For black friday on amazon, now this one, the fire tablet: 8 hd on sale for 44 on amazon for black friday now the 10 inch tablet was refreshed this year 2021. Dies ist die 2020 model for the fire tab eight. But i wanted to talk about it because theyre different enough, and i do believe that they have different uses that both have a place if youre looking for a certain device, a lot of people were commenting on the fire tab 10 video saying they were looking for Something that was a kindle replacement or something that they could use in addition to their kindle, and while the 10 can do that, it has the kindle app it has all the stuff. It can show everything just like this one can. I do believe this is more. The form factor that someone coming from a kindle would be more favorable, for this is something that, während die 10 might be a commitment, whether you bring it with you, its a bit bigger its a bit bulkier as youre going out. This is something that you carry with you, whether you think youre going to need it or not. You throw it in a book bag, you throw it in a messenger bag and youre done much like you would a kindle. So when you have a free moment or two, you could read that article on here you could get a chapter out in a book and i think thats more.

The kindle usage that youd be looking for and you get that in the eight inch tablet now coming from a kindle understand, Youre, not getting that paper white display youre, not getting the e ink display. It is a nice bright lcd theyve done better on this generation. herrührend, i think its the 10th generation theyre calling this a lot better and brighter. Much like i said on the amazon tablet: 10 Von 2021 theyve done a better job with their lcd panels, but its not the e ink display. So your eyes might fatigue a bit more. I wouldnt be reading thousands of pages on here, certainly not all at once, but for a chapter or two, a magazine article, a newspaper brush through youre, going to be just fine so on to that display, you get the eight inch display its nice, its bright its It shows up well in daylight, Youre, getting good color good contrast, and while i think that, if youre more into video and media consumption, das 10 Zoll-tablet, i think youre better off spending the extra 30 bucks and going up to the 10 Zoll-tablet. This will do just the fine with that job. Its got the two speakers: they sound good. They get reasonably loud, twitch streaming, okay, no problems whatsoever. You put it on auto, wie ich sagte, for the tablet. 10, if you put it on the auto quality youre going to get a much better picture and itll do the job 720p, but youre still going to get a nice image, especially on the smaller display youre, not going to notice it that much amazon content is going To look good youre going to have netflix on here, its gon na be fine hbo max they have showtime, they have all kinds of media consumption.

Also, while its not the same experience, if youre klutz, Weißt du, if youre watching stuff in bed, you hold up over your head and you drop it on your face a lot. This will be a lot lighter than with the 10 Zoll-tablet. So etwas wie das. So youre fine instagram, just like i said on the 10 inch its still one of the better instagram experiences youre, getting on a tablet, a lot better than the ipad in a lot of respects and bigger phones for that matter. So thats always interesting, but it is optimized, so youre going to get a nice experience there kindle app works. Great basic gaming is fine. Now its not the 10 Zoll sowie, so its an older processor, its an older processor, its a year, older theres, a gig less of ram, so dont expect that type of performance is going to be a beat or two slower than its newer brother and bigger Brother, das 10 inch tablet but thats okay, because you got to understand 44. That should be the beginning and the end of the conversation, Ehrlich gesagt, because when youre talking about android tablets sub 50, its a bonus, if a if you could find it and b. If you could even turn the thing on, if it turns onand it keeps power and all the rest of it youre in shock, so forget about the support to get forget about the ecosystem. I understand its not the biggest the best build materials in the world.

I mean youre talking plastic and glass, but theres benefits to that as well. I called i i refer to this as the bend but dont break design. You could smack it around. You could scuff it up. You could get it beaten up and its still going to work, einfach in Ordnung, its something that you could give to a kid as a first tablet, its a great thing there. Also, Insgesamt, i think youre getting quite a lot for your 44 dollars and when you, when you boil that down to the competition youre going to accept a couple of hiccups here and there, a couple of bits of lag. A little bit slower performance understand, Youre, not playing fortnite at 120 Frames, a second on something like this and youll be just fine, and the great thing is, even if you have a kindle paper white and youre happy with it, you dont want to give up on It because those things really dont age, if you have one as long as you got the paper white display, Youre, really in good shape. I mean the e ink doesnt really change a whole heck of a lot, but if youre looking for a companion device, this is quite nice because if you have a lot of the, i guess ill call it dlc or the bonus content for a lot of books. That you buy are going to be in color if you get color packages on pictures and stuff like that, that go with references and pages of what youre reading its very nice to display on here.

If you have magazine subscriptions through the kindle app thats, something that absolutely youre going to want to display on something like this, its quite nice, you go page by page you get nice, color rich bright, Anzeige, youre going to enjoy that a heck of a lot more Than you will on your e ink display and of course the ink displays are tough with refresh they take a moment. Theyre not great for pictures theyre, not great for media content like that or if you have something thats, a bit more dynamic that youre viewing or youre reading its going to be much better on here newspapers, Dasselbe: if you have one of those descriptions subscriptions youre Going to be much better served on something like this than you will your e ink paper, your your paper white display, so for all that youre getting a heck of a lot, and the main thing that you want to talk about is really that support, weil, while The quality is there, vor allem bei 44 dollars having the support the warranty, the return policy, the ecosystem, all the apps that are going to work android 9 based. So i understand youre, not getting your navigation gestures and the rest of it. But with that being said, youre getting updates its going to work its going to work well its going to work for a while amazons, not going anywhere anytime soon. So theyre going to want to support these because essentially theyre a portal right, theyre a portal into their services, so its in their interest to get as many of these out there as possible and to have them cheap.

Also habe ich, if you can take advantage of that, go ahead also, if youre somebody thats got the e home stuff. If you got your lights, if youve got your music, if youve got 9 million echo dots all over the place, you can take advantage of this. Tatsächlich, thats one of the main uses i have for this is i use it as a hub. You know those hubs used to be expensive. Jetzt, Theyre, billig, you get something 44. You connect all your devices up to it. Your bluetooth devices, your wireless devices for your home lighting and all the rest of it, and you can control it right from here, so the usability and what you can actually do, whether its content consumption, whether its kindle stuff, where its audio books, audible, Musik, twitch, live Streaming all the rest of it and people. You could put think about a sub 50 tablet that you could put a microsoft office application on here. You could edit pdfs, you could view them. You could use it for little presentations if youre on the go. If youre a business person, so etwas in der Art, you could just throw in your bag, Haben, with you show on at a meeting the usability and the flexibility and the functionality at 44.00 is really unbeatable. Link will be in the description if youve made it. This far.