Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Bewertung Vs Mi 10 Vergleich

They need ten enemy turn pro are the latest lay shirts from Xiaomi, and you probably know the spec that's. Probably why you're watching this video snapdragon 865, with lpddr4 m8 gigabytes on each model, a difference in storage of course, 128 gigabytes versus 256, but that extra we have to pay for the better […]

Xiaomi Mi 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Kamera Vergleich

0 aperture up against the Kwame P 30 Pro with an F 2.0 aperture as well, und eine 32 Megapixel-Frontkamera. Now you can see the difference with the front facing camera right now: I'm, swapping between the audio 2 Auch, hear that the Huawei has a bit of a crop to […]