Has you covered? This thing is brimming with specs and features more so than any other device in the industry, and that is why it warrants a look at the chalkboard before we get into the features. Let’S look at some light specs. It is running android 9. As of july 2021. It has four gigs of ram with a 660 snapdragon processor. It also has otg, which is on the go. It is a usb port that allows hosting, so you can put storage alternatives, video feeds, etc. This also has a 6400 milliamp battery. I don’t want to undersell that 6400 milliamps is thousands of milliamps more than the best of the best. That is a massive battery. Now let’s look at the bells and whistles. It has onboard audio speakers microphone sd card, which is rare these days, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack usbc and an hdmi port. You can count the units that have an hdmi port on half of a hand. It also has a glow light vibration, bluetooth and wi fi and google play and why this google play is interesting because out of the three manufacturers, datsung onyx and boyu that have google play, this is the only one that doesn’t require any backdoor entries, any fake certifications. Any enable toggles in the settings it’s just google play you click on it, you sign in, and you get going something the daasong does that nobody else does are speed modes and i’m, not just talking about speed, smooth and a little bit of maybe an x mode Thrown in there, no, there are four image modes: speed modes: two contrast modes, a color, invert, toggle, a contrast, slider bar and two lights; cool; and warm not only that all of these are system wide, meaning everything from browser to video you can use these on.

There are four image modes and each one of them does its own thing. You can toggle them from the bottom, where it has a little m with a circle around it or the top left corner image. One filters out a lot of unnecessary information and just leaves the base photo image 2 states that it improves the image. Clarity, reduces the front burrs and removes any unnecessary background. Color image 3 provides the best grayscale simulation and it definitely softens everything up a little bit. Image 4 actually isn’t in the user manual and it doesn’t say what it does, but comparing it to image 3 it’s roughly the same, but a little bit darker down below. You have nine contrast levels, but it is the exact same as you using the contrast bar right here and, as you press them on the bottom. The bar will actually turn along with you toggling it Music. The bottom left corner will have a c and it’ll be for clear it’ll, be the exact same thing as the top right corner. They have a button on the unit itself. Honestly, this unit just seems to be fast on no matter what mode or image mode you have it in and there’s so many combinations you could go on regular, fast, plus and it’s still very fluid, given that it is displaying a large amount of quality on the Screen at the same time, you can of course speed that up with all your speed modes, another great feature is wired or wirelessly via bluetooth and wi fi on the same network, you can actually screencast your phone using the app already on the dashong.

All you have to do is download the app on your phone and away you go. You can see right here that it mimics everything on my phone and it’s a little bit slow, but it will depend on your wifi, your bluetooth stability and what kind of devices you are all using following suit with everything else in dashong’s lineup. You can, of course, use this as a secondary monitor via the hdmi port, built into the unit itself. No adapters required the e book. Experience is what you would expect it to be it’s a big screen. It’S, really quick. However, that gloss screen is getting in the way a little bit. It is quite reflective, so you’ll have to apply the factory screen protector that they give you in the box. Although it’s not pre applied for you Music, yes, the da song seems perfect seems like it. Has it all in this world of consumer electronics, where manufacturers take more away from you, datsung seem to go the opposite direction. It’S, as if around the discussion table, they said usb sd hdmi speakers microphone. They just threw everything at it. The words less is more doesn’t apply to the 103 or is more Music it’s. Not without a few shortcomings. However, it does have a fairly disruptive gloss screen. It’S eight hundred and twenty dollars and it comes from a company with literally zero track record at making anything other than extended monitors. However, the name holds true.

We know now why it is called not e reader because it’s not calling it an e reader wouldn’t. Do it justice? This is the very definition of a high end tablet running an e paper screen from its fully loaded.