Hopefully this will get into the hands of a proper reviewer at some point, to kind of confirm what i think of them, but i wanted to get this out there anyway. There is a written review from a person on reddit which i’ll link to in the description. If you want to have a read and i’ve put my thoughts in there as well. Først og fremmest, these are quite big chunky, headphones, even to comparison to something like your sony, xm4s and especially compared to the airpods max, which is very, very thin. These are quite big but and chunky like big chunky, earcups a very large headband, but the earcups tend to be one of the big well. I think one of the big reasons why this has such a unique and quite unique, but a specific, sound signature which i like, which closely matches the uh kph 30i’s. So out of the box, selvom – and there are some caveats which i’ll go through out of the boxyou connect these up, you pair them, you put them on, and these are very, very warm and bass heavy to the point where, to be honest, when i first Put them on, even though i tested them and store quite a bit. First put them on, and i thought oh, ingen. These are real base cannons and you know a bit sloppy, losing a lot of detail missing a lot of detail in the mids and highs.

So initially you know i was pretty disappointed, but then i kept with it and i listened to it more and more and then i started to realize that the bass is very much elevated but it’s very controlled and when it’s fast bass it needs to can reproduce That and when it’s a bit more mellow, it can do that as well, and then i started to really listen in and the mids and the highs were all there. They were just being overwhelmed by the elevated base that was in here. So now. I thought. Okay! Godt, let’s, look at the app and see whether there’s an eq let’s see we’ll get to the app very basic app from yamaha. No real settings, just some basic settings that we’ll get to in a second and a setting for power or the auto power off. So i thought okay let’s see if there’s a firmware update. That was because there’s not enough charge on this phone. But if you do a firmware, update and there’s enough charge on your phone, it will actually give you an error message. It won’t say that you’ve got the latest firmware or that there’s no firmware available. Let’S just give you an error code. So software is not a strong point on here. So then kept listening to it for a few weeks and started thinking. You know i couldn’t quite pick out what these reminded me of, especially because that was so so warm and the bass in certain songs was really, as i said, over overpowering the mids and the highs to the point where you know i was, i was missing out On a lot of the detail, Um, but then they started reminding me a bit of these, which is the uh known kph 30 eyes, which are plenty of reviews on these.

Now i really love the sound of the kph30is and if i can get this in a closed back portable setup, that’s been my ultimate aim. I haven’t quite found out yet, even though these are close, they’reprobably the closest thing to these. But there is one thing you need to do so going back to the app. There are two features that are listed here, so one is listening care and one is listening. Optimizer listening care, we’ll start with that. Først, listening care um adjust the sound at low volumes to give you a dynamic sound even when the volume is low, so you’re not tempted to actually increase the volume to get a dynamic music experience and from what i’ve tested that works fairly. Well so i’ve kept that on it doesn’t color the sound too much and even at low volumes. I tend to find that it. It actually increases the um sparkle and the treble a little bit, so it actually increases the treble response at at low volume. So i’ll leave that, on the other. One, men, which is on by default, is listing optimizer optimizer. Now what this does is similar to the recent airpods max is that it detects how the headphones are fitting on your ear. So when you put them on, i don’t know: how does it i don’t know if there’s sensors in there and there’s no cutout for a sensor like there is on the airpods max, but it detects how the seal is on the ear and then adjust the sound.

According to how it’s fitting the problem with that that i’ve found is that even when these are fully on my ear and i’m, not wearing glasses, and my ears are completely in in in the cup here, the listening optimizer function is detecting that there’s, not enough seal Around the ear and it’s artificially boosting that base to the point where it’s drowning out some of the mints and a lot of the the treble so turning it off, has made a massive difference. For my point of view to how they sound and it’s made a much much closer to my kph, 30 eyes, it’s still slightly more warm and the treble is not quite um to the level that the kph30i is but it’s still a very nice listening experience and From what i’ve tested so far, the closest thing to a kph3i in a closed back wireless form and then noise cancelling as well part of the reason, in addition to the sound signature being very similar um. One of the big thing is that these kph3rs are open back, so there’s a lot of sound stage because open back it allows space for the music to actually uh for the music when you’re listening to it close backs tend not to have a lot of sound Stage from what i’ve tested limited amount i’ve tested, but because these are so thick really really thick compared to i mean this is an unfair comparison, but you can see the difference there, but even compared to something like your sony’s and especially your airpods max airpods max Are quite thin, these are very, very deep.

Now you can see the earcups here it’s a nice round, ear cup. If you’ve got big ears like me, you might find that earlobe may touch against the bottom here, but i tend to tuck my ear a little bit in and it fits in there nicely it’s nice deep recess here. The cups are really soft, pleather, surprisingly, not hot, which is one of the things i’ll get to in the comfort. But you can’t see it from here, but underneath this grille, the driver is actually a good centimeter or two further behind this grille. So there’s, actually a bit of space between your ear and the driver which i’m guessing is around let’s, say near the edge of this type part of the cup and then there’s also a little bit of space behind the cup as well, which i guess would help With acoustics, but also to fit all the electronics and stuff as well now because of that depth, the sound stage on these is extremely impressive, like the sense of space it’s, really something, unlike any other ones, i’ve tested, i’ve tested the bose, i’ve tested the sony, xm4s I’Ve text tested the airpods max, all of which have a different, sound signature, but the sound is very for most of the part very close to ear there’s, not a lot of room like an open back to actually for the sound to actually, you know be reproduced. This has a lot of stound stage, not quite to the extent of open backs, but for a closed back it’s, really really good the imaging so pinpointing where, in a space, an instrument is coming from pretty much matches from for my ears, Um.

What i get from the kph3is so that combination of imaging and sound stage, along with the fairly similar tuning, although slightly warmer means theseare really really close to being a close back wireless noise, cancelling version of a kph3i, which is what i’ve been looking for. All this time i don’t like wearing these obviously out in public when i’m on the train and stuff, Som dette, the noise leakage is too much. Jeg kan ikke lide, and also noise coming in, it doesn’t block out your environment in terms of the actual device itself. The headphones mainly plastic, bygge. I think these stems inside here are a metal, i believe, but mainly plastic. I said really soft nice ear cups doesn’t get too hot. I can’t wear the sony xm4s for more than 10 minutes without my ears, getting really hot and being in australia. It gets really hot here and here in australia, so that’s a in addition after that’s. Something else i’ve got to deal with, but these they do get a little warm, but for over ear headphones with pleather cups. They’Re, really not that bad sound isolation is pretty good as well, when you put them on, despite still being fairly breathable. The noise cancellation is good. I think the best way to describe the noise cancellation on these headphones is that it’s not going to be as strong as your sewn, easy boses, and particularly your apple airpods max, which have really strong noise cancellation.

I tend to describe it like the noise cancellation on those is really designed to try and block out as much noise as possible and then play music on top of that once they’ve eliminated the noise. The noise cancel on here is very effective, um but it’s effective in terms of eliminating distraction. Distracting noises to that might distract you from the music that it’s playing so it’s, really in service of getting the best possible audio experience from these headphones, rather than eliminating the most amount of noise. That being said, you know i’d say it’s, not you know, det er, not the strongest of four over the years, but compared to in ear it’s, like my one, more uh, true wireless for enes, these are very good noise cancellation um, the ovary is still will cancel more Noise, the yamaha’s will still cancel more noise than the one was so still definitely good there. The bad sides, um comfort, is probably the biggest one. I know i said the ear pads are really nice and they don’t have too much clamping force, men det er. Really the comfort in terms of the headband here looks pretty padded, but it’s still it’s, not that much. But the problem is it’s, not contoured to your head. So the way it sits is very square which means that when it’s on your head, det er, basically resting at the point of your top of your head, Som, if you’re prone to you, know very sensitive to pain at the top of your head.

These are going to be no good, so i have ordered some daconi nuggets to try and uh help with the comfort point of view. But yeah comfort is from particularly from a headband point of view is not the best um. I said the earcups are, i find for me. The clamp is not too too much. It seems pretty good all physical buttons, no touch controls, which i like usb c charging, which is awesome, 3.5, mil headphone jack for a direct connection. If you want to bypass the internal amps um a anc button, there play pause button volume up and down. I don’t know if it’s just my particular model, but the volume up button sometimes is you need to be a bit more deliberate in how you press it in order to get it to respond? Sometimes it could just be my unit but um. Apart from that, the controls are quite nice, the other. I guess you know if you’re looking for sound quality, det er, not really concerned, but these aren’t compared to even something like your boses and your sonys, and especially your airpods max these aren’t the most attractive. Looking thing when not on your head, like i have a big head, and these are huge on my headthe ear cups are really deep and big. They stick out a lot when they’re on your head and then they have that square shape as well, so they don’t contour to your head.

So you’ve got these big gaps on the sides there until it meets the point of your head so from a fashion sense. If that’s important to you these aren’t, really your best bet, the other negative, i guess a little bit is that you can see the events here and gap here for the mics for the noise cancelling in a very quiet room at around 50, you can start hearing Noise leakage from these headphones um and i’m in a a dead quiet room. So when you start getting into environment which does have ambient noise, um you’re not going to hear it until a little louder. But if you do like to play your music loud um, just be aware that these might be a bit more leak, a bit more sound compared to something like your airpods or your sony’s or your boses, at least to my very limited testing. Oh 15 minutter. Uh. Se, i probably don’t have a lot else to say: i’d really love to see a proper reviewer. Do a proper review on these just to make sure that i’m not crazy, but i really think these are the closest thing. From a closed back point of view. To my kph 30 eyesand i love these thingsand the fact that i can take a version of these which is close enough and sound and sound stage and imaging portably on the go wirelessly that’s, a really great thing. I don’t think there’s a couple of other things.

I just thought of has a nice case. Apple, take note, Um, pretty similar to the sony fold them up in that kind of shape comes with your airplane, plug your three and a half mil cable and usb c charger. Don’T use any of those, so i’ve just kept them in. There has a little space in here for some more cables if you want nice hard case so good for traveling and in terms of what i’ve tested this with um i’m, currently using it on uh. What i’m recording on now, which is my iphone 12 pro max um, so that’s with iphones it’s connecting by aac codec? I haven’t had too many issues with that, so i haven’t noticed a massive difference between that and the other phone. I was using prior to this, which was the pixel 5., so this has aptx adaptive codec, so not complete hd codec. Det er, it is an aptx, but it is adaptive so um it adjusts, depending on what the source is, if it’s music or what the connectivity is, it will ramp up the um uh quality as needed to to its maximum the difference between aptx and aac. To be honest for these um, i haven’t noticed it too much um, both using youtube music as my primary source but i’m, also using um streaming flak files through plex amp as well. So the reproduction of this has been very good, both on apple devices and on android devices, so it works well on both uh that’s, all i’ll say for now.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can. Forhåbentlig, with some questions i said, Forhåbentlig, a proper reviewer will actually get a hold of these at some point. I really think these are an underrated option compared to your more popular options like both sony and apple, especially specifically, recently um, but i really think you should consider these and give these a go thanks.