I thought Id give my thoughts on it, so Im going to go through as many different areas as possible, theres going to be time stamps down below, but lets just jump into it seriously. Im going to be talking about the prices and the tears that are available, because at the moment, theres three youve got monthly youve got annual and youve also got a relatively new one called Ultra. Now I am going to be talking about the prices and pounds because I am from the UK and thats the easiest way for me to do this. So the current price for monthly is 6.99, which is pretty much going to be cheaper than if you buy three single issues a month, and the benefit of this is: is that its a rolling subscription? So you can just tap out whenever you want? If it is that you get you fix after a couple of months, but if you did want to save a little bit of money in the long run, and you know that this is an app that youre going to subscribe to for a while. I would definitely recommend checking out the annual plan. Currently, the cost of this is 54.99, which is about four pound fifty eight a month. Of course, you cant cancel the subscription six months in and hopefully get half your money back. It is the case that you do have to pay it all up front and youre going to be stuck with this app for a year, whether you like it or not.

There is no difference in the app itself whether you go for the monthly or the annual subscription. All the same books and features are going to be there its not like youre, going to get anything extra for going annual, and both of these plans have a six month window before new issues will appear on it. That is still quite decent. If you can hold out and you dont need to keep up to date with everything thats happening, but if you remember Marvel, unlimited did have a three month window, so it does beat it in that department. But there is a third option that was only recently released called Ultra, which is still in this introductory offer period. So for the sake of this video being comprehensive, I subscribe to this and it did cost me 72.99. At the moment, it doesnt seem like theres a monthly subscription option. If you did want to go for Ultra, so you would have to pay upfront theres, no weird, yet on what the price increase will be after this introductory office. So that is something to take into consideration, especially if youre watching this video a few weeks down the line I cant control time. So if the price changes, I cant really do anything about that. This video is already going to be filmed. Another good thing about this introductory offer, though, is that Im subscribed at that price for years to come so this time next year, even if the increase to ultra is double what it is now and still only going to be paying 72.

99. At least I hope I do Im gon na look like a massive idiot. When I come back to this video, which you know, doesnt, really look too different, and I know what youre probably thinking right now that the regular options sounds great and Ultra sounds great, because youre a great salesman, Marcus with a husky sexy voice of a man whose Balls have definitely dropped, yeah, no, its a long shot, but I Can Dream, but is ultra with the upgrade and Ive been subscribed to ultra since it released a few weeks ago and as a person who doesnt really follow a lot of single issues. I havent really noticed a difference as of the time of filming this, I havent noticed an increase in the vehicle and black label titles that were advertised and pretty much. The only reason that I upgraded, but that could also be implemented later on, like it suggested, and it does make sense from a business perspective if its still an introductory offer, because you dont want to give everybody everything at this great discounted price. But you really have to ask yourself if youre gon na keep up with a lot of single issues and if youre already still comfortable enough to wait one month for the newest release. But for me personally, I feel a bit heave that Ive upgraded and I havent really read any titles that I couldnt get from the regular subscription. It may eventually become worthy but thats the risk that youve got to weigh up with this introductory offer.

But I do think its a bit dodgy that, with an app thats got the word infinite in the title. Its still got some kind of Expanded Edition its just like the super Suns Omnibus all over again, and you might be thinking that those prices and tears are all well and good. But where is it available? Because, according to the website, you can download it if youre located in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK Mexico and Brazil. But as of the time of filming there. Hasnt been any further announcements of when its going to be rolled out into different countries, or even when its going to be available in Europe. I guess you could test this out with a VPN and see if that works, if it makes it look like youre located in one of the available territories. I personally didnt test that out, because I was already subscribed in. In all honesty. I dont really have a lot of money at the moment to be getting extra subscriptions on top of that, so VPN might be worth a try if DC Universe, infinite isnt currently available in your country and nope. This isnt going to be like your regular YouTube video, where I now go into some sponsored section where I talk about nordvpn or expert address VPN, because Im still a very small fish in a big ass Pond. But one company that does support me is the channel sponsor organic Price Books.

Theyve got great packaging, fast shipping and amazing customer services, and if you use code, roof woof youll get two dollars off your audit and if youre ordering three or more books – and you want them to be delivered together, make sure you use code, woof, woof ship it Together for five percent off your entire order, dont worry: you can just copy and paste them from the description down below and you can use these codes as many times as you like now. The main thing thats going to get you to subscribe to this or not, is going to be the ranger Comics that are available on there. But there is a great range of Mainline DC, Comics and also some hidden gems as well like golf Hennessys Hitman, and it also stretches across a number of eras. So you could go all the way back to Detective Comics, 27 and theres restored high quality versions of it and feasibly. You could read Batman from his debut all the way to the modern day, or you know six months prior to that, if youre on the regular subscription. However, for me, there is a disc appointing range of view to go Comics Im, hoping that this is something that improves, especially since I upgraded for the ultra package and its not completely devoid of vertigo. Youve got some of the bigger titles like preacher and Sandman, and it does have some hidden gems in there as well like the losers, which is something that I touched on in the underrated video titles.

I was hoping that Id be able to find some of those lesser known titles that I havent been able to collect physically and when I reviewed Marvel unlimited. I touched on the fact that it was missing out on the max imprint and someone in the comments section told me that its because of the age rating and if it goes past a certain point, then it wouldnt be able to advertise it on the App Store And Im not sure if DC is doing something dodgy when its rating its issues, but in all honesty, preacher is as graphic as its probably gon na get. Actually, there probably is one or two titles that wouldnt top that. But my point is that if you can have that on the app and you should be able to have some of these other Docker titles, but maybe you want to know about how easy the app is to use and Ive been testing it out on both my Ipad and also my phone but DC Universe, infinite is very easy to use from the first time that you log in the layout and structure isnt really too dissimilar to what I saw a Marvel. Unlimited so Im not really going to sit here and rehash that, and I just recommend and checking out that video and what I will say in DCs favor is that the settings are 100 times better and thats solely because of the fact that I can find them Again, though, similar to Marvel there isnt a desktop version, which is a bit disappointing, but every time Ive visited the website.

It just redirects me to a page telling me how I can download the app, which is also the reason why I havent been able to check if certain issues are available. One thing that I do have to point out as well: if youre talking about the ease of use is just how slow it is, if Im not on the Wi Fi supposedly, I would just recommend downloading every issue that youre planning to read in that setting, and It does make the experience a little bit easy because its just such a chore, if Im ever hot spotting or going off mobile data. There was also this really weird glitch that happened after about a month of using it that I havent been able to replicate. Fortunately, but I still feel like I should let you know: yeah, no trust the YouTuber. That sounds like a great plan but were shooting the app is normal Id add a few issues downloaded and I was just carrying on with the next issue in a series and it just wouldnt load, but then every time I tried to reopen it, it would just Show the logo as if it was loading as usual, then show a black screen and then just go back to me. Home page so were downloaded and reinstalled the app and that didnt work. I made sure that my software was up to date and it was, I turned off the entire device a couple of times and still just nothing was working.

The weirdest thing was, I just left it for a couple of days came back to it, and then it was as if nothing had happened from looking at forums. It seems as if other people had been affected by this, so at least it wasnt just me, but still I didnt even figure out a concrete way of fixing it because it seemed like nothing else, worked just to touch on some of the features of DC Universe. Infinite, I do feel like its got a great offline function and there is also quite a nice little Easter egg. If you are having connectivity issues – and I mentioned that its easy to navigate to the settings and just the range of them is great here as well. Its easy to control the scale of the page, the speed that it goes between panel to panel, if you do use guided view it lets, you choose a resolution that you can download issues at if it is that youve got storage or connectivity problems and theres. Just a variety of different reading modes that I have tried out, but in all honesty, Im just kind of like a classic guy, and it does also have the most useless function that I can imagine that you can immediately. We play an issue once youve finished it. There is a community area and Im not sure if Ive done something wrong, but every time I tried to click this, it would just redirect me to a web browser and then just ping me back to the app so Im, not really sure how deep this is And it wasnt really a deal breaker for me, even if it did work.

I cant really see myself going back to this often and in line with that just to touch on the navigation of the app. It is very easy to use. Go into the search function. Theyve also got great spotlights on the home page. These are mostly just the most popular characters. I havent really seen anything on there. Yet that makes me go. Oh God, I forgot that I existed, or at least with Marvel unlimited. It did seem to have a wider range on the front page, so you could often surprise yourself when you are reading an issue, its very easy to jump into the next one and see how many are left in the series and just download issues from there. You can also see all the creators that were involved with it and find different titles that theyve worked on and have not exactly been lost on this app. The only time that Ive had issues with navigation was when I was trying to upgrade to ultra its easy enough to see your membership and get guidance on how you can cancel it. But if youve already got a subscription – and you want to upgrade its not that easy – I had to sign up with a separate email address, even though it does say that its as easy as just clicking upgrade. But when I clicked that it didnt. Let me do it because I was already signed in youve already got all my details.

What more do you want from me and every time Ive done one of these videos talking about digital Comics. Even me, beginners guide to digital Comics Ive gone into the debate going against digital and physical, and I think the more Ive been subscribed to Marvel unlimited and DC Universe. Infinite Ive, seen just how important these apps can be, so that I can still read the same series if Im on the move, and I think that thats something that more people should consider you dont, have to be one or the other. You can have a comfortable balance of both and especially considering just how much the price of omnibuses have increased recently. I think that this is something that a lot of people should look into. There was a time when I wrote off all digital Comics, but I feel like the landscapes different now anytime, Ive mentioned digital comics. In the past you get some people in the comments just talk about how much they hate them because they dont want to read them. You cant really write them off if you havent, even given them a go. I dont like guided view, but it doesnt mean that I cant read digital Comics at all its so accessible that I think everybody should just at least try the free trial. So my overall thoughts on DC Universe, infinite is that it is a very decent subscription series for the price seats available at currently Ultra at the moment.

Unless it is, it really pans out to be this great thing, thats worth the upgrade. I cant really recommend doing that right now, but the bare minimum regular subscription is definitely worth the price of admission theres, a great range of DC books. If you are into your Mainline continuity, the sixth month, wait for new issues could be a deal breaker for some but thats, something that youd have to consider. But if youre like me – and you prefer reading completed story arcs, then this is something thats. Definitely worth the money, theres been titles that have been solicited, that Ive checked out through this app and then realized that I didnt actually want to buy. So in the long run, this has saved me quite a bit of money. I do wish it had a more expansive Library, especially because of the title of this app, but Im not really going to completely write it off just yet, because theres still time for them to add more titles. If youre, not a massive fan of DC Comics, then yeah this isnt really going to be for you. If you only like vertigo and the darker titles, then youre probably going to be disappointed as well, but if youre completely new to DC or you dont really have a lot of money to buy a lot of collected editions. Then this would get a full recommendation. For me, and if youre looking for some titles to get you started with DC Comics, then check out my where to start put those with me thoughts on DC Universe, infinite.

I might come back to this later when Ultra is a bit more expanded, but thats a video and until next time, just make sure that you stay safe and stay mad.