It is now minus 31 fahrenheit here in canada. The weather here can be frustrating, but it also makes you extremely grateful for the times you can get out and enjoy the Music outdoors what’s up guys. Today we are just going for a little trail, run in uh wipers, again it’s me and the gx470 and then just a stock, gx 460 wir sind, gon na shoot and then we’re going to uh cook some lunch and stuff. So i’ll take you along for the journey Music, all right Music, a bit windy today, Alles klar, so we made it to the transalta trail uh, So sind wir, just gon na head down here, do a little exploring uh find a place. We can shoot and uh yeah have some lunch and just nice chill day, nothing too crazy. I don’t think Music, Music do Music, Musik, Musik, so Musik. I tried to drive through a mud bog that had been covered in snow and has not been driven on this year, so that was probably not a great idea, but you get to see a track working here in all its wonders: Musik. Even on 35s, the snow was so deep that i high centered on the hardpacked snow in the middle, and then the tires were digging deep. The snow was probably two or three feet deep and slowly. Eight track got me backwards, so it’s good to know. If i was ever by myself Music, obviously i was just having fun in the situation and i was with another vehicle.

But if you’re ever stuck in a situation like that airing down your tires can help. Traction boards are really useful in the snow just like they are in the sand, and then i mean always travel with a buddy. That’S kind of the the realistic situation when you’re out in the cold and you’re out in the wilderness is going alone, can get dangerous. Really fast, Musik, what you cooking today for us, matt, Äh, burrito, bowls, essentially veggies rice, nett, see here. This is the uh that bigger new jetboil wow, pretty fancy stuff pulled out cool Music. Danke, sir yeah. I can i can hand you the coffee. Ah, i guess i’ll see if it’s hot, shredded cheese, little cracker barrel, Ja, tex mex, i don’t know people might have to sit in the cars. Ja, so do you think you are oliver twist yeah? Look at my gloves a cheery all right, so we just wrapped up uh some shooting uh making uh matt made us an awesome lunch and yeah i’m, just enjoying it in the car, because it’s freezing outside and yeah. So here it is, it says it’s only minus five, but with the windchill it’s, probably closer to minus ten minus twelve, but uh beautiful day a little cloudy, but uh overall holy you got ta meal and a half there bud. Are you hungry, Musik, Musik, Music playing in my mind, all the things Music february is always a really tough month here in canada, because it’s so cold, but there’s lots of exciting plans ahead, including some awesome trail, runs and i’m gon na try and include some more Cooking segments uhmaybe some more bushcrafty stuff into these videos.

Let me know what you want to see thanks for watching today’s, video and don’t forget to subscribe we’re almost at 5 000 subscribers it’s been quick. My goal is 50 000 für 2022, but i know we can do it. Take me back to another sunrise.