Have a gamer, massage chair Music what’s happening fantasy, peter pan panda here, Hey, i bought a massage chair, a fairly cheap one, it’s a zero gravity, and i really liked it and in fact i liked it so much that i let my buddy, who has some back Problems sit in it and he actually really really loved it uh. He actually said that he felt a lot better after using it. So i thought well man. I should do the right thing and give him my massage chair, but i love it too much, but i thought it might be a good opportunity to give him basically the same thing, but maybe in a slightly more basic package. So this one isn’t a zero gravity. It doesn’t recline, but it’s essentially the same thing i mean it’s got the rollers that go all the way from the shoulders down to the botox so that your derriere can be massaged as well, and so i thought this would be great because be able to help Him get the therapy on his back, maybe feel a little bit better and and i’m a giving guy so i’m gon na get this loaded up in the car, get it over to his house, set it up and we’ll check it out all right. So i got the thing out of the box: it’s actually easier to move out of the box. This chair is actually not that heavy took two of us to move it, but i probably couldn’t move to myself, but if you’re going upstairs, you’ll probably want to have someone else, helping you on that.

Zuallererst, the big piece right here comes completely assembled, and then this comes with like a bottom pad, Ich denke, to kind of minimize the forcefulness of the massage on the bum, and then it comes with a head pad here, which is pretty padded. And again your pu like leather and then at the very top. The velcro is covered by these little strips of fabric and all you’ll do is you’ll, take the top up here and you’ll, just drape it and kind of use the velcro to line it up with where you want it, so that’s kind of the highest position. But i could lower it and might be able to go just a little higher, so kind of depends on how tall you are and how much massaging you want of the shoulders. The speakers here on the side. So if you want to plug in your device there and have the music blasting you, you definitely can do that. I don’t really need that the cord here and plug it in and power cord plugs in down here, there’s a power button right. There looks like it was on and then just got to plug it into some power. Okay got it plugged in hit the power switch. There oh looks like it’s. Turning on what you can see here, kind of looks like a sports car chair now, the control pad is integrated into the side, bolster here there’s an opening here, so you can put your phone, which is pretty cool right next to it, there’s a usb port.

So you can charge your phone plug that in there and then you have your control panel right here, power button and then auto one two and three, and then you can move the position of the rollers up and down right there. I think this will change the kneading action right there and then speed slow fast. You can also set a timer 15 20 und 30 Minuten, and then you can change the strength of the massage right there and then a demo mode will kind of go through them. All so first thing we’ll do is we’ll just power it on everything lights up like a star trek control panel. It might be hard to see, but you can see the rollers through there and so it’s going to be just a thin piece of fabric between you and the back, and you can see them kneading and rolling and they’ll go all the way down and then for Really intense, you can remove this bottom cushion here and then these side bladders here, will also kind of compress you they fill up with air, which is also pretty cool, so let’s, try it out and see if it feels good, ah feels pretty good it’s, squeezing the Hips, which is nice centers yeah, puts a little pressure on those, and then you get the shiatsu massage um, oh and on this auto it’s also knocking as well so it’s doing the rolling and then knocking so it’s vibrated feels good man and actually you know, it’s Funny, because over the one i have that has that leg rest compressor that just kind of squeezes the legs with air bladders.

I don’t know that. I need that and a lot of times i will kind of lift my legs out and kind of straddle it, because i don’t want that and it’s not really that comfortable. So actually something like this is. It feels like even more comfortable what’s going on my butt, and i tell you with the pad on the bottom as it’s massaging your gluteus uh feels still pretty impressive, pretty powerful. I bet without that it would even be more directed ooh. Oh es ist, going back on my back again yeah. I tell you what uh a budget massage chair. I think it looks good it’s, not that heavy it’s very quick to set up. I mean there are no moving pieces that you have to set up, which is really nice comes quickly and it’s a good place to be the other thing. Is it doesn’t take up a lot of space it’s, a very slim, chair um by all accounts. Weißt du 200 pound maximum on people on it, but oh man, it feels good dude. I could see having a few of these and just sitting in front of a movie. Let these things go all night long, Ja. I definitely think it’s worth it hey.