Now the Tbook X8S pro that I looked out turned out to be an absolute disaster and I really regretted buying that one and it turns out. I had ordered this one here just before he got that notebook, otherwise it probably would have canceled it now. This one is the Daysky D Book Pro so kind of similar name. Now the difference with this one is: it has an Nvidia, 940 MX, so hopefully it's not going to run into problems or some CPU limiting or a bottleneck with the PCI lanes or the the slot that was on here on the previous model. Looked at that t book x8 s Pro that one had some issue that calls that dedicated GPU from Nvidia to be hopeless in terms of performance. It was just really slow way slower than expected, but hopefully the 940m X in this model is gon na. Be a lot more promising now this thing retails for around about 350 USD, so you get a Intel Apollo late, the Celeron N3450 6 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage wireless AC. There should be a M.2 SATA, 3 SSD slot. Within this I will take a look at the internals in this video we'll test out some of the performance, so the packaging of the notebook you can see, isn't, wonderful, very thin, and it has received a little bit of damage now ordered this one through a gearbest Comm and I went for the free postage, so it took about 16 days to get here so a little on the slow side, but the good thing was it did not have to pay any tax it all so it's got some of that.

Super super bubble wrap around it, which is at least something's, are hopefully no damage to that. I'Ve got the power supply in the side here. Oh ok, an Australian in zipcable didn't expect to see that one. I thought I would see the typical two prong and here is our power adapter. Now this is rated to 12 volts 5 amps, so a lot more powerful than their typical 12 volts 2 amps. We commonly see with the Apollo Lakes. If you're worrying about the cable. There you can see it is one of those common typical, Mickey Mouse style plugs, so it'll be really easy to source your own cable for your own country. So we can see that the frame of it and the outside here this is actually all made out of an alloy which is good we've got that horrible day sky, stupid, alien, we're kind of ripoff logo. Now the good news is this is actually a stick head. It looks like you might not be able to take it off, but if you get a really sharp edge like a knife or something and lift up one corner, you will be able to pull that off, which is good news. Now the lid has a tiny little bit of flex there I mean that's kind of normal, while they've got a little bit more than I'd, probably like, but differently an alloy on the back. So on the left hand, side were two full size, USB 3 port.

We have a headphone jack SD card reader and this little slot here is a side firing speaker we'll test these out later on. In this video right hand side another speaker, so they should at least offer good stereo separation, another full size, USB 3 port mini HDMI out, and then, of course, that DC and for charging and powering the device. So let's have a look at the way. It does not feel that bad it's around 1.3 5 kilos, it's actually quite good, considering it does have a dedicated GPU, the fans and the copper heatsink, and everything else have a look at how thick it is now. So it comes in to be about sixteen point. Two millimeters thick, so there is some plastic on this laptop. This is the strip along the back here, so this must be where the antennas are housed. So on the underside. We'Ve got a lot of screws there four rubber feet, and this is the intake vent there. So that's, where the air will come in and that's gon na, be then blowing out just above in front of the screen, actually is where that exit vent is but I'll show you in a second now wouldn't be one of my videos. Would it without having a look at the internals, so we have here a 10000 milliamp hour battery or 37 watt hours, which is okay, that's, actually not too bad for the n30 450, which is right up here, you can see.

They'Ve got a tiny little thermal, copper heat transfer pipe here and the fins and a tiny little fan my bit is that you could probably just end up unplugging this and let it run passively and keep that passively cold. But your course your we'll need active cooling for the GPU, which is right here. So we've got a much thicker copper transfer pipe here. It will be relatively easy as well to repay STIs if it didn't need a replaced. If you found that the thermals weren't good, they normally use cheap, zoom or paste on these anyway, so the layout looks really good. Now, you're, probably thinking well, hang on West is his D well it's using an e MMC, but we do have right here. This slot it's a little hard to see with my camera angle, so I'll give you a different angle here. That is right here you can see, so this will take a larger 22. What, if I put it in the right way, around 22 by 80 SSD is what that is designed for, but they haven't included a screw on that so I'll see. If I can run that now, this is only set of three. This is not going to be PCIe nvme, so it's, not a real super fast one. Now you do note that this has a PCIe type slot here, but it's a little different. This is more like in mmx3 or whatever revision. It is that it's using so this graphics card, you will be able to actually replace or use, even in that t book x8 s that I reviewed had the same exact, similar setup, so it's good to have this here.

The positive is this right: here is the wireless card so it's using an Intel 31 65, which is wireless AC, now that's up to about 400 megabits per second transfer rates maximum. So you could upgrade that to something like an 8 2060 from Intel as well, and that gives you rate so I think around 850 megabits per second max. If you weren't happy with this card, then you can replace it it's another positive right, here's, the little battery for the BIOS. If you need to do a bias reset, then simply unplug this now. These speakers are a little bit odd, because they're actually downwards firing speakers. Yet the outlet for them where the sound has to be transmitted out is on the side, so don't imagine they're going to sound very good with the set up, but I'll give you sample them later on this video. So the internals look good. The battery's screwed in place we've got an upgradeable, GPU upgradeable wireless card. You can add an SSD it's, actually looking very decent. So far. Hopefully we keep with the same trend here when it comes to the rest of the laptop, so let's move on now. Alright, so can it be open one handed yes just and I can see straight away that we've got an horrible day. Sky are written right here. In fact, that is another sticker, so that's well, that's good, actually we'll be able to pull that off. So first impressions.

This keyboard that feels like I'm pressing down quite hard here. There is a little tiny bit of flex there, but not a lot and it doesn't seem to be any shortcuts for prints green on OK, you have used the function. Key I'll give you a close up of the keyboard in just a second, so the touchpad, reasonable sized here, hopefully it's, running Windows, precision, drivers and doesn't. It have a little bit of a Macbook feel to it doesn't it the way the keyboard is sunken in there. In the middle and then, of course, we've got this squared off edges around here, but overall so far the build actually seems pretty good it's nowhere near as cheap feeling. As that T book x8s, I looked at the pro model, so here's the keyboard layout, just a close up of that now. The power key location don't, particularly like that, where it is placed, I always like a power key away and actually separate from the keyboard but it's something I can live with, because you can see it in Windows that, if you tap it to do nothing along the Top are the exit vents so that's, where the whole e is going to come out right here just here and there you can see the tiny little grilles there that's, where the hot air is going to be coming out from and yeah overall, not too bad status. Leds right there for your caps, lock, scroll, lock and power on.

So what about the screen here? It does have a matte bezel around the outside, which is black and not silver, which is good that's. A good move here, webcam, but I don't see actually where the microphones are, which is interesting. They must be located somewhere down in the keyboard, which won't be that great. I think the mic is actually this little tiny dot right down here, see that with my fingers. So that's, where that is so the screen, is it going to be glossy or matte let's find out under the screen protector and it's a matte screen? So this is good. Now, before we get into Windows, we don't have a look at the BIOS and mainly this right here, which is the power limits we have for that Apollo Lake in thirty four fifty. So you can see here that we do yes have the power limits there and I'm gon na set this to disabled, since it is actively cool. We want maximum performance from that CPU, so I'm, going to disable that there in the BIOS now to get into that. As right here in this menu, so you go to advanced CPU configuration and then find CPU power management. A lot of people ask me on the forum just how to do that and for boot. I have actually installed my own SSD that crucial. I showed you there. Just so to be a little bit faster, but I'll not actually boot over to that.

Just to start, while the first I'll show you the default boot configuration that we get from the factory, so you can see. I have an SD card now in there and it does stick out quite a bit so be careful. You don't accidentally break those off it's happened to me in the past, but those kind of SD card readers now having a look at the screen, so it's a fourteen point. One inch screen 1080p. Now the hardware ID comes through as ms underscore triple zero three, which, in past experiences with this particular display, has always been a TN panel, but this is definitely not a TN panel, so it's mac coded and i'm getting proper IPS viewing angles that's. As far as the screen will go back to so it's, not amazing, now just show you a couple of demo images. The other thing to know, too that it is super bright, I'm running a brightness at the moment I think, under about 30 40 and right up on maximum brightness. This thing is really good, so I'm impressed with that so everyone's, looking like a decent panel, considering the price of this laptop, so I've got a couple of other things here to wanted to point out, so the SSD, so the emmc it has in here is 5.1 Spec, it is a SanDisk DF, 40, 64 and very good speeds here, so about 266 reads: 104 sequential writes and the 4k is there. Okay, of course, if you want faster, then use an SSD which I have plugged in into that slot.

My crucial that is running at full sata3 speeds there, which is good now, it's, not all good news, unfortunately, the touchpad so far in my experience with it is absolute rubbish. I don't, like it doesn't, seem to support our scrolling up and down gestures, and you can see here that it is not a precision one it's, just some sort of ps2 mouse pad PS, 2 port compatible pointing device and yeah, and the clicks left and right for Your mouse buttons way too shallow, so I do not like the mouse pad at all on this, so it's running Windows – 10, as you can see, of course, when it's in home – and it is activated – it was actually already activated. There was already an account set up as well, so if you're not happy with that, do your own clean, install of course now the camera is another bad point of this laptop it's VGA. So we've only got 480 P resolution, so it looks very pixelated. At least it is 30 frames per second, but not wonderful. You want to use an external 1080p Logitech webcam with this one. I feel so now that I've used the keyboard for a little bit more now to type on it's, okay, but it definitely does not feel as good as the tick last, if seven or the easy book 3 Pro keyboard, it just got a little bit of a Sponginess to it not the keys themselves, I don't have that same solid feedback to them.

They just feel a little bit cheaper, but it's, ok to type on it's, just certainly not the best out of this class of laptop okay. So I have gpu z running here now, just to have a look at the information on this GPU. Now one thing to note that it's, the 940 m and not the nvidia 940 MX that give best advertise so they're listing is incorrect. So that's not good. They need to correct their information, because the 940 MX is actually slightly faster slightly better, even though it's a very similar GPU. Now, if we have a look at the link speed here on the bus interface, so PCIe times for mode, I don't know whether the T book the x8 s pro I looked at – might have had this stuck on only one. But there was some sort of problem with the performance of this one, but it doesn't seem to be the case here, at least not on my testing. So far with us now there's the clocks down here now. I cannot seem to over the core clock. You can overclock the memory and speaking of memory, so the system memory we got: six gigabytes of double data rate, three RAM and it's running at 1333 megahertz and not the typical common 1600. But it seems that the timing of that Ram seems to be at least good enough to get scores that are on par with other laptops, running it at 1600, megahertz, so that's Geekbench for school right here.

So normally we see anywhere from about 4000 to 4200 maximum and about 1400 maximum school there for single core on the end 3450, with its maximum turbo of 2.2 gigahertz and then onto the GPU score. So this is OpenCL score using the Nvidia dedicated GPU. I have it set in the settings and secular, as I did with the T Book – forced it on also forced on maximum performance mode, and we get 22000 now twenty two thousand is quite an increase over the integrated graphics, which is only about seven to eight thousand. Is all that the Intel 500 HD can get so that's a huge increase, but in terms of a gaming laptop? Well it's? Not really that wonderful at all the school here, because the MX 150 that's in my Amin notebook pro that gets a score of close to 96 thousand or ninety thousand there. So you can see it's a huge difference in performance between those two chips, their course. The MX 150 is a lot newer. Now, when taking a look at the general performance, so right here now in Chrome, I am streaming and 4k from YouTube and it's keeping up. Ok at the beginning, it dropped 60 frames. You can see weren't there, but the wireless can keep up with streaming. This and there's no issues there getting in around the system isn't the fastest because of the the CPU. Once you start to run a lot of applications. You will notice that to bog down a little bit now you can use editing apps here.

This is Photoshop you can put in huge amounts layers and things like that, but when you do that, it's gon na become really painfully slow. So this really is not the type of CPU that you want to be doing lots of image editing on. I recommend for that thing minimum you really want something like a core i3 or the core. M3. 7Y 30s. They handle this a lot better they're about twice. As fast as the apollo lake in 3450, so for the game i'm going to test just like the t book, it's going to be Counter Strike global Offensive. These are the settings I'm going to use here so on high multi, core ending is enabled and trying to layer, texture filtering so I'm not going to set any super advanced settings on this at the moment. I want to see how it's going to handle 1080p. With these settings on the dust2 map – okay, so this is pistols only and I'm useless at this game. Apart from when people are just standing there, so tottering around 30 frames per second dipping down to below. So it does seem it as CPU limited surprised that no one shot me yet. My I spoke too soon so that performance isn't wonderful, but it seems that it's a lot better than integrated graphics, of course, because that would only be running this at about 15 or 10 frames per second at 1080p. With these settings so I'd have a go at lowering the settings down and see if we can boost that framerate and even try 720p, which may little B may actually be a little bit better for this GPU.

Okay, so 720p on low settings here, let's see now. If that is going to give us a huge improvement or not so now, 720p on the low settings, it hasn't really improved that framerate a lot as you can see. It'S dropped down to about 38, then so it's up, maybe on average 5 frames per second a little bit more than that, but not a huge improvement there. But you can see with this bitter flame, framerate I'm able to actually get a few head shots, because normally all I do is just die a time and time after again, but it's definitely smooth and definitely playable and so much better than the integrated GPU. So I decided to step things up a little bit and test out rise of the Tomb Raider, and this is the result here from the benchmark low settings 720p. This is actually surprised me an overall score of 82 frames per second, but note the GPU temperatures getting up to 87 degrees, so it's, getting rather hot, it might need a repost or maybe it just can't handle the kind of heat that that 940m is producing. Of course, I'll give you a sample of gameplay here you can see it's just below 30 frames per second, and I think this is doing really well considering. It'S only got that a polar lake in 3450 as the CPU, which is pinning down that 940m big time. I feel I feel it as so.

I'Ll show you a little bit of action here. You can see it's not dropping down too bad. So another demanding title, this one's project cars running around about 30 frames per second, and you can see this one's been limited by the CPU, because the GPU is only ready running about half 50 percent. So that's, not the problem. It'S there to Pola Lake in 3450, that's holding things up here, but otherwise, 720p on the lower settings. Here you can see that this is label which is great, so testing out Grand Theft Auto. Now this is 720p and you can see that it is maxing out the CPU again. So this is the bottleneck off the system. As we know, the GPU is only running at 50 here, but we're getting playable frames per second on this down to around 23 frames per second. At times, I've got all the settings on low. So if you were to lower the resolution down to say 800 x 600 use one of those tweak scripts, then you can probably boost the frames per second. By a further. I would just estimate – maybe 10 frames per second more and just make things a little smoother there now a much lighter title that does not max out the CPU. This is League of Legends it's, running in 1080p on the high setting and we're getting a very good frame rate of way over 40 frames per second now this isn't too bad.

Considering again that you know this is fairly weak Hardware, so it's able to handle this game just fine, I mean you could blow the settings down a little bit. So if you set it to medium, then you'll probably get around 60 frames per. Second. If you wanted it to be a little bit smoother than this, so let's take a look at thermals now after one hour of gaming, so it reaches a maximum of 82 degrees that Sun get really really quite hot there, which is not good to see. So I don't know if the cooling is really up to the job, especially when you have a look at the GPU, so the GPU picked out at 88 degrees right here now, a little bit of thermal paste might be able to lower temperatures a little bit. Perhaps add a little bit more copper there. So when you're gaming, you will definitely hear the fans. In fact, you hear the fans when you turn it on, they will quickly spin up and then go off again and most of the time when you're just doing a light task see why here the fans aren't much at all, they just stay on a very low Rpm, which is good but right now, both fans are about 100 percent. So I'll give you a sample of what you can expect in terms of fan noise, so it has the two side firing speakers, as I showed you in this starts a one here then one in the exact same position on the other side.

Let'S have a listen to them, so even from that small sample that you would have picked up that they do lack of volume and they hardly have any bass whatsoever, just a tiny bit. So very disappointing speakers they're not good at all. Now I haven't gone through my full batteries tests of this device yet because I've only just had it for a day but you're looking around two and a half hours on the dedicated in video 940m GPU and if you're not running that GPU and you have the Switching on so the optimist, graphics, switching then it's around five to six hours, it's, not as good as other a polar lake. In thirty four fifty laptops and good news for those that wish to run Linux on this particular laptop that everything is working, the brightness controls the volume controls Wireless, the touchpad, you name it. It is working in the latest build here of Linux, Manjaro, okay, so just to wrap up here. That is the day sky debug pro with the 940m. Now it didn't come with a 940 MX, another that's going to really matter, because the CPU is what is the bottleneck in this system here, and that is seen in games like project cars and tomb raider GTA 5, as well it's just maxed out, and that is What is limiting the performance here and our frame rate now, the GPU? It has a little bit of power there about three times more powerful than the integrated Intel, HD graphics, which is good.

That means we can do a lot more with that you can run applications like Photoshop and once I showed you, those games here to that it does boost up their performance and a massive increase over the integrated GPU there. You couldn't even run GTA 5, well, very low frames per second we've cut down, really cut down settings and you saw there at 720p on low. Then I managed to get at least a playable framerate, which I find is impressive. Considering the Apollo deck CPU that this has on here, so the build quality overall it's, okay, the alloy around the outside is nice. They met around the screen. The screen is really good, so it's very bright. It comes out to be about 360, like 65 or so, which is really good for a matte coated screen. So you have no issues with that, even in bright environments in daylight, good viewing angles as IPS, good, colors, deep blacks as well on there now. The other thing to note, too, that the webcam that's really poor, the touchpad is also poor. I don't like the left and right mouse buttons on it. They'Re just way too shallow and the speaker's they rattle. They lack volume they lack base so that s'n other bad area. Now the keyboard to type on that's very important to have a nice keyboard, it's average. I would not read it as good as the tick last, if seven or the easy box repro no it's a little bit behind it.

Just doesn't have as good a feel on it. Although typing on it, I don't find them having any typos or anything like that. It just doesn't have a really nice feel to it: it's good. It does the job. It just feels a little bit flimsy and a little bit cheap other than that the package and what you've got here? Should you buy it? So, if you're on an ultra strict budget – and you want to play a few games on the side – then yes for light titles, as I showed you like Counter Strike global Offensive. A lot of the settings League of Legends dota 2 games like that it's going to be fine. Now, if you want to play fortnight, it won't run it. Unfortunately, I don't know why I think it's something to do with the processor, the sour on 1030 450. Just does not like it rejects it, won't even load the game. Now, if you plant a game with newer titles, you wan na play something like Battlefield one or you want to play GTA 5 and 1080p. Then this is not the laptop to get. I recommend going for something minimum with an Nvidia 1030 or the MX 150. Those will give you much better playable frame rates, and I have reviewed a couple of laptops now with that particular GPU and it's much better you'll also get a much faster CPU. So you won't have the bottleneck, neck and limitations that the cipolla like in 34, is giving us with this particular model.