So today is april 9 it’s, 9, 42 pm i’m going to do my skincare to go down and eat breakfast beat my pajamas Music, me Music. So i have my rice, iced, coffee, bacon and water. Let’S eat Music, so i just checked my benilde website and my gmail if my bag of homework so right now so i’ll just be continuing my past homeworks later afternoon, so right now, it’s, 10, 51. it’s still morning so i’ll just be editing. My footages for this video Music, so i just wanted to tell you guys. I got a drawing tablet, so it’s the neon h, 1060p, graphics, drawing tablet. So i will insert my clips of me: unboxing it hi guys, so i bought a drawing that and since i’m mma i don’t really know how to draw yet it’s a illustrator because i’m a hero since like pen too long, and so i bought a drawing tablet. But my parents said thank you mom and papa there’s, a cat so yeah. I bought the huion huayn um hb 1060. I think so so. Let’S, just open Music battery free electromagnetic resonance, active area of 254 by 158.8 millimeters resolution of 5000 80 lpi report rate of 233 pps spent pressure with 8192 levels with the reading height of 10 milliliters Music. It includes a thank you card. The card that connects the tablet to your phone or your laptop Music, the stylus, the stylus holder and eight extra tips for your stylus and, of course, the tablet Music.

I miss our drunken. So i need to do this first, the red one. Today, then, maybe the yellow one in another day, Music Music. So i finished the first set of the red box, so i’ll be doing the second set now Music. You never told me and i’m shaking, but i finished the p without vagina, so i’m gon na wash up and update you guys again, hi guys, so i am done showering and now i’m just editing my pa video. So here can you guys guess what song i used for my pe video Music? So for a snack i just wanted uh salmonella and milk chocolate Music, so for dinner, i’m having tapa Music. I just wanted to show you guys how i use my tablet and yeah. So the app that i use is adobe photoshop. There are a lot of other platforms where you can use the tablet i just prefer using photoshop. Then there are also brushes that you can download for photoshop but i’m, not sure if you can download it and use it in other platforms, though, i’ll put the link below you can always switch the sizes here above so let us try drawing or tracing the lip In the screen, so here are some of the brushes that i use so i’ll just adjust the size. Your strings looks like a pencil so there, as you can see it looks like a pencil Music. All your pen also has the pressure thing.