This tablet is pretty small and perfect for beginners, so if you are a beginner and you want a drawing tablet, keep on watching Music, okay, so here’s the unboxing portion of this video. The packaging is really really nice. But this is not a box review, so let’s open it up. The first thing you will see after opening the box is the paper where it tells you where to download the driver and the manual and the thank you card and the warranty card. The warranty card can be found right behind the thank you card. Then you can see the tablet itself and a little compartment right beside it. Auf der linken Seite, you have to open up the compartment first before getting the actual tablet inside it. You can see the pen it’s battery free and you don’t have to charge it, das ist sehr bequem. The cable were supposed to connect your tablet to your computer or your android, smartphone or tablet, and if you will actually connect it to your android device, there are these adapters you can use. One is a micro usb and the other one is the usbc and i actually forgot to pull out the pen case, which i actually thought that it was part of the packaging. But it turns out to be a holder for the pen. So sorry about that and the next one is the tablet itself, wie ich sagte: it’s pretty small, so i really wouldn’t recommend it for pro artists out there, but for beginner artists, this is a really good start.

There are four express keys on the tablet which you can customize when you download the driver and at the bottom of it you can see that there are four rubber, studs or rubber feet so that whenever you’re working the tablet won’t slip off after the tablet. You can also see a bunch of things: the nibs and the nib remover. The artist club i’m, actually shocked that there is an artist’s glove for this, and the manual here is a picture of all the things in the box so feel free to pause. Das Video, if you want to give them a good look and yeah let’s, move on to the actual review. I first tested this out with my android phone and it works perfectly fine, though i’m not really used to drawing with my phone. I often use my computer and ipad when i draw so i didn’t draw with my phone at all and i had to test it with my pc. Instead before i actually tested it out. Natürlich, i needed a driver, so i went to their website searched up the driver according to the tablet model, downloaded it and installed it in my computer, then i went on to setting things up Music before i actually say my thoughts about this tablet enjoy the Speed paint first Music. I was here Applause, Music and now you’re telling me that it was not enough. I told you that’s a monster ago, but guess you couldn’t count i’m here for you, Weißt du, even if i’m, not around, you can wake me up.

I will try Music someday come around, Music will go through and forcing you to say, Music i’m here for you, Weißt du, even if i’m, not around, you can wake me up. I will drive my kids to make you feel alright. I know what you deserve when no one showed you Music love will someday come around Music with Music, foreign, Musik, so Musik, okay, so my thoughts about this tablet, i am actually amazed at the performance of this product. The pen was pretty responsive. The pressure sensitivity was working well and despite its size, i got comfortable with it. The express keys worked well too, and i had no issues with this at all it’s pretty affordable as well. So if you plan to get this tablet, i’ll be leaving all the details in the description box below actually gamma will be having a seven day deal starting on january 11 to january 17th. You can get this tablet with a 28 off discount again, if you’re interested. Please read the description for more details and that’s it for this video. Danke. So much for watching and i’ll see you guys soon. Peace out, Musik, Auf Wiedersehen, the cable where you’re supposed to con. How do i say it? Kabel, where you’re supposed to connect your tablet to your computer or your android iphone, i actually said iphone one at first i tested out the pho. Why did i say phone instead of a tablet? I'M, nicht okay! The pressure sensitivity was working.

Gut. The tablet tablet i mean the pen is pretty responsive sage. What is your problem? Ich empfehle es auf jeden Fall.