Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144it's all in the name!

This is only corsairs second, ever gaming monitor, but just how good is their naming scheme. Dies ist die 32 uhd 144. So we already know its a 32 inch screen with a uhd or 4k resolution with a 144hz refresh rate. Ehrlich gesagt. Other monitor manufacturers really could learn a lot from the simplicity here. […]

The Drip Network Drip Garden Farm game review

By helping you find financial freedom through crypto assets. Please subscribe and leave a comment and a thumbs up: hey guys, welcome back d5 vegans drip and farm for poverty, so the game, the 3d game just launched or just became available. I just saw and im gon na, take you guys through it […]

Lenovo Yoga 9i // O notebook 2 em 1 MAIS COMPLETO de 2022!

I se transforma numa espcie de tablet: s com, sistema Windows, a ponta da tampa e, do corpo, elas, no ficam alinhadas Ento voc, tem um espacinho sobrando aqui do lado e a dobradia fica na diagonal. No algo que atrapalhe o uso na verdade pode at ajudar Dependendo da forma que voc segura ele […]

GAOMON S620 Pen Tablet Unboxing & Beitrag | Monitor Comics

Gaomin is a chinese high tech enterprise that is known for independently, researching and developing core technology, such as animation products and handwritten input. Digitizer products, galmans main product line, includes usb pen tablets, wireless pen, Tabletten, signature pads pen, Tablette, monitors and led tracing boards. Gammon has generously sent me their s. 620 Stift […]

Bruder läuft nicht mehr..

Ich will mir erst mal ganz herzlich bedanken 1 zuschauer die seit jahren, dabei, sind ja, wir sind, fast acht jahre am youtube. Machen ja am hassel ja, nur, Entpacken von Videos, ich wei, aber du musst, so vorstellen vater, hat immer gedacht; so ok, Entpacken von Videos, er kann, nur, das, er hat sich, ja, mal […]

Who is buying a Chromebook in 2022? Should you be?

I was literally screaming these at my team when they locked away my laptop and forced me to use a chromebook for an entire week. I mean you guys kept on asking if you should buy a chromebook over a laptop, so dass das, why im being tortured so you dont have to be youre. Welcome. […]

VEIKK VK1060 Drawing Tablet Unboxing & Beitrag | Monitor Comics

If this is your first time checking out my youtube channel, then i hope you can check out some of my other videos after you are finished watching this one. We have already covered a ton of cool comic makeup tutorials, including how to script, your comics, how to create good character design and how […]

Is a 4K webcam worth it?? | Logitech Brio 4k | Beitrag

It is a 4K webcam which can record 4K resolution at 30 FPS with HDR, so the quality is very good, Natürlich, but you can only achieve that 4K with a USB 3.0. If you plug it into a USB 2.0, it will stop at 1080p, and you cant get that 4K resolution, Also […]

Amazon Wireless Microphones Review (VeGue VWGO vs Boya BY-WM2G)

We have on the left side is the wii grid wireless microphone and we have voya wm2g. So first we have this weekly band wireless microphone. We have one receiver and one transmitter, they are about this size. It is not quite big and they both come with the clip on the back on the […]

Ryzen 6800U Win Max 2 Ersten Blick, It's Crazy Fast! The Power We Need In A Hand-Held!

I am super excited because i finally got my hands on the amd version of the all new gpd win max ii, so on the channel weve actually taken a look at the intel version of this device, its powered by the i7 1260pand i personally really like It it does offer some […]

✨GIVEAWAY✨ XPPen Artist 10 Stiftanzeige (2nd Gen) Review 🌼

, But first off. Let me show you whats inside the box., So this is the Artist 10 Pen Display 2nd generation.. These come in 4 Farben, just like the Deco series.. They have black, Rosa, green and blue, and I picked green was it looks kind of like green tea, matcha a really calming […]

Nach oben 5 Best Drawing Tablets for 2022 @5bestones

We chose them based on their latest features, including high resolution large, drawing space battery free pen compact size, kompatibel, Grafiken, software and affordable price. We have options for all types of customers, so if youre looking for the best drawing tablet for 2021 with top features, we have that product for you. Wenn Sie […]