It is your dc ambassador fitner from superheroes ultimate, where we unbox and review awesome, apparel and collectibles from the dc multiverse and today, courtesy of warner brothers, we’re gon na be unboxing, some cool accessories. Alright. So i have no idea what’s in here let’s check it out. Let’S start with the little one it’s one of those pop grip things that you could put on your phone and it’s. Definitely my type of logo. Pop sockets makes these pop grip it’s. These tiny little circles that you place in the back of your phone that you can actually hold your phone a bit better on placement, and you can also place it. You know: watch some really cool youtube videos, so here’s a close up of the popsockets pop grip. It’S, a pop up that you can just boom all right, so installing it is pretty simple! You just press down twist, remove the top and swap on a new one, oh cool, so we could actually change it up to other pops. So if you get superman or wonder woman, you could just pop it off and still use the same base right here, all right, so we’re, pressing holding it together twisting and then pop off there. You go check it out. So this is the bottom of it very well thought out. So in case you do want to switch it up. Eventually, you don’t have to stay with the batman one. You could go into superman.

You can get a wonder woman now on the phone. I want it. Just about in the middle right on there there we go now. I did put it a little bit more towards the center, and i did this on purpose, because when you open this phone, it is quite a big amount to actually hold there. You go and that’s how it looks like when it’s opened and then, when you close it up pop this right here and you’ve, got a holder which is much more comfortable in the palm, and the phone is way more secure to hold on to you. Don’T have to worry about dropping it anywhere. These little pop grips are very, very awesome. They do help and, if i’m just strolling around scrolling walking around or and then of course, if i want to watch some youtube now, i have a holder. That’Ll. Give me an incline, so i could watch all my favorite videos now that i’ve batman fired my phone let’s check. What else we have? We got some batman tea in the house. This is some gorgeous gorgeous artwork check out how the yellow makes the whole thing just pop right at you. I don’t know if it feels the same way on the camera, as it does for me literally looking at it, but it almost feels like the same way. I hope the camera really pulls it off, but it looks like it’s coming out. You can see the light shading effect going on with this artwork on batman, rocking out of his classic blue and gray outfit, which is totally one of my favorite.

Batman, suits he’s, surrounded by a bunch of villains. We got killer croc, we got his true love, catwoman right there we got raza ghoul, we got the joker, we got two face, we got, we got scarecrow, beautiful, beautiful artwork. Of course, i got ta pop this on let’s check it out there you have it super fans, awesome new apparel from dc comics and handy little doohickeys like this one for your phone to make it a lot easier to hang on to them and watch your favorite Videos, if you guys want a pop grip of your own or some of the latest teas from dc comics, i place the link in the description below as always super friends. If you enjoyed this video smash, the subscribe button give us a like turn on the notifications and i’ll. See you in the next fit nerd over and out.