Cube-i7-Review. Cube i7 Core M 5Y10 pros and cons. For the written review please visit: Where to buy one?

00:52 -Screen and multiple tabs in Chrome
01:46 – SSD Crystal disk mark benchmark
02:15 – Geekbench 3 Partitur
02:58 – Build quality and port layout
05:31 – More benchmark scores
06:27 – Tastatur-dock
08:56 – Tablet and dock weight
12:23 – Speaker output
13:16 – Spiele, TF2
13:59 – Spiele, Tomb Raider
15:32 – Temps and battery life.
17:03 – Conclusion and thoughts

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Windows Store games:
CoD MW2:

Cube i7 Specs:
2.0 Ghz Intel Core M 5Y10C soc
4GB of 1600Mhz ram
64-128GB-SSD (500mbs)
3G or 4G/LTE modem
Windows 8.1 Pro or Ubuntu


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