information as i would have liked. The speakers are pretty decent, even though they are downward facing and may become muffled on surfaces like a blanket. The chassis overall is pretty solid, keine Beschwerden, the underside edges are a little sharp, but it really isn’t too bad. Port selection is good with one thunderbolt 4 HDMI 2.0, two usb a’s, although they are the slower five gigabit ones, there’s also a micro, sd slot and good news. The barrel bin charger and the usb c port that also supports charging are on either side. So no need to run a power cable around the back when the power outlet is on the other side of the charging port yay. One thing to be aware of is as per hp’s recent batch of laptops to run a 4k monitor at 60 hertz plugged in by a usbc cable. You will need to change a bios setting and then another change in intel’s graphics command center. This is super annoying. Modern monitors are often offering a single usbc cable solution that charges the laptop as well as provides data for the displayport keyboard and mouse.

This should work by default. I fear some owners won’t even realize this isn’t working and be stuck at 30 hertz fix it hp. Please note 60hz did work by default, using an hdmi, cable here’s, how the webcam looks and sounds in excellent lighting conditions. Battery life is outstanding, no surprises when you combine a decent sized 63 watt hour battery with a lower resolution screen and a 4 core i5 processor. With brightness at about half, i got a solid 10 hours on a variety of casual tasks. Another bit of good news is when running on battery and on hp’s performance mode. I was able to run the laptop at its max power. In my recent review of the pavilion 14 i tested ubuntu and said that it wasn’t the easiest laptop to run linux on by default. The same issues running ubuntu happened here. The trackpad wasn’t detected, Zum Beispiel. This time i thought i’d try fedora. Lo and behold, everything worked perfectly. The trackpad worked function, keys worked, the wi fi was detected straight away, so good news there anyway, so who the hell is this laptop, for it is positioned as a video editing laptop, but my problem with this is for video editing, hp’s own envy 15 would be A much better choice: it has a larger display and options to upgrade it with a gorgeous 4k oled panel, which is super helpful. If you are editing 4k videos, it also has options for far more powerful gpus a more powerful cpu, albeit as mentioned the mv 14 – does perform unusually well, but the mv 15 also has user replaceable ram, which this laptop does not.

This mv 14 is limited to 16 Gigabyte. In my experience as a youtuber, you really want a minimum of 32 Gigs von ram, Wenn nicht, 64.. The nb15 also has an extra thunderbolt port, a larger battery and, to top it off when i compared them, it was cheaper. The only benefit of the nv14 is that it’s more portable. Aber ehrlich gesagt, if your primary use is video editing, you should definitely get the mp15 and if you are looking for a portable, powerful laptop, the asus g14 has to be something to consider over this one. It has a more powerful cpu and gpu and it costs less. What happens if your primary use case is gaming? Hp’S own omen is definitely a better choice. It’S larger 15 inch fast refresh rate display is more immersive, plus it’s, more powerful and it’s a lot cheaper. Even for a casual user hp’s own spectre, 14 is probably a better choice. It’S lighter and has a substantially better oled display and a more comfortable keyboard. One could point to the nv14 as an option for those wanting solid battery life, but then you’d be ignoring apple’s. Excellent m1 macbooks, which have even better battery life, wie gesagt, wie gesagt, Jungs, i’m stumped it’s a great laptop, but i cannot think of who should buy it, not at the price it’s currently being offered at. If it was around 1 200 uns Dollar, then absolutely i would be recommending it at that price point.

It would be a good option for video editors on a budget and people who want a solid amount, more power than a regular portable laptop. I do wish this laptop came with an amd ryzen 5000 Prozessor, though the nb14 has excellent thermals and that would have elevated it from a very good laptop to an exceptional one. Add in that gorgeous 3×2 Seitenverhältnis, oled screen of the spectre, 14 and you’d be pretty close to perfection. Gut, Das heißt, all for today. Folks, if you like this video, you know what to do smash that subscribe button hit the thumbs up and the notification bell. I would certainly appreciate it make sure to follow me on tick. Tock, instagram and twitter links below go.