Now the concept d is geared towards content creators and they have some pretty unique designs and really nice processing power under the hood. So they sent me the acer concept, d3 easel yeah it’s, a pretty interesting laptop with a very unique hinge, es ist. A very similar hinge that we saw with the hp spectre folio that i reviewed a couple of years ago. If you may recall that’s the leather laptop that i reviewed and it was really good so i’m glad it found its way onto the concept. D3 easel and i got ta, say it’s, ziemlich beeindruckend. I like the beautiful display it has. Ich habe die 15.6 Zoll-version, but there’s also a 14 inch version that’s an ips display it’s a really great display for creators, because it’s a pantone validated display we’ll get into the metrics in this review. It’S also got a beautiful ceramic white exterior. That is absolutely high, end premium and gorgeous looking hey everybody it’s andrewand this is my review of the acer concept. D3 easel coming up Music want to see more videos like this. Why not hit that subscribe button and make sure you hit that notification bell this way, you’ll be alerted every time i upload a new video make sure you follow me on my social media, vor allem twitter und instagram ist es. On those platforms, i post a lot of the updates and why not check out my discord server it’s a great place for us to hang out and talk.

Tech-Link wird in der Beschreibung unten und heute. Video is brought to you by all the members who contributed this month to the channel want to become a member hit that join button below and in the interest of transparency and full disclosure i’m not being paid by acer i’m, not being sponsored by acer. Alle Meinungen, die Sie hören werden, sind meine eigenen, und niemand sieht dieses Video vor seiner Veröffentlichung. This review unit is on loan from acer, and once this review is done, i’ll be sending it back. Die 14 inch version retails for 1499.99 usd the 15.6 Zoll-version, which i’m reviewing today retails for 1 699.99 i'll, put the link below for more information and where you can buy it and with specs and pricing. Aus dem Weg lassen Sie uns herausfinden, was Sie in der Box bekommen, let’s open it up now. Opening the box is another box within it, Natürlich, housing. The unit itself we’ll get to that in a moment, but there’s another smaller box, which has the extension cord as well as your 135 watt barrel, pin connector power. Adapter lifting the lid on the main box reveals the unit itself we’ll get to that in a moment. But you get some information regarding the concept d premium service nice now the unit itself holding it we’ll, get to that in just a moment, but you get some documentation and warranty information as well. Now the first thing you’ll notice, when you hold this unit for the first time, is that beautiful ceramic white coating it’s absolutely premium it’s absolutely gorgeous now.

This is definitely not the lightest at 4.63 Pfund oder 2.1 Kilogramm, but portable enough to take with you on the go now a couple of things. You need to know that this has a lot of ports we’ll get into that in just a moment. It also has a pen that stores and charges in the device which i like and it uses the wacom aes technology we’ll talk about that in just a little bit and, as i just mentioned, there’s a plethora of ports, which i absolutely love on this and you Can see here’s the layout for the 14 inch which i’m not reviewing today, but here, Natürlich, ist die 15.6 inch version that i’m reviewing today. This is the port layout let’s talk about those ports. Jetzt, okay, let’s start off. Auf der linken Seite, you get a kensington, lock port, a heat vent. You get your dc in hdmi port out a thunderbolt 3 Hafen, a mini display port and your power button, as well as the silo that houses the wacom pen we’ll, get into that a little bit. Moving over to the right side is a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Your sd card reader now this is a tray that is spring loaded, which i really like two usb a 3.2 Häfen. Und schließlich, your lan port for your ethernet and on the back are a number of heat vents as well, and it has a custom designed engineered two fan cooling system with vortex flow technology to allow proper cooling of the gpu and the cpu about a couple of Years ago, i reviewed the hp spectre folio, which had that very unique hinge on it, which allowed you to use it in an easel mode.

This has that very similar hinge to that and i’m glad to see it. I really like it it’s. A very sturdy hinge that allows you to put it into the different positions. One of my favorites, Natürlich, is the easel mode and, wie ich sagte, the hinge has been really rock solid. Jetzt, Natürlich, you could always put it into the tablet mode, aber bei 4.63 Pfund oder 2.1 kilograms it’s a bit heavy for tablet, when you’re holding in the hand but using it on a desk or a table, work perfectly fine. Jetzt, if you’re an artist, this opens up all sorts of possibilities. I like the fact that it is touch enabled both pen and with your finger, so you really have a whole plethora of ability to use this in the different modes and that’s. What i really like about its versatility and as far as the display is concerned, what we’re looking at here is a 15.6 inch lcd ips display they called the comfy view. It has a full hd resolution, Das heißt 1920 durch 1080 covered in gorilla glass 5, and it also is pantone validated. So if you’re a content creator, this is something that’s important it’ll give you a good color accuracy. It’Ll cover the color gamut pretty well now, es ist. Auch, a touch enabled display that has pen support, as you see there, and it also, Natürlich, has really deep blacks, very vibrant, Farben, good white points, decent contrast, and it has excellent color accuracy with a 1.

34 delta e score, das ist wirklich gut. It also covers the color gamut really well, du bist, Blick auf 97 Srgb, 72 percent of adobe rgb 72 des dci, p3 white color gamut and 67 Ntsc, dies zu einer guten Wahl für diese Inhalte zu machen, Schöpfer, die Lightroom, photoshop und, Natürlich, video editing and at 330 nits with a matte display, definitely good to use in both indoor and outdoor scenarios. I would have liked to have seen it a little bit brighter a little bit closer to the rated 400 nits that they claim, aber 330 nits is definitely above my 300 nit threshold it’ll definitely get the job done and the benefit of a matte display no unnecessary Glare or reflections you got ta like that, so this is the front facing camera on the acer concept: d3 easel uh here late 2020 Und es ist, a 720p 30 frames per second webcam it’s, not an infrared webcam. I mean you cannot log in with face recognition with windows. Hallo. Is it good for zoom? Is it good for skype? Ich möchte wissen, was Sie denken. Let me know in the comment section below now: the pen uses the wacom as technology, as i previously mentioned, hat 4096 Druckstufen, Empfindlichkeit, stores and charges in the device and it’s working well so far, taking notes sketching out. Artwork has been a pleasure on this device. Jetzt, Wenn Sie, a true artist, you may want a thicker pen or more comfortable pen to use, since this is a pretty thin pen that stores in the device.

Jetzt, if you want a bigger thicker pen other than this one, the fact that it uses the wacomias technology allows you to use third party alternatives, and that is a nice option to have and when it comes to the keyboard, i really like it good tactile feedback. Good key travel very comfortable to type on for extended periods of time. It also has an orange backlight, giving it a very unique look and allows you to get work done in a dark room or a dimly lit environment, and it has a glass precision touch pad. Two finger scrolling was buttery smooth all the windows. 10 gestures worked as advertised it’s, an excellent trackpad. Jetzt, as far as the cpu is concerned, this is running intel’s 10th generation, processor it’s, der Kern i7 107 50h, ein 45 watt cpu. Es hat 16 Gigabyte ddr4 ram. That ram is soldered into the motherboard. You won’t be able to upgrade that, so you can get it with a maximum of 16 Gigabyte RAM. It also has one terabyte pcie, nvme, ssd storage and, as you can see from these results, pretty good reads and writes, wie Sie hier sehen können, but the one thing that is user upgradable on this is, Natürlich, that ssd, if you want to go for a Bigger ssd, you have that option as the user, and since this is geared towards content creators, things like video, herausgabe, photoshop all worked well, especially with the gpu that this has.

das. Has the nvidia geforce gtx 1650 ti max q with four gigabytes of gddr6 ram, and what that means is this is going to be able to do video editing, it’s going to be able to do photoshop lightroom again, all the things creatives want to do on their Laptops now i will be doing a more extensive, full review. If i get enough demand, i will bring you all the numbers in that video and it also has the concept d palette. This shows you, the cpu usage, the gpu usage, as well as your memory usage. You can also change the profile for the display, it’s pretty handy, and i like the fact that it’s right there on the taskbar and when it comes to battery life. This has a 74 watt hour battery and it gets about eight and a half hours of mixed use. As far as my testing is concerned, not too bad for a 15.6 inch laptop now they do supply you with 135 watt power adapter, and it takes less than two hours for a full charge. That’S been pretty good. Now everything’s been pretty great on this laptop. So weit, the one thing i’m, not crazy about is the audio. The speakers are not the loudest. Doesn’T have too much bass and a little bit tinny. I was expecting something a little bit more, especially on a 15.6 Zoll-Laptop, although not terrible, definitiv nicht die besten. I’Ve heard it will get the job done, aber wieder, if you want to get a better audio experience, use a pair of really good bluetooth, headphones or wired headphones for that matter.

Okay, let’s bring this all home. What do i think about the acer concept? D3. Easel. I really really like this. I like what acer is doing here with the sleek two in one design. I like the excellent array of ports that this gives you. I like the fact that the pen stores and charges in the device using the wacom aes technology i like that display it’s, a sharp display it’s got the pantone calibration on it. So that means, if you’re a content creator. This is the display. You definitely want. I like the fact that it’s also a math display. I like the strong performance and graphics we get out of. This are really good for creative work as well solid battery life, with this laptop you’re going to get around eight and a half hours or so of mixed use, excellent keyboard and touch pad, and i love that white ceramic exterior. That not only looks sharp but is really quite durable. Now the things i’m not really crazy about are so so speakers. I was hoping for a little bit better audio experience and the ram and the wireless lan are not user upgradable, although the ssd is, but if you’re a content creator if you’re a digital artist. This is definitely one to take a look at i’m. Going to give this a score of 90, making the acer conceptd3 easel, definitely worth your money Music. So what do you think about this bad boy? Junge? She is beautiful, Nicht.

She! This is the concept d, as we just saw a beautiful ceramic white it’s, a metal design with the ceramic coating now it’s gone through a number of tests. It has a special coating on it to prevent oxidation it won’t, yellow over time. It will stay this beautiful white color, really nice design love. This unique hinge, Natürlich, that’s the big star of the show, especially if you’re an artist really sturdy, easel hinge great for artists great for content creators. If you want to do work on this, it comes with the pen built in which i really love. It’S got the 4096 Druckstufen. Sensitivity uses the wacom aes technology, which i’m a fan of. Natürlich, if you don’t want to use that pen – wie ich erwähnte, there are others out there from bamboo and all sorts of other artists third party brands that you can get to create your artwork or take notes on this now. Dies ist die 15.6 Zoll-Laptop. Not the thinnest or the lightest, they do make a lighter inch one, but this is the one they sent me. Ich, like the bigger display, gives you more screen real estate. Speaking of the display we’re looking at a full hd resolution, Das heißt 1920 durch 1080 ips matte display no glare, no reflections, as i showed you in the video it’s, pretty crisp it’s, pretty clear and it’s pretty bright, although it’s, nicht die 400 nits that they claim.

But you do get 330 Nissen, definitely above my 300 nit threshold, not too bad performance. Out of this, Natürlich, we’ve seen this performance before, with the core i7 10750h, a six core processor from intel, ein 45 watt cpu paired with the nvidia geforce gtx 1650 ti max q design uh. You could do gaming on this. You can do 1080p gaming on this uh. You get some playable frame rates, but i didn’t really show too many of those numbers. Yet i may do a more extensive video on that. If i get enough demand, but you saw from the numbers that i ran uhthat this is a very capable laptop, if you want to do 4k video editing with premiere pro, Sie können das tun. You can also do photoshop on this, Natürlich, and again things that artists and content creators will do on. This will be running very well. The weak points, Natürlich, are be. The speakers are not that great on this uh. I wish it was a little bit better. They’Re bottom firing speakers a little bit, teeny uh, not too much bass. I would like to see an improvement on the next iteration, although you’ll be perfectly fine. If you use a good pair of bluetooth, headphones or wired headphones for that matter now, as far as the price is concerned, not too cheap, Das ist 16.99 but you’re getting a very high end premium laptop and if you’re a content creator or an artist.

This is a really good deal, because there are a lot more expensive options out there. So this gives you the our the ability to do artwork on it at a pretty reasonable price when you think about it compared to other options, wieder, i’m curious to know what you think, let me know so, please hit the like button. Bitte abonnieren. Bitte teilen Sie dies. Video vergessen Sie nicht, einen Kommentar in diesem KommentarAbschnitt unten zu hinterlassen. Let me know i’m doing. Let me know if there’s a device or something out there. You think i should review i’ll do my best to try to make that happen. Vergessen Sie nicht, mich auf facebook zu überprüfen, Twitter, instagram and, Natürlich, my website So until next time this is andrew from amd tech.