Let’S take a look at what we have here. First off it’s packaged really awesome. Ich liebe dieses. This means it’s, definitely protected. These super strong, uh long bubble wrap all right, little quick, start guide and a wall adapter. I do wish that it was a usb type c charger, but it’s not. I can live with that that wasn’t a make or break option for me very well packaged got a cloth, wrap nice, solid hinges, we’ve got a usb 3 power and a mini hdmi port, and then on the other side, we have a microsd card, a headphone jack And another usb port uh right here, clearly the access to replace the m2 ssd. Currently it has a 128 gig ssd i’m, going to probably upgrade that to a one terabyte. It opens up nice and smooth it’s got a good size screen, see if it has enough charged power on looks like it might all right, bios comes up and it looks like it’s kind of booted into the windows. 10 Setup, actually there’s, not much in the box. Pretty much just the laptop itself, the power adapter and the quick start guide very minimalist, not a bunch of junk you don’t need. It does not have a disk drive like an optical drive, so i will be making a bootable usb stick as soon as i have windows 10 set up uh. It does have a camera, so it’s perfect, for what i need it for which is just some basic surfing and uh zoom meetings for work.

I needed something that i could have it’s a little bit more robust than a tablet, but not as monstrous as my pc, because it needs to be portable needs to be able to be in the car. So this is perfect. I like how lightweight it is. Uh it’s just about the perfect weight, and you see we’re just skipping through the windows setup connecting to wi fi and we connected to the five gigahertz channel, no problem and that’s. Really all there is to it. The rest is kind of boring um. Ultimately, the product comes in, it looks really nice um, alles ist, well protected, es ist, a solid unit, es ist, definitely taking some visual cues from macbooks um. I like that it’s got these little nubs here.