. Sie können sehen, welche Spezifikationen verfügbar sind und überprüfen Sie die Preise in der Videobeschreibung.. Die Bauqualität scheint für eine Kunststoffmaschine in Ordnung zu sein, aber wie die kleineren 15 Inch-Option, sein keineswegs premium-Gefühl, das in Ordnung ist. Angesichts des Preispunkts, dass seine Ausrichtung., Die Kanten waren glatt, but the front corners could feel a little sharp.. Ive got an unbranded version straight from the factory, so my lid is just plain black plastic and its the same deal for the interior and bottom panel.. There was some flex to the lid when trying to move it, but the hinge felt sturdy enough. Theres, some flex to the keyboard in particular, towards the center above the touchpad, but it wasnt super flexible for a plastic machine. I didnt notice it during normal use.. I wasnt able to open it up with one finger as its more back heavy though it still felt fine sitting on my lap.. The weight is listed at 2.5kg or 5.5lb, and this is basically spot on with what I got then, with the 180w power brick and cables for charging, it rises up to almost 3.1kg or 6.8lb., Its a little thicker at 3cm or 1.18. The other dimensions werent too big for a 17 Maschine, aber, and this results in 6mm thin screen bezels on the sides., Die 17.3 1080p 144Hz screen doesnt have FreeSync G, Sync or the option of disabling Optimus.. I measured the screen's average grey to grey response time at 7.

3ms theres, ein Link in der Beschreibung. Wenn Sie eine Erklärung zu diesen Zahlen benötigen., Its a reasonable result when compared to many of the 15 inch options and not too far off the 6.9ms needed to have all transitions occur within the refresh window. Ive, measured colour gamut with the Spyder 5 und bekam 97 Of sRGB 68 von NTSC, 73 von AdobeRGB und 73 von DCI P3. Bei 100 brightness were looking at 306 nits and an 880 An 1 Kontrastverhältnis. Insgesamt also, decent results for a gaming, die Täfelung. Backlight bleed wasnt great in my unit. The bottom right patch was occasionally noticeable when viewing darker content, but this is just a sample. Size of one results will vary between laptops and panels. Theres, eine 720p-Kamera über dem Display in der Mitte, kein Windows, Hallo, Unterstützung, Obwohl.. So sehen Kamera und Mikrofon aus und klingen. Heres what it sounds like to type on the keyboard, and this is what it sounds like if we set the fan to full speed. So kannst du mich immer noch hören: ok over the fan., The keyboard has a single zone of RGB backlighting and all keys and secondary key functions are illuminated.. The font is a bit too gamery. für mich, the WASD keys in particular, aber das ist, going to come down to personal preference. Wie auch immer. It worked fine for me without any problems, to note heres how it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect.

The power button is above the keyboard, along with an extra button thats used to swap between the different performance modes more on those soon.. The precision touchpad clicks down anywhere and worked fine. It was big enough, but theres space for a larger one. Owing to the 17 Chassis. Fingerprints show up easily on the matte black interior, aber da es eine glatte Oberfläche ist, seine leicht zu reinigen, mit einem Mikrofasertuch. Links von hinten gibt es, a Kensington lock slot air exhaust vent, gigabit ethernet port USB 2.0 Typ, A Port and 3.5mm mic and headphone jacks. On the right from the front theres a UHS I SD card slot, zwei USB 3.2 Gen1 Typ, A ports and an air exhaust on this side. Zu.. The rest is on the back between the two corner air exhausts from left to right. There are two mini DisplayPort 1.4 und HDMI 2.0 Ausgänge, USB 3.2 Gen2 Typ C-Anschluss, kein Thunderbolt, and this cannot be used to charge the laptop followed by the power input. Theres. Nothing on the front., All three display: outputs connect directly to the Nvidia graphics, bypassing the Radeon, Grafiken, so good to go for VR and the Mini DisplayPorts are G. Sync compatible., Underneath just has some air vents towards the back, not a crazy amount, but still far more than say. The ASUS TUF A15 and those big rubber feet did a good job of preventing movement when in use. Getting inside involved taking out 12 phillips head screws and inside weve got two M.

2 storage slots to the left in the center two memory slots to the right of That WiFi 6 card further to the right and battery down the bottom. Ive got the smaller 46Wh battery, which they stopped selling in favour of a larger 62Wh battery. So that should use more of that empty space. Battery life was very good even with the smaller battery, though lasting for 5 Stunden, 45 minutes in the YouTube playback test. Tom from XMG said that he expects a 1.3x increase to battery life with the 62Wh battery. Also, based on my results, wed be looking at 7 An 8 hours.. The two speakers are towards the front on the left and right sides.. I thought they sounded. Okay, not great, but pretty average there wasnt, really any bass and the latencymon results were looking. gut. Lassen Sie sich als nächstes die Thermik auschecken. Mit der Gaming Center-Software können Sie zwischen verschiedenen Leistungsmodi wählen, welche, von der niedrigsten zur höchsten, are balanced enthusiast and overboost modes. In balanced mode. You can also toggle ECO mode and change the fan between three levels, but there is also some custom fan curve. Steuerung., The fan can be set to max speed in enthusiast or overboost modes and overboost also lets you enable CPU power boost when youre not running on battery power. Software meldet den Schub nicht von 90 An 110 watts on the GPU when you enable overboost mode. This is what eluktronics refer to as eluktroboost, aber durch die Überwachung der Stromauszug von der Wand, es war möglich, den Unterschied zu sehen.

Thermik wurde mit einem 21 Grad Celsius. Umgebungsraum, Temperatur. Leerlauf-Ergebnisse nach unten. The bottom were, gut. Stress, tests were done with Aida64, CPU stress test and Heaven GPU stress test. Zur gleichen Zeit und Gaming wurde mit Watch Dogs getestet 2.. Interessanterweise, the CPU temps were warmer than the smaller 15 Zoll-Modell, though the GPU was a bit cooler. Hier., Wenn Sie sich erinnern, at times I had GPU thermal throttling on the 15 inch model previously tested, Aber die 17 inch model is nowhere near it.. I think the CPU was hitting thermal limits around the 97 degree point, though the cooling pad was able to remove this. In this heavy load., These are the clock. Speeds reported in the same tests just shown so 4GHz on all 8 cores in the stress test, with the cooling pad otherwise were looking at 3.6GHz in most of the other modes.. Interessanterweise, the enthusiast mode was giving higher CPU speeds than overboost, but the GPU speeds rise up in overboost as its this mode that boosts the GPU power limit.. These are the power levels reported by hardware info now. Overboost should allow the GPU to boost up to 110 Watt, but due to the way this works, it cant be reported by software. I can see the power from the wall increase when enabling overboost, aber, and as we saw in the last graphs, we can see the GPU temp and clock speeds rise in overboost, so its definitely doing something.

Heres what were looking at with a CPU only test. Cinebench R20. So no real change in single core performance between the three modes. Enabling the extra CPU power boost option boosted the multicore score by almost 7.. When we look at how it compares against others, its just slightly better than the HP Omen, 15 und kleinere 15 Zoll-Modell, but realistically this is kind of margin of error range and its not really a practical difference, but either way still a very impressive result. Im Grunde, only beaten by far bigger and more expensive, 9900K laptops. When idling the keyboard was in the low 30s, so cool to the touch and a normal result., With the stress tests going its in the low 40s. So only a little warm. Enthusiast mode was pretty similar. Despite the higher fan speed, then overboost was only slightly warmer either way. Definitely not hot to the touch. Even after hours of use. Lassen Sie uns ein Hören auf die Fans haben.. The fans were audible at idle and then still on the quieter side. With the stress tests running in this lowest performance, Modus. Enthusiast mode was louder, overboost was a little louder again and then setting the fan to max speed was only a little extra and it was just slightly quieter than the 15 Zoll-Modell. Now lets check out. How well it performs in games and compare it with some other laptops. In Battlefield, 5 Ive got the Core 17 rot hervorgehoben.

Its just slightly ahead of the RP 15, with the same specs and about the same for the 1 Niedrig, aber so oder so. This is a new record out of the Ryzen laptops tested, zumindest in Bezug auf die durchschnittliche FPS., Die 115 Watt 2060 im GL65. Just above it was a fair bit better than the Ryzen options, but this seems to be due to Intel laptops having an edge in many games.. Dies sind die Ergebnisse von Far Cry 5 mit Ultra-Einstellungen im eingebauten Benchmark.. The average FPS is around 1 ahead of the RP 15 mit den gleichen Spezifikationen, aber, Interessanterweise, it got the exact same result for the 1 Niedrig, and this is an average of 5 test runs again, making it the best result from any Ryzen gaming, laptop Ive tested. So weit. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested with the games benchmark tool with the highest setting preset just a couple of frames ahead of the 15 inch version here and once more, the best Ryzen laptop result so far. Jetzt für die Benchmarking-Tools, Ive getestet, Heaven Valley und Überlagerung von Unigine, sowie Firestrike Timespy und Port Royal von 3DMark nur pausieren. Das Video, Wenn Sie einen detaillierten Blick auf diese Ergebnisse wünschen. Ive, used Adobe Premiere to export. Einer meiner Laptop-Bewertung. Videos at 4K and lower times are better here.. It was similar to many other Ryzen based laptops, as this export task sees a benefit from Intel chips with Quicksync.

Ive testete auch Premiere, aber mit dem Benchmark für Puget-Systeme, which also accounts for things like live playback rather than just export. Times. Higher score is better here and compared to others. This one was much better now, only just slightly behind the RP 15 mit den gleichen Spezifikationen.. The score was a bit lower in Adobe Photoshop, though Im not too sure why, as the CPU performance was still quite good. In DaVinci resolve, though its scoring the exact same as the RP 15, with the same CPU and GPU combination so tied for the best Ryzen Laptop result in this test., This test is GPU heavy and no other Ryzen laptops out. There are currently paired with a boosted, 2060. Ive, auch getestete SPECviewperf, die verschiedene professionelle 3D-Workloads testet. Ive verwendete Crystal Disk Mark, um den Speicher zu testen, but speeds will vary wildly based on the storage you select when ordering. The UHS I SD card slot was on The slower side, but still better than not having it at all, and the card sticks out a fair bit when inserted. Für aktualisierte Preise überprüfen Sie die Links in der Beschreibung, da sich die Preise im Laufe der Zeit ändern. At the time of recording XMG are selling the lower specced model For around 1170 Euro, but the price will depend on the hardware you select, the config Ive tested is almost 200 mehr. In den USA. The early launch price is 1140 USD at eluktronics and here in Australia, its the Apex 17R from Aftershock, which starts from 1800 Aud, aber Sie können 50 off with code JARRODSTECH.

. Also, um die, the performance is just ever so slightly ahead of the 15 Zoll-Modell. In most cases., The GPU was cooler here but CPU warmer when compared to the 15 Zoll, but at the end of the day I dont think its going to be a noticeable difference. Also im Grunde, youll want to pick between 15 oder 17 inch models based on the screen size. You prefer, Ich denke, thats going to be the biggest difference. Alles in allem., I personally prefer portability. So Id go for the 15 Zoll, but the larger screen is definitely appreciated. Während des Spielens, if youre not using a bigger external screen anyway., Let me know what you thought about this 17 inch Ryzen gaming laptop down in the comments and, Wenn Sie neu im Kanal sind, für zukünftige Laptop-Bewertungen und Tech abonniert werden.