TeleprompterPAD iLight PRO 13'' Big Screen + Remote – 100×100 Aluminum – iPad

So what you are spending three hundred dollars is three metal sheets, glass and few screws. The black cover is a joke. You cannot securely put the camera without moving the cover. There is no secure positioning for the tablet either it can fall any second, not security at all. It is poorly constructed design […]

Kano PC review

I’Ve been using it for, like the past day and it’s very nice, actually it’s like fluent like for a celeron, not too bad um. It plays roblox like really well and it like comes with office uh, full three months, which is uh awesome but um the speaker on. It is not that great […]

Acer Swift 5 Laptops Your Laptop means more than ever Acer Swift 5 Beitrag

Acer’S swift, 5 evo platform based laptop, brings together the perfect combination of boundary, breaking performance, intelligent battery life and instant weight from sleep mode. The 11th general intel core processor with vivid intel, iris, z, graphics and fast intel, wi, Fi, 6 connectivity. Allow you to focus, create and engage at new levels, antimicrobial […]

How to Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Tab (YouTube, Chrome, mehr!)

The fire tab is a pretty nice device and the hardware is reliable. Even the fire tab is pretty good compared to android tab it’s missing a lot of apps. The android store has millions of apps. What you can do. You can sideload google play store along with amazon app store, and you have […]

Best Hidden GPS Trackers for Car | Track Your Car Anywhere By Phone

It may be easier when you have a reliable source like our channel. Tatsächlich, our team reviewed a lot of products, analyze endless reviews from the actual users and made our rankings based on many factors such as price quality, durability, performance and the reputation of the manufacturer. If you choose from this list, Sie […]

Huion Kamvas Pro 16 (4k) Beitrag

I know it’s hard to believe, but right now in 2021. This is the only 4k 16 inch drawing tablet you can buy and it’s not made by wacom it’s made by huya, hey it’s me brad, and this is the new huion canvas pro 16. This is the first huion tablet. With a 4k […]

Xcloud Arriva Su iOS e Windows 10 | Arrivano Nuovi Miglioramenti Alla Piattaforma Xbox

I nostri giochi preferiti e soprattutto finalmente abbiamo grandissime novit per quanto concerne hicks cloud su pc e ios come sempre, ragazzi vi, invito, a iscrivervi al canale, se non l’avete ancora fatto, a lasciare un like a questo video per spingere questi contenuti sulla piattaforma di youtube e Mi raccomando condividete questo video pre, […]

2021 Lenovo-Flex 5 14 Ryzen 5500U with digital pen

Insgesamt, this is a great laptop, except for the pen that comes with it. It has some problems and i’ll talk about it later. So let’s take a look at the laptop first, the laptop comes with a type c charger. You can also use a charger to charge your phone or other type c […]

EN | Lenovo Yoga Convertible Meets Linux – Erste Eindrücke

On my desktop PC and my Old laptop Ive been using Linux, as my daily driver., The distro Ive been using, is called Manjaro and is based on Arch Linux.. The main reasons I switched from Windows to Linux are free software, better performance and security on Linux.. So the first thing I did after […]

ANYTHING can become a PC COOLING fan – Fan Showdown S2E10

we’re back it’s it’s been a minute since our last fan showdown. But you know let’s, just let’s just get a move on. Thank you to thanks for sponsoring this episode every now and then, when i create something on the channel that i like that, i think you might also find useful. Ich mag […]

M1 Macbook Pro (2021) : Immer noch lohnt?

Pearl White Everest to work and want want to stand for you do What We had and rear solid. So what is on the hive event, News and work for apple releases and want of episodes. M’Ont em, prince of peace with Five Star to receive the performance Of The Six time starts, and you […]


We are going to be doing a wig review. We are going to be reviewing this unit here. Thank you so much for your support, your likes, your comments. Please keep them coming and don’t forget to share this with your friends and share your platform and please turn on your notification. Das heißt, where you […]