They offer a grippy smudge free, laptop experience, thats going to stand out. In addition to all that, i like to keep my macbooks looking new, underneath apple trade in program apple, will give you the maximum return value if your macbook is scratch free. So how hard is it to slap on a skin hard? I was rushing to finish this video i winged it and caused wrinkles and bubbles ugh. I was just rushing around trying to get it done, trying to slap this on and get it down, and a lot of you are probably thinking rick youre, not from russia. Why are you rushing too soon might be? Okay lets move on hi. This is rick welcome to vidtech with rick. Well, we have got a slick wrap. I got the new 14 inch macbook pro and it has been naked since the day. I got it about four months ago. Okay, first, let me show you the finished product. I chose the honeycomb blue slick, wrap. They have a ton of styles to choose from, but this color and texture just fits me and with a huge selection, im sure youll find something that just fits you too, your style and your personality. This is more of a blackish blue and its the honeycomb is really kind of cool its different than the carbon fiber, its just kind of a cool design. I really like it. I think this will be really cool. It feels grippy i feel like i can put this down.

I can throw it around and its not gon na hurt. I think itll stand out. So if everybody else has their 14 inch macbook pros, i will stand out. I ordered this computer and the slick rack. At the same time, this came about three months later: theres been a supply chain issue of some kind. The new m2 macbook airs in midnight seem to be suffering from the fingerprint smudge more than the other colors with a skin fingerprints are no longer a problem. It makes it so that theres no fingerprints, i dont, feel like im going to scratch it its not going to help protecting it. If you drop it or anything like that, its not going to help, i scratch them up pretty easily, and what i want to do is turn them in as soon as possible and get my new. The new computer like about a year from now so lets, go ahead and see if we cant put these on. I definitely should read the instructions before i do this. Okay, so slick wraps do not come with instructions in the packaging, but they do have installation videos to watch online the same with dbrand. So do yourself a favor and watch the videos. These are just like big giant stickers. Oops see im, probably doing it all wrong. Already im doing this all wrong guys dont do what im doing. I cant hear you what okay? Well, apparently, you are supposed to be using a hair dryer to the watch, the videos, so this is a little harder to get on than the d brand.

Now the back looks okay, theres, a lot of bubbles, theres a lot of bubbles, but, like i say, i want to keep this fresh so that when i turn this in, to get my credit apples not going to say anything about the scuffs or scrapes, because theyve Been protected by the slick wrap okay, now inside i am uploading a video friends. Okay, now inside it has this cute little notch protector. If you dont want the government spying on you or whoever people can hack. Now the inside im not gon na put im not gon na leave this trackpad on. You can see that the mouse does function with the trackpad thing on. I just dont, like the feel it feels icky its like somethings under there, but it doesnt seem to hamper the performance these on the side. I think ill keep them on theyre kind of cool. It was hard to get them on yeah. This ones going to be frustrating. I know theres an easier way. I know theres an easier way again. I did not watch the video watch, the video, but i put them on and theres some overlap. Theres some overlap over here now this little piece up here at the top. It really overlaps and look at that. It really gapped it really gapped ill probably have to do a close up because see. I got this one perfect and then i put it over and its got this huge gap.

This is fine for what it is its protection. However, my d brand, i loved it. It felt like a part of the notebook. Now, when i look at this im, always gon na see bubbles and im gon na be like oh, i didnt. Do it good enough and oh im a loser. Now i really like the dbrand skin and i had one for my old 12 inch macbook and it only came with two panels for the outside the top and the bottom. This made it so that i could still see my cool gold color on my macbook on the inside, and i like that. But anyway there it is the slick wrap. So do i like this color? I really like the color because its like a muted blue, its like a navy blue, its almost a black, its like a midnight blue. I really like this because my other one was two blue and then, when i sent it into apple repair, dbrand didnt have the blue anymore, so they sent me a. I had to buy a black one, oh its a big ordeal. This is more of a blackish blue and its the honeycomb is really kind of cool its different than the carbon fiber, its just kind of a cool design. I really like it. I think this will be really cool. So, in conclusion, i prefer the dbrand skins theyre easier to put on which just makes them look nicer, theyre, like a part of the macbook and not a bubbly wrinkled mess like the slick wraps.

Also, the dbrand skins got delivered to me in a week or two slick wraps took three and a half months with no help from customer service. Even before the pandemic. Other reviewers complained about slick wraps having long delivery times for the positives on slick wraps. They do look nice, they seem to have more unique styles and with current discounts they are cheaper than dbrands. I got all the pieces of the slick wraps for 35 dollars where the d brand was well over 50 dollars just for the two outside panels, with patience and following the instructional videos, i think youll be able to install the slick wraps nicely. Oh, but there is that major flaw with the fit of the inside panels. I mean this is inexcusable, but the outside seems to be okay and thats. All i really care about so i will enjoy my honeycomb blue slick wrap, but in the future i will be buying dbrand skins, great book omg. So thank you for watching, please like and subscribe, and i will see you in the next one slick wrap.