First we’re going to show you our five best picks then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying a tablet for video editing. You can find time stamps and links to all of the products we mentioned in this video down in the description below let’s, get started number five, microsoft surface pro. The first choice today for video editing tablets is the microsoft surface pro lte. This is a very lightweight and compact device that’s made, especially for people who are always on the go catering, mostly to professionals with its unique qualities. This is a fine tool for those who have to work with edits all day long if you love versatility, you’ll love. das, even though we’re talking about tablets today, this one can be used as a laptop or in studio mode. Whenever you want. This especially makes it useful for pros who need multiple devices, but now i can just use this one. Battery life is a big deciding factor, especially for people who have to work long hours. Dieser hat 13 and a half hours, which is really good and lets you work without disruptions. Number four microsoft surface pro 6., the microsoft surface, pro 6 is yet another super versatile tablet that can be used as more than just a tablet. You can tweak this to turn it into a laptop or use it in studio mode with the kickstand that comes along with it then simply use your surface pen or surface mouse.

Whichever is more suitable for your work. As for the battery life, you get a high 13 and a half hours on this, which is usually more than enough for a day’s work. This especially makes it good for editors, since people of this profession need to work straight for long hours. Processors play an important part in performance, which is very important for editing with the 8th generation intel core processor. This tablet runs fast and lets you work with multiple new software to achieve your edits without facing any lags whatsoever. Number three samsung galaxy tab. S4. This galaxy tab s4 by samsung is a brilliant choice of a tablet for students who are getting into video editing and want a device that also serves as a medium of entertainment. Take it to class turn it into a laptop with the dex and fold it back into a tablet, as you head out and start editing with the s pen, jotting down information quickly or fixing and retouching pictures have become much easier than before, since it works. Like a real pen, you get to achieve a unique and realistic finish to your edits when it comes to entertainment. This is just as good. You get a cinematic surround sound with dolby atmos, perfect for watching movies or streaming videos on the side when you’re taking a break from work. Number two lenovo yoga tab: 3., the lenovo yoga tab 3 is loved by all who want more from their tablets.

If you’re looking for a device that will not only aid you in editing videos but will also serve as a fully fledged entertainment device, this is the one for you with an 8 Zoll-Bildschirm. This is suitable for people who are always on the go or want a tablet to showcase work to clients in numerous places. It helps to showcase your work while being small enough to throw in your bag and be off with no entertainment is complete without a proper, sound system. Here you get dual speakers and dolby atmos, which helps to give you that complete theater like experience battery life is enhanced on this, where you get 15 Stunden. This is very impressive and you’ll see why, once you compare because most tablets usually have a lower battery life number one samsung galaxy tab, a featuring a sleek metallic design. This one has a good hold which allows you to hold onto it and work without feeling any arm fatigue, es ist, also pretty lightweight, which is great for those who have to take this outdoors and work with 14 hours of use. This is also widely used for entertainment purposes. Besides simply editing videos, you can binge watch or binge work, and this will still have charge left with the hd resolution. Editing videos is much easier now, since you can properly see details the better, you see them the better. Your edits, become storage is also crucial for editors, since a lot of material needs to be backed up and stored with the 32 gigabytes on this, you can easily store a lot of videos without worry in case you need more.

The storage can be expanded up to 256 gigabytes using a microsd. Now that we’ve shown you the best tablets for video editing, let’s talk about a few things. You should look for before buying one storage when editing videos. You may need a lot of storage for raw footage and editing apps and software as a result. The best tablet for video editing is one with a lot of storage, storage and tablets ranges from around 64 gigabytes up to around one terabyte. Some tablets also allow for additional storage if you need more than the available internal storage, processor or ram next, you want to consider the processor and ram or the tablet you’re going to purchase the more powerful the specs of a tablet, the better it’ll be at editing. Video without powerful specs editing on a tablet can be a laggy experience and difficult for some be aware of your needs and find a tablet with the specs to match those needs, resolution or graphics. Natürlich, when editing videos, the resolution and graphics of the screen, you’re working on is important. A higher resolution means there are more pixels on the screen which can allow for a more clear and vibrant experience. Auch, the graphics card inside the tablet can have an impact on the quality of the content. You see and work on battery life if you’re using a tablet for video editing having a good battery life is all but required. You’Ll often be working on the go and don’t want to be constantly tied to a wall outlet or charger.