Ux330U. Notebook pc, okay, so first thing you want to do is take a t5 screwdriver and remove all the screws from the bottom. Okay, i don’t know if there’s any screws hidden underneath the little rubber feet, hopefully not, but we’re gon na try and remove all these screws. Okay, all right so there’s, three along the top and then there’s two along the sides and then there’s four along the bottom. You want to keep the screws in order. They are different size, shapes and lengths. You don’t want to get them all mixed up. This goes for pretty much everything you take apart, you kind of want to try and put back everything exactly where you got it from so, even though they look the same, i always try and put back the same screws from the same hole that i took it Out of okay, so far the middle back screw here is the longest one um the rest seem to be about the same. But again i don’t like to put different screws back in the wrong place, so i always keep them in order and put them back. The same way, i got them. Okay, Alles klar, so we got all those out after you do that. Hopefully we can just pop this cover off. I don’t know if there’s hidden screws. Okay, so i got my fingernail in here. You can use. Pry tools looks like it’s just popping up: okay, so bin ich, just gon na go around go along the sides.

There might be some hidden screws underneath these rubber feet, because it’s getting kind of stuck back there, so i’m guessing i’m going to have to remove the rubber feet. Let’S see i’ll try a little bit. I don’t want to pull too hard, but i’ll see if it’ll come out. It doesn’t seem like it so i’m going to try and pry up the rubber feet there. Okay, so to do that i’m just going to get a small flathead screwdriver! This can be a little risky because it can scratch up the cover, but um let’s just try and get underneath here. Okay, so i’m gon na try and get underneath and pry this up. If i can, okay and there we go, there is a screw under there. So the way i get it out with lower risk of damaging the thing is i get the screw along the side and then i push on it sideways instead of prying it up. I push on the screwdriver okay, just like this try and get it underneath and slowly peel it up there. We go all right so now, we’ve got that out: we’ll switch to a ph one screwdriver. Okay, then we’ll remove these two screws here, ph1 or j1. Okay. I always i always use the jis type screws screwdrivers because they don’t like skip out of the holes unless they’re like way too small. Okay, so let’s continue lifting this cover up just like this, und da gehen wir hin.

We got the cover off i’m going to have to clean the dust out of here, Natürlich, and then let’s see if the battery is the same or different. So this is the replacement battery. It goes this way. Okay, it looks to be the same, so should be good to go i’m gon na have to take all these screws out and then we’ll remove it all right. I’M gon na clean the dust and dirt out of here, and i will be back gon na pause. The video and i’ll see you in a bit all right, so i scrubbed off the dirt that wasn’t stuck cleaned it up. Okay and now we’re gon na go ahead and replace the battery. So there is a m.2 sata ssd here, so it looks like you can upgrade this. If you want there’s just one screw, you take it out and then you can just grab it and pull it out if you’re not sure how you can watch my other videos. I show how to do that on almost every single video that has a m.2 c to ssd. I don’t want to take out stuff that i don’t need to because there’s risk i can damage things. The risk is very low, but either way i don’t want to take any risk at all. Okay, so we’ll take out those two screws. There then there’s two screws at the bottom: okay and then there’s, two screws along the sides um well technically, those are at the top, but we’ll take that out all right take out.

This screw looks like this. One is covered by this: cable i’ll probably have to take that out as well or that connector um so to be safe, i’m gon na disconnect the battery and then press and hold the power button first. So to remove the battery, let me do a close up. If i can, okay so to remove the battery there’s this little metal latch here, so you want to slide that back. Okay, it slides back slightly just so it’s no longer covering this plastic piece, sorry it’s shaking so much, and then after that you just get underneath this white plastic piece and pop it up just like that. Okay, so after you do that, you want to open up the laptop um and then press and hold the power button for about 10 An 15 Sekunden. Okay, this prevents any uh power build up from damaging the computer. Okay, if you were to accidentally touch some metal things or these connectors and do something wrong all right, so now we’re going to take out the other screws, okay, so there’s one at the top. There then we’re going to have to take out both the screws. Hier. It looks like we have to use a ph 0 dafür, not a ph1, so for these two you use a ph or jis 0 screwdriver, okay, remove both those screws looks like we might have to also pull out this short cable here, ich bin, not sure if That’S for the fan or what all right, but after we got those screws out, just get underneath this little silver gray, part and then pull it up.

Just like that and let’s see. If i can pull this out without disturbing the fan connector because it looks kind of delicate but to remove that you kind of pinch the if you can the black part of the connector and then you kind of just wiggle it as you pull it outi’m Gon na leave those though and let’s, see if i can go underneath. Oh, i have to take out this whole cable as well. Okay looks like you have to take out both sides of this cable man why’d. They hide this underneath that’s such a bad design. I guess it’s to force people to take this out and if you don’t know what you’re doing then you’ll break something so again make sure you press and hold the power button. After disconnecting this cable, i’m gon na go underneath and pop that cable up as well set that aside all right and then now we should be able to lift the battery up and out and i’m gon na go underneath the fan cable. If i can, it looks like they kind of threaded it on there, so you kind of have to get it out and there you go there’s the battery. They do have the model number here: ich bin, not reusing this battery, so i don’t really need to clean it, but c31n1602, okay, so that’s the actual model number of the battery. If you have the same model and you’re looking for the exact same battery replacement that’s what you would use to find it? Okay, cleaning off the dust anyways just so when i put it somewhere, es ist, not all over my work area, so i kind of cleaned it.

A little bit all right set the battery aside grab the replacement battery okay, so you can see same thing c31 and one six zero. Zwei. Let me think that’s the same right, three, three one and one six: Null: two yep, okay, so it’s an exact replacement. The only thing is it’s, not he’s too smart. They didn’t put the asus branding on it. Okay, so let’s see what else you got the cpu here, soldered to the board. You got the lcd lvds cable, underneath this i’m not going to mess with that. You got this cable for the touchpad keyboard cable here i don’t know if something’s plugged in here underneath this piece of tape, then you got the speaker connector here. The speaker wire runs to the other speaker and then the wireless antennas for the wireless card, but that’s all you can see here, there’s no ram to replace this board is so thin, ich bin, pretty sure there’s no way you can put any upgrade ram in here. So the only thing you can do is change the ssd to a larger uh, Ssd. Okay, you could possibly put a um m.2 nvme but i’m, not sure so i wouldn’t uh. I mean you can try it if you want, but there’s no guarantee it’ll work. You’D have to mess around with it, you can look online, somebody might have done that and then they’ll somebody will actually mention it, but i haven’t done that. So i don’t know.

Okay, and this thing the plastic bars aren’t 100 aligned. So i have to use the screwdriver to kind of let’s see if i can do it i’m, going to use a t8 screwdriver bit to kind of use the screw hole to pull this if i can and try and align it there. We go just like that. Same thing with this one: there we go all right and then get the cable and shove it back down there. Okay, wieder, you want to be careful. I don’t want to shove the cable too hard and then risk damaging it. There we go so it’s all lined up now, all right so go back with the oh move that over as well all right, so we’ll go back over with the js1 or ph1 screwdriver and we’ll. Tighten that screw down all right. We’Ll tighten this side down as well. Make sure this is all lined up all right, just like that. This screw tighten that down as well screw. Tighten it down as well. Okay, screw tighten it down as well looks like this fan. You can actually remove without taking the whole heatsink out just in case you’re wondering okay there’s, just this one screw holding it and then this bracket, and then you can probably take it out so i’m not going to mess with it again. I don’t want to risk damaging stuff that doesn’t need to be worked on, there’s a customer’s computer, and even if it was my computer, i wouldn’t want to risk my multi several hundred dollar computer, just to show a video for people that um i’m pretty sure.

I wouldn’t make my hundred something dollars back if anything happened, so all right, so just get this connector line it up. Okay, there push it down. You should hear it. Click in place same thing with the other one. There we go and then switch back to the j 0 or ph 0 and put back these four screws. Okay, if these don’t connect properly, then you won’t have wireless. You won’t have an sd card slot you’ll lose the headphone jack and the usb port here. So you want to make sure that this connects properly. Okay put back the last few screws. Okay, just like that all right. What do they use to? Oh left, the piece of tape on the other battery, so let’s take this piece of tape and transfer it over. Not that you need to let’s just put that over there because that’s how they had it. Okay, Alles klar, Dann, the battery connector the little slots face downwards, so make sure you put that the right way: okay, just line it up, there’s the little square there that you can line it up to have it hold in place just like that and then push It down right once you get the entire battery connector down, you can slide this silver piece back over. On top of it make sure it’s pushed down all the way all the way on top, i think that’s, all it slides, Tatsächlich, okay, make sure it’s slid back over all the way, weil, if it’s not it can just pop back out there, we go okay and Then we’ll put this cover back on and make sure it powers back up all right, so we still need the ph1 to put back these two screws here.

Okay, make sure you pop the cover in all the way there are some clips there along the back. All right and before i put the rubber feet back i’m, going to see if it turns on if it doesn’t turn on sometimes after changing the battery, you do want to plug it in so let’s see here it is turning on. So it should be good. Just wait for it to make sure the screen comes up and everything i do see. The little light is on on the power button, but the screen isn’t showing anything so, okay, Na bitte, it just took a while. So that should be it. Hoffentlich, this video helped you guys if it did please like and subscribe, because that’ll help others find these videos.