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Alles klar, if you guys, would like to see more videos like this hit, that like button and subscribe as well don’t forget to join our discord link in the description and follow me on twitter and link in the description as well. If you want good luck, when spinning all you have to do is like and subscribe we’re now on the road to 35k. So thank you guys so much for getting us to 30k subscribers. I really do appreciate you xenogame uh. We made it so far, but yeah other than that let’s get straight into this. Okay, now for the showcase we’re gon na start with one tail, let’s get it first, guy um first held spirit let’s get into this mode. This is what it looks like. Okay, six pass mode there we go z, mode that’s. What this big boy looks like bruh can’t tell me it doesn’t look clean that’s, a nice design model. They have for him as well. Very cool okay, um get back in line; hopefully that’ll move them. Okay, um 2m. Next guy in line this is mao, tell spirit as we have him right here. There we go he’s a z, spec there we go. This is what this bad boy looks like very nice: okay, like the design for him as well. In Ordnung! Jetzt, Oh, Mein Gott, okay uh, now the next one uh three tails three is held spirit as in right here: Musik. These packs, this one’s kind of like a turtle reptilian all right that one’s nice as well.

Okay, i like this one, probably one of my top choices: okay back in line um i’m. Nächste, Alles klar, i have the four tails maxed there we go it’s a monkey, a very cool monkey, Design, es ist, Sehr cool, Alles klar, lava style. Okay, uh 5m let’s see that one five toed spirit, Musik, Alles klar, let es, see this bad boy’s design and it’s a horse all right all right pegasus. They said there we go: okay, it’s steam, Veröffentlichung, that’s cool, Alles klar, six m. Six. Total spirit now see how this looks like it’s, a slug, okay, that’s cool, so ist es, basically psyching it’s, a slug cool water style. It has bubbles around it too. So that’s cool, alright um, Sieben, seven spirit, let’s see this one let’s see that’s their bats. Im Grunde, that’s very cool, Alles klar, Das heißt, basically komei, you guys didn’t know all right looks very cool, okay, um, Acht, eight total spirit, Alles klar, a total spirit or guilty or q. Jedoch, you want to call it there. Wir gehen. Oh my gosh, this one’s nice as well, look at that Music it’s hard to see, but this is designed for it. It’S ripped too. This guy’s ripped all right and the last one nine toad spirit holy crap. We all got hit 9m, Alles klar, kurama or core. The last one: okay, Schau dir das an: the fox bro. What is wrong with it, um it glitched at the last second, Oh ja, it’s fire style.

We couldn’t really see all of the design for it um. Let me tell them to try again, try again all right. So yeah we didn’t fully get the design for it. Music get out the way, Alles klar, he’s going to try it again. Hopefully there we go all right. This is what this bro it’s flying now all right. This is core filled spirit, Das heißt. What this bad boy looks like: okay, that’s all the showcases um intel’s is coming out. Next update guys got ta, wait for that now for the locations all right stay tuned. So now for the locations right here we have um the first held spirit in comey, okay um. The first held spirit is very simple, Sehr, very simple: we’re gon na start from the village, all right um. We will be showing you guys this one and this one all right, so sue and chew. Alles klar, let’s go very simple locations. Um sue is the closest you want to start from the village. Go up this bridge all right. Go down here, es gibt, another bridge right here as well, and you want to go straight down this path, Alles klar, very simple. In der Tat, Alles klar, then you want to come over here straight down here all right, and this is where this is. Where um, who told spirit will be at this, is where you’ll be able to find suit out spirit now for comey, a very simple location. This is in the grass terrain, okay from his from south spur.

You just want to go over here by the walls. Then you’ll be in this grass terrain over here, then it will be. He will be right over here in this area. This is where pseudo spirit will spawn all right now for the next two. I will be showing you guys: the locations um for the haze haze village. Now for the locations of what’s, it called um saikan in uh nakome um isu, so that would be isu right here inside all. Right now from the ramen shop, the closest one is isu. He will spawn close to the water over here. You’Ll see him he’s he’s. Very big all right, he’ll spawn right over there in this body of water straight coming from the village on the left, side and east uh, not isu, say told spirit. You got ta, keep coming down this path down here, Alles klar, very simple: okay! Let's! Do this? Musik, all right all right, uh and it spawns right over here. Psy spirit spawns right over here, it’s very simple, come straight down here from the bridge. You can even follow the bridges down here and he spawns over here all right, Das heißt, the location. Okay. Jetzt, for the location for gukey or guy told spirit and mao very simple, guy toad spirit from the village, he spawns right down here by the arena. You want to come over here to the side, Alles klar. It spawns right under the bridge down here.

All right spawns right over here all right in this area right on the right by the bridge. Okay, then mao is very simple as well. Okay, when i come from the village, you see this red bridge want to go straight down. Okay and uh come over here. Okay, mao tell spirit, will spawn around this area all right spawns by this wall and good luck, finding mouth tilt spear now for the location of um. Direkthilfe? Oh it’s, es ist, called sun, told spirit in coup, told spirit all right, uh from the hokage’s office. You want to see this red building right here. You see these two red steps. You want to go straight down. There’S a bridge right here, keep following me all right! Go down here, big rock right here in the middle i’m, going to go to the right of it. Okay, then um sun tilt spirit will spawn on top of here. This is the one that i’m using all right, sometimes it’s very respond on the top. Here now core or not not core um, that you want to keep going straight down from where sun was all right, just keep following where i’m going go over here, then it will spawn on top of here right on right on top of these buildings, Alles klar, es ist, a pegasus looking creature and yeah good luck, finding finding those all right uh, it will spawn right on top of here now for the last one quartet spear guys now for the location of quartiled spirit, you want to come from the village gate.

You want to go straight down all right: i’m gon na keep going uh keep going straight down from where you see these grace area over here see the ball autumn. Trees, you’re gon na scream straight down over here all right down here, jump all those trees and you’ll see the water area right here and core told spirit will be in this area right here with the boss waiting for you to fight the demon fox, Alles klar. So it’s very simple, that’s the location for this guys. Gut, this is the end of the video remember to like and subscribe and turn on, post notifications bro. If this video helped you at all um, i would really appreciate it remember to join our discord link in the description as well. Follow me on twitter we’re, trying to get to 500 members and again, thank you guys for 30k subscribers. Okay, get this video to 1000 mag. If you guys would like to see us a total spirit battle, royale bro, Gut, let me know and yeah, and that will be coming soon other than that it’s, your boy, zero and xenotype here and i’m out peace since you’re. Talking yeah, i might feed your mom the whole damn ticket.