Neue Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet-Beitrag für 2018 / 2019 – Gleiche Hardware, Neue Software

This is an 8 inch tablet that has been around for a while, but this is a new iteration that adds some new features, but surprisingly doesn’t add anything new inside of it. So this is really the same tablet from a performance standpoint that Amazon has been offering since 2016, but there are some […]

Chuwi Hi9 Luft Unboxing & Beitrag – Helio X20 LTE EU Band Android 8 Tablette

So this is the latest model from Chuwi it’s called the Hi9 Air and it has a 10.1 inch screen that is 2560 durch 1600 in resolution, it’s an IPS panel, and it is fully laminated. So it should look. Quite good, the most interesting thing for me with this tablet is, as it has […]

Alldocube M5 Unboxing & Review – Helio X20 LTE Ten Core Tablet

Alldocube M5 Unboxing & Beitrag – Helio X20 LTE zehn Core Tablet

It is a 10.1 Zoll 2560 durch 1600 Auflösung, IPS tablet that runs Android 8. It has a ten core Helio X20 CPU with Mali, T880 GPU, 4 Gigabyte RAM und 64 Gigabyte Speicher. Now this model here is a budget offering from cube. It is now their second mediatek helio X, 20 […]

iPad Pro 11 In-Depth Review : USB-C, Performance, Keyboard and Pencil and more

das iPad Pro 11 Eingehende Überprüfung : USB-C, Leistung, Keyboard and Pencil and more

Pro 11 I’ve also got all of its expensive accessories added onto it as well. So we can get a full picture of this new tablet from Apple and we’re, going to do a deep dive on this in just a second. But I do want to let you know in the interest of full […]

Huawei MediaPad M5 Android Tablet Review

Huawei MediaPad M5 Android Tablet Review

8. This is an Android tablet which is kind of an unusual thing. These days we haven’t seen too many name brand Android tablets. Lately, even Google has stopped pushing them, but this one’s actually not bad and there’s a 10 Zoll-version, which is what we’re looking at today and there’s, also an 8 […]

Alldocube Knote 5 Unboxing & Hands-On Review – Gemini Lake 2-in-1 Tablet

Alldocube Ast 5 Unboxing & Hands-on Review – Gemini-See 2-in1-Tablet

This is the Alldocube Knote 5. It is an 11.6 Zoll, 1080p IPS tablet. Es läuft Windows 10. Es hat 4 gigabytes a double data rate for RAM. Es hat 128 Gigabyte an Speicher-Wireless-AC, which will be the Intel 3165 chip that is very common, infrequent and all of the devices normally that […]

The $270 Galaxy Tab S5e With The Same Screen (Alldocube X)

Die $270 Galaxy Tab S5e With The Same Screen (Alldocube X)

This is a very promising tablet that I backed on IndieGoGo, so it was released as a crowdfunded tablet on IndieGoGo back in October, when I first paid for this one, und es war 219 us for the first early backers of it, which is a very cheap price. Considering that this right here has […]

Google Pixel Slate Review – Chrome OS Tablet that runs Android / Linux

Google Pixel Schiefer Review – Chrome OS Tablet, das Android läuft / Linux

This is a tablet running Chrome, OS that also happens to run Android apps and Linux apps, and they have kind of followed the surface design here, where you’ve got a tablet that detaches from a keyboard case and the keyboard case also acts as a stand. We’Ll be taking a closer look at this […]

Barnes and Noble’s Cheap Android Nook Tablets Review – $49 for 7, $129 for 10.1

Barnes and Noble’s Cheap Android Nook Tablets Review – $49 für 7, $129 für 10.1

These are the Nook tablets and I got both of them just because they were so inexpensive. So this is their 7 Zoll-tablet. That’S been around for a little while this cost 50 and then they recently came up with this one, Was ist 10.1 inches in sells for 129 dollars about 20, weniger […]

Teclast X6 Pro Review – More Than Just A Great Screen?

Teclast X6 Pro Review – Mehr als nur ein großer Bildschirm?

10 Tablette, die von unserem Kern m3 angetrieben wird 7 Y 30 mit 8 Gigabyte, ein einziger Kanal, ddr3, RAM und 256 Gigabyte erweiterbar, SSD-Speicher, mit einer kleinen Luke auf der Rückseite, which is really good to see so I’m going to try and make this review A little shorter because in the […]

Amazon Fire HD8 and HD8 Plus Full Tablet Full Review – 2020 Version

Amazon Fire HD8 and HD8 Plus Full Tablet Full Review – 2020 Version

This is the new Fire HD 8 and we got in the HD 8 and the HD, 8 plus and we’ll take a look at what makes these two tablets different from each other and how they perform. Jetzt. I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I paid […]

Teclast T30 Review – $189 4G Dual SIM Helio P70 Android 9.0 Tablet

Teclast T30 Bewertung – $189 4G Dual SIM Helio P70 Android 9.0 Tablette

I know a lot of you are saying well what’s, going on with all those mobile reviews. Where are the tablets where the laptops they’re coming there’s, just not really a lot out there that’s interesting at least the more unknown kind of brands that I took the people review. So this is tech, letzte […]