Usd Preispunkt so weit Ill zeigen Ihnen, was es tun kann und ihnen helfen, zu entscheiden, ob es sich lohnt, in dieser detaillierten Bewertung zu kaufen.. My Nitro is packing the 6 Kern Ryzen. 5. 4600H-Prozessor, with Nvidia GTX, 1650 Grafiken, but there are other configurations available. You can check those out as well as updated prices with the links in the description.. This video is sponsored by me and the Patreon members. I had to buy the Nitro 5 from the US and import it to Australia. This is only possible thanks to viewers, wie Sie, come join us over in discord and get behind the scenes. Videos at the link in the description. Back to the Nitro, its got an all black plastic, build with red, accenting., Theres, more flex to the keyboard and lid compared to others. But it feels fine during regular everyday use and is pretty standard for a gaming laptop at this price. Punkt. Haben auf unter 4.8lb oder 2.2kg für den Laptop allein gesucht, then under 5.9lb or 2.7kg, mit dem 135 watt power brick and cables included. Its not too big. Fora 15 inch gaming laptop a bit thick but definitely still portable overall., My Nitro has a 15.6 1080p 60Hz display, but theres no FreeSync available here so tearing in games was occasionally noticeable. Ive, measured the screen's average grey to grey response time at around 23ms. Ideal, we want to see 16.66ms for a 60Hz panel like this.. Leider, I havent had too many other 60Hz laptops for testing its only a little slower than the screen in the Dell G5 SE.

Ive testete den Bildschirm mit dem Spyder 5 und bekam 62 von sRGB 44 von NTSC 46 von AdobeRGB und 46 von DCI P3. So sind Farben auf der Unterseite. Haben sie sich angeschaut 253 nits bei 100 Helligkeit unterhalb der 300, or so I like to see making it a little dim, Aber die 9201 contrast ratio was fair., Backlight wasnt too bad. I never noticed the spots up the top when viewing darker content, but this will vary between laptop and panel. Theres, eine 720p-Kamera über dem Display in der Mitte, kein Windows, Hallo, Unterstützung.. So sehen Kamera und Mikrofon aus und klingen. So klingt es, auf der Tastatur einzugeben, und so klingt es, wenn wir den Lüfter auf maximale Geschwindigkeit einstellen. So kannst du mich immer noch hören: Okay, over the fans., The keyboard just has a single zone of red backlighting, die alle Tasten und sekundären Tastenfunktionen beleuchtet.. Seine bekam 4 levels of key brightness or can be turned off.. I thought typing was fine, hier ist, wie es klingt, Ihnen eine Vorstellung davon zu geben, was Sie erwarten können.. Although the power button is part of the keyboard, an accidental press does nothing by default. Youve got to hold it for a while. Then the Acer software will prompt you for what to do. Die Präzision. Touchpad is a smooth plastic with red accent. It clicks down anywhere and works fine.. The black finish is sort of shiny, so dirt and fingerprints make it look quite messy, but its smooth plastic.

So pretty easy to clean, mit einem Mikrofasertuch. Links von hinten gibt es, a kensington, Sperren, Luftabluftentlüftung, Gigabit-Ethernet, zwei USB 3.1 Gen1 Typ, A ports and 3.5mm audio combo jack. Rechts von vorne, ein USB 3.1 Gen2 Typ C-Anschluss. No Thunderbolt USB 2.0 Typ, Ein Anschluss HDMI 2.0 output and an air exhaust on this side. Zu., The HDMI port, connects straight to the Nvidia graphics, while the Type C port does not offer display output and the Nitro cannot be charged over Type C either.. The back just has some red plastic with the power input.. Something to note is youve, got to push the power adapter quite hard to get it in originally. I thought I had it in, but the machine wasnt powering on turns out. You just have to push it in harder., Ansonsten, Theres. Nothing on the front. Underneath has some air intake vents towards the back directly above the fans.. Getting inside involves removing 11 Kreuzschlitzkopfschrauben. Inside weve got the battery down the front. A 2.5 inch drive bay to the left of that M.2 storage, slot and WiFi 5 Karte, just above that memory in the middle and a second M.2 storage slot to the right, which only takes smaller drives.. I should also note that my Nitro shipped with single channel memoryI installed dual channel for best performance, and this is something I recommend if you buy this machine.

. The speakers are on the left and right sides towards the front.. They sounded ok about average and nothing special tinny with no bass, but the latencymon results were looking decent.. Der Nitro 5 is powered by a 57Wh battery Ive tested it with keyboard lighting off background apps, deaktiviert und Bildschirm bei 50 Helligkeit.. The results were extremely impressive. Its now my best result for a gaming laptop in the YouTube playback test with more than 10 and a half hours of run time, while gaming lasted for over an hour and a half, and it still ran at the 30 FPS battery boost limit.. This is extra impressive if we consider that the battery could have been larger if Acer didnt give us that 2.5 Antriebsschacht. Lässt auschecken. Thermik weiter. The Nitrosense software doesnt give us that much option. We can customize the two fans independently of each other or just set max speed, no modes for changing performance, though these options are just for the Windows power plan.. Keiner dieser Modi hat Übertaktungen auf die GPU angewendet.. I was able to use the third party Ryzen Controller software to boost the processor, but only in CPU only workloads. It had no effect when the GPU is active like when gaming. Die Leerlauftemperaturen waren gut. Mit einem 21 Grad Celsius, Raumstresstests wurden mit dem Aida64 CPU-Stresstest durchgeführt, mit Stress, CPU nur überprüft und der Heaven GPU-Benchmark läuft. Zur gleichen Zeit, während das Spielen getestet wurde, Wachhunde 2.

Things cool down with the fans maxed out then get cooler with the cooling pad in use. No thermal throttling was observed and worst case, the CPU wasnt, even hitting 90 Grad Celsius, while the GPU struggled To pass 70., Dies sind die Taktraten für die gleichen Tests. Gerade gezeigt.. The GPU speed improves a little as cooling improves, Vermutlich, as this helps with GPU boost, which prefers lower temperatures. CPU clock speed also increases too almost reaching 4GHz over all 6 Kerne. With the cooling pad in either test., These are the power levels reported by Hardware Info, so the GTX 1650 is able to run at its 50 watt limit without issue, while the CPU was 35 watts max in these long term loads.. It would, of course boost up higher than this in more bursty workloads, but this would help explain the lower temps we just dont have high powered hardware, Hier. Heres, Wie cpu nur Leistung in Cinebench mit der GPU jetzt im Leerlauf aussieht. It was possible to boost performance by 7.6 for the multicore score with Ryzen Controller. Wieder, I didnt use that earlier, as I saw no change when the GPU was active. When compared to others its the best multicore score for a 6 core laptop Ive got so far, aber, um fair zu sein, those two just below it were tested before Ryzen Controller, either Way, still a nice result from what is meant to be a budget friendly gaming laptop. Beim Leerlauf befand sich die Tastatur 30 degree Celsius point, which is pretty normal.

With the stress tests running and fan set to auto it's getting to the low 50s in The middle and felt fairly warm without being uncomfortable. With the fans maxed out the wrist rest is still cool. Wasd area, cool and middle of the keyboard is now a bit cooler than before. But still warm lets have a listen to fan noise.. It was only just audible at idle., With the stress tests going and the fan set to the default auto mode its not that loud, then max fan speed was a fair bit louder.. Ich denke, das ist eine gute Sache, aber, as theres some level of user customization. It means youve got the option within this range to pick your sweet spot of thermals and fan noise. Now lets check out how well this config of Nitro 5 führt in Spielen und sehen, wie es mit anderen Laptops vergleicht. Ive getestet Esbattlefield 5 in campaign mode at Ultra settings, der Nitro 5 ist rot hervorgehoben. In diesem Test, es ist das niedrigste Ergebnis. Ich habe für eine GTX 1650 Laptop bisher, nicht mitden die niedrigeren Max Q Optionen natürlich nicht. Intel scheint immer noch ein bisschen einen Vorteil zu haben, wenn es um Gaming zum größten Teil geht, so dass das, nicht allzu überraschend, wie die anderen 1650 Laptops sind Intel-basiert, aber, gleichzeitig, seine ganz in der Nähe des Aorus 5 mit 9. Generation i7.. Dies sind die Ergebnisse von Far Cry 5 mit Ultra-Einstellungen im eingebauten Benchmark.

. Der Nitro 5 zieht dieses Mal ein paar Plätze nach oben und ist jetzt die beste 1650 Ergebnis aus den Maschinen. Ich habe Daten für.. Dieser Test ist in der Regel CPU-abhängiger, aber in say Cinebench. I get similar scores on the 4600H to those 9th gen i7s at stock. Es könnte die schnellere DDR4 sein 3200 Speicher, Hilfe für den Nitro entlang. Schatten des Grabes. Raider wurde auch mit dem Spiele-Benchmark-Tool mit der höchsten Einstellung voreingestellt getestet. Wieder, der Nitro 5 das beste Ergebnis aus dem 1650 Laptops Ive getestet und war nur ein paar FPS hinter der 1650 Ti im Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3. Just above it review on that coming soon., Wenn Sie mehr Ergebnisse wünschen, Ive tested the Nitro 5 in 22 Spiele überhaupt, setting levels check out the card in the top right corner or link in the video description.. Jetzt, für die Benchmarking-Tools, Ive getestet, Heaven Valley und Überlagerung von Unigine, sowie Firestrike und Timespy von 3DMark, einfach pausieren. Das Video, Wenn Sie einen detaillierten Blick auf diese Ergebnisse wünschen. Ive, verwendet Adobe Premiere, um eines meiner Laptop-Bewertungsvideos bei 4K zu exportieren.. Dieser Test profitiert von quicksync von den Intel-Maschinen, which is why the Nitro 5 is on the lower side out of this selection. Ive testete auch Premiere, aber mit dem Benchmark für Puget-Systeme, was auch für Dinge wie Live-Wiedergabe und nicht nur Exportzeiten.. In diesen Tests, a higher score is better and the Nitro was close to higher GPU options with an i7 and ahead of the 1650 Ti in the TUF A15 just below it.

, Die Ergebnisse waren ähnlich in Adobe Photoshop. This tends to be more of a CPU focussed test and its the best result. Ive seen from a 4600H machine, so weit. DaVinci Resolve ist GPU-lastiger, so ist die 50 Watt 1650 ist auf der Unterseite. Jetzt, when compared to the others., Ive testete auch SPECviewperf, die verschiedene professionelle 3D-Workloads testet. Ive verwendete Crystal Disk Mark, um die 256gb NVMe M.2 SSD zu testen, the read speeds were decent, then a fair bit lower comparatively for the writes. For updated prices check the links In the description as prices will change over time. Zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahme in den USA, the config Ive tested in this video starts at 670 USD a seriously competitive price.. You can pay extra for the 1650 Ti-Modell, aber, as we saw in the game graphs earlier, the Ti GPU doesnt really change the gaming performance. That much. Now lets summarise the good and bad parts of the Nitro 5 to help you decide if its a gaming laptop worth considering.. Insgesamt, I think whats on offer is pretty impressive.. The CPU performance is excellent. Thanks to the Ryzen, 5, 4600H processor and performance in games is about where youd expect from the GTX 1650. That is medium settings needed for a solid 60 FPS in more demanding titles. Battery life was seriously impressive, and that was in spite of it still having a 2.5 drive bay instead of a large battery.. It sucks that its available in single channel memoryI get that costs need to be cut to be competitive at this price point, but Ive shown just how much of a performance boost that can make.

Speaking of cost. Cutting the chassis is all plastic with quite a bit of flex, but realistically I never noticed that during normal use, you dont sit there trying to bend the machine after all.. The 60Hz screen had low colour, gamut response time and lower brightness than Id like. Oh and no FreeSync, so not a great panel, but it will get the job done.. The speakers were, average keyboard and touchpad were fine and the temperatures werent getting hot, even under heavy load, which just seems to be a side effect of not having high end specs inside, but its good. That weve got some control over fan speeds, as increasing cooling could boost performance. Anyway for the 670 USD price. I think the Nitro 5 is a decent gaming. Laptop. This level of performance, particularly from the processor, was unheard of for this much money before Ryzen 4000, as we saw its hanging out with more expensive i7 options.. Just be aware of the main compromises noted, including meh screen and build quality which, um fair zu sein, are going to be the case in basically any gaming laptop at this price, point., Oh and upgrade to dual channel memory. If you can spare the extra money, it will be worth it.. Let me know what you thought about Acers Nitro 5 Gaming-Laptop unten in den Kommentaren.