Not much has changed at first sight, but on the inside theres an important change, because now its faster than premium tablets from samsung, however starting at 329 US-Dollar, we dont get just top performance, but also a couple of weaknesses: im andre from and in this ipad 9 Überprüfen Sie: you will learn everything you need to know about this tablet before we start dont forget to subscribe to the channel im. Reviewing almost every tablet that gets released. Lets start this review with the performance because thats the biggest change with the ipad 9.. The apple a13 processor is running inside now, zusammen mit 3 Gigabyte RAM und ein 64 oder 256 Gigabyte interner Speicher, Ja, Theres, Nein 32 gigabyte version anymore, thats great! You can get it with 4g lte as well in both geekbench 5 and the 3d mark wildlife test. Das iPad 9 is more powerful than the samsung galaxy type s7. Thats very impressive, because this affordable mid range tablet is more powerful than the fastest android tablet. On the market today, its quite a bit faster than the ipad a2, but the ipad air ipad mini and pro remain more powerful because of its a13 chipset. Das iPad 9 is the best gaming tablet of this price class, no matter if its pubg mobile call of duty or other demanding games, all of them run super smooth, look great and i was able to select the highest graphics settings on all of them.

There are no problems with other apps either lightroom photoshop and uma fusion run great and thats the case with simple apps too. Natürlich, multitasking works fantastic too. During my everyday use. I never noticed the difference, but in a direct comparison, apps do close faster. In the background than on the ipad pro thats because of this smaller ram and to be expected, Natürlich, the display of the ipad 9 ist 10.2 inches in size and its an ips screen with a wide viewing angles and a brightness of 500 nits thats, Fantastische, Especially for its price, its brighter than almost every android tablet, the colors look great and its great to watch movies, with contrast and saturation are very good too, mit 2160 durch 1620 Pixel. The resolution is high enough so that everything looks sharp, but lets stop with the praise and get to the major weaknesses. The display of the ipad 9 continues to be not laminated. That means there is a visible air gap between the touch screen and the ips layer. You can especially see it when you know about it, but also when working with the apple pencil. This air gap is not a huge problem, but its noticeable and it bothers me. I showed this ipad 9 and its predecessors, often to normal people. You know the ones that are not geeky and have nothing to do with tech, and i always said i love the screen, even in a comparison with the ipad pro, so i guess its just a problem for us tech nerds.

The two speakers are not ideal: either they are placed on one of the shorter sides and they are stereo speakers of course, but when watching a movie in landscape orientation, the sound comes from one side only so that you dont, really notice a real stereo separation. Gut, thats because the sound is coming from just one side. Ja, this is not a major problem either, but theres something i always immediately notice. Außerdem, das, the sound is fantastic, not on the same level as the ipad pro, but really really good for its price class. The tablet supports the same first generation apple pencil as its predecessors. It means that its the only tablet left that works with the old stylus. All other recent tablets supports the apple pencil too. Jedoch, there are no major feature differences. The first apple pencil is not charged inductively; Stattdessen, you just plug it into the lightning connector of the tablet. The stylus reacts fast and is very precise. Es ist nicht perfekt, jedoch, which is not because of the pen itself, but because of the screen, wie gesagt, wie gesagt, the display is not laminated and thats why it looks like youre, not touching the screen directly with the tip of the pen. It can also sometimes look like the writing is lagging behind the pen a bit because were getting a standard 60hz screen instead of a 120hz one, but thats common in normal in the mid range on the software side. The pencil is well supported.

I mention it in almost all my ipad reviews, but this scribble feature is cool and really useful. You can use handwriting in every standard text field and the apple notes. App is great too, and there are tons of apps inside the app store that work well with the pen regarding the designer build quality. Nothing has changed compared to the ipad 7 und 8., as usual were getting a full metal body, thats well built and is 7.5 Millimeter dünn. Es wiegt 487 Gramm. Leider, für 2021 the design looks pretty old thats, because the basic design has almost not changed at all. Since the very first ipad we get huge screen results, especially on the top and bottom. It continues to feature a physical home button with an integrated fingerprint scanner called touch id that one works very well. There is no micro sd card slot, but we do get a standard, 3.5 Millimeter Audiobuchse. Leider, apple continues to use the old, lightning connector here. I guess thats great, if youre an iphone user and want to use the same accessories. But i would prefer the usbc port of all the other ipads, because it allows you to connect more accessories on the back theres, ein 8 Megapixel-Kamera, which is not outstanding but takes solid photos and videos. Die 12 megapixel ultra wide angle. Camera is a new one. Its the same webcam apple uses in the ipad pro and ipad mini its very, very wide angle and has a cool center stage feature.

It means that, when having a video chat, its zoomed in a bit and follows you around if you move, das iPad 9 supports the same apple, smart keyboard as its true predecessors and the very first ipad pro its a traditional keyboard cover thats, connected magnetically and folded. Up it protects the screen. The back is not protected, though pull it out. You can use the keyboard and pop it up at one angle, its a very slim and light keyboard and thats why the keys dont have a long travel so its not as comfortable as the apple magic keyboard, but its fine for occasional use. I think its a good compromise between comfort and portability. If you want to get lots of work done with the ipad, i suggest you get a standard desktop class keyboard, especially if youre a student or so these are well supported using bluetooth and you can get great third party keyboards from logichedtech and others as well. Das iPad 9 ships with ipad os 15, so dass das, the newest version of apples operating system and regarding this apple, ist ausgezeichnet. Even very old ipads get updated for a long time, and that means they are longer up to date than all android tablets. I know someone who still uses the ipad 6 and sure the battery life is not as long anymore, but it continues to be a solid ipad with ipad os 15 apple introduced a couple of new features: theres a new multitasking button at the top now, which allows You to open two apps in a split screen view fast.

You can put widgets everywhere on the home screen now and for the first time theres an app library. That means you, dont, have to put all apps onto the home screen anymore. You can learn more about ipad os 15. In my ipad pro review in my battery test. Das iPad 9 got a runtime of 6 Stunden, just like the ipad mini for this im, always looping in hd video at maximum brightness on youtube. So thats the end of my apple ipad, 9 Überprüfen Sie. Is it a good tablet? Gut, its not perfect, but for many it can be a perfect choice, especially if you want to save some money and want to get as much performance for your money as possible. The value here is excellent. I also think its the best gaming tablet in its price class. In addition to a great performance, it offers a good build quality, a great apple, pencil and up to date, Software. I also feel like ipads, have a longer life than many android tablets, mostly because of those updates, while the screen is good overall, i wish it would be laminated, because this is a downside, otherwise it would have been unbeatable. The old design with its thick bezels is not ideal either, but i think most could live with that lets. Look at some alternatives. A very interesting one is the xiaomi path. 5., while its processing power is not as good, it features a modern design, great speakers with real stereo separation and a fully laminated screen.

We even get a 120hz panel. Jedoch, i guess it wont be updated as long if you want to stick with apple. The ipad air is the best next alternative in real life. I dont think you will notice much of a performance difference. Jedoch, the ipad air offers a more modern design, a fully laminated screen that supports the apple pencil too, and the sound does come from two sides. I also love its usb c port. In Ordnung, thats enough, my review of the apple ipad 9. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, write them down below im andrew from minuxtablet.