This one’s spec with an intel core, 7 11th gen and 8 gigs of ram and an mx 450 graphics chip by nvidia. So i’ve already taken off the tape. Beeindruckend, Schau dir das an, and here it is so first and foremost, we’ve got the laptop and on the side, we’ve got our box filled with peripherals so i’m going to go ahead and put this aside first let’s take a look at this tiny box. Also, Wie Sie sehen können, i assume this is our pen, the hp tilt pen 2.0, which is now rechargeable by a usb type c and we’ve, got of course, our 65 Wattleistung, Ziegel, which is um pretty low wattage, compared to a lot of other laptops. So yeah these are the small peripherals that come in the box. Let’S put this aside and turn our attention towards the star of the show. Also, Wie Sie sehen können, there’s a pull tab hereand here is the laptop let’s turn it over nice, so i’m going to take it out of the plastic now by pulling up on this strip. I think the correct way to do it all right and right away. I can tell that this whole thing is definitely made out of aluminum it’s, pretty cold to the touch. Um let’s take a look around the outside um. Tatsächlich, first let’s take a look at what else is in the box. Looks like we just have a quick start guide.

Let’S take this out of the way, all right and here’s the laptop. Wie Sie sehen können, we have the redesigned hp logo on the back side. Around the right side, we just have the power port, ein USB 3.0 and an sd card reader. On the other end, we have a headphone micro microphone port as well as a hdmi port and a full size usb and a 10 gigabit usb 3.1 type c and on the bottom we just have our typical vents and sound um yep, all right so let’s take A look inside all right, let’s get rid of this and there’s the laptop. Also, wie ich erwähnte, das, one does have a i’ve equipped this one with the i7 1165 g7, which is a quad core chip, um a 15 watt chip that can be tdp up to 28 Watt, and i have the mx 450 Grafiken, die sind 31 watt part Um so yeah let’s let’s, try out the keyboard here, so it’s a pretty standard, HP, keyboard um from my first impressions. It seems like the keys are pretty good um and it seems like the stabilization is also good as well um yeah and then we have a pretty nice track pad down here and, Natürlich, our fingerprint scanner um. So let’s go ahead and turn it on the power button is right here. Oh, it looks like it has that charge all right and you can see by that first boot how bezel less the screen is really very small bezels and, wie ich erwähnte, this is an x360 hp which means that it is 360 degree and has multiple modes of Operation including tablet mode intent, Modus, etc., so yeah hi there i’m cortana and i’m here to help no thanks, Gut, so that’s the end of the unboxing experience.

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