HP Envy x360 15 (Ryzen) Beitrag

The usual 360 degree hinges pen, support on board and more we’re going to look at it now. So the this model starts around 699 list price currently actually 659 on hp’s website, and that gets you a rise in five, eight gigs of ram a 256 gig ssd and a full hd touch and […]

iMac 24” 2021 short review.

I mean i’m really good on my phone, especially on older blackberries, but when it comes to apples, smaller keyboard. This is a bit of a challenge for me um. Ich muss zugeben, – and i am like the king of technology when it comes to new things, and so this was a challenge […]


How does it play and we got something that somebody asked for a while ago and i didn’t get to it. Das heißt 100, my fault, but we got rainbow six siege i’ve never really played it. I know it’s like a shooter and whatnot, Aber ja. This is my first time logging in i just […]

Pinephone Review (and why we NEED this phone!)

I am finally giving you guys a review of the pine phone it’s been a long time coming, but today’s the day, it’s happening right now. Tatsächlich, right here i have the pine phone in the studio and this is the beta edition of the pine phone, something that was just dropped off at […]

NEW iPad Pro M1 Durability Test! – Are Apple Mini LED's Stronger?

9 Zoll-tablet. We’Ve, never tested the larger size ipad before so. This should be interesting, ich bin, curious to see how the new mini led screen reacts to the burn test, Applause and, Natürlich, i’m curious to see if it breaks in half like the last two. Do it let’s get started Music. das […]


It is here it is. Oh, we got, we got it, we got a baby, we got it, Oh mein Gott. All right here it is pub g new state is finally here. Let’S freaking go all right guys! Gut, there you go thanks so much for watching the stream pubg newstates here i’m so […]

Mini Micro Stick Voice Activated Recorder – Beitrag

These buy gear superstore i’m here today to talk about the mini micro, stick voice recorder, aber zuerst, if you find this video helpful, please leave a like and remember to subscribe to our channel for future tutorial and review videos. You can stay up to date on all the latest spy gear by following […]

Android PC for Your Car! CarDongle Review

Like i know, mine is pretty stupid with a simple plug and play converts into a full android computer pc. We have Play Store and apk side loaders, all that so let’s get into it and test it out now. What comes in the box? Gut, es ist, real simple! This thing goes for about 99 […]

Chuwi Minibook 2-in-1 Laptop Review

Laptop computer is a design accomplishment, jedoch, most likely not what we’d phone telephone call an efficiency champ. It will obtain go to transform. Jedoch, you will certainly have more done on a conventional laptop computer. The keyboard and directing gadgets are just bad or comfy sufficient. The initial umpc it was a head turner, […]

Review Huawei MatePad T10, Tablet 2-JUTA Paling Handal (Aber…)

000, sehingga, sejauh ini tablet, ini bisa, saya, pertahankan, Huawei, dan keterbatasan, Saya rasa penonton sudah bisa, menebak, arah, pembicaraan, saya, kemana, Ya, Richtig, ketidakadilan, GMS, pada perangkat, Android, milik, Huawei adalah, satu hal, yang sangat, perlu dipertimbangkan, Wenn, Anda, hendak, meminangnya, Erstellen, saya, sebagus, apapun, Smartphone, Android, tanpa, GMS, rasanya berat, Wirklich, namun, Erstellen, […]

I tried the Leaked Windows 11

dramatic music. What do you mean Ken? I have Windows. 11., schauen: Es ist Windows: 11, Oh that’s leaked you can’t. Ken. What what what I got ta get at it. That’S illegal. Ken Wan na be an accomplice, Nein. There’s video evidence of this.. I want nothing to do with it. Windows. 11 is almost […]

Samsung Galaxy Book Go: $349 Best Budget Laptop?

This is a new entry level laptop powered by the brand new qualcomm snapdragon 7c gen 2. i’m excited for this platform, because it brings a lot of features. Customers deserve in affordable laptops and it’s. One of the major reasons this laptop starts at only 349. The galaxy book go will be one of […]