Vulcan 2 mini a brand new Mini keyboard. That has a lot to offer and it comes at a very, very small size of 65. Less than your typical keyboard now, hence this being a no BS review Im actually going to give you the score of the keyboard got before. I tell you guys all the details that you guys are definitely not going to want to miss out, because boy does. This keyboard have a lot to offer. This got a 90 ud af 100 in a review. If you want to find out how we got to that conclusion and why this keeper might be one of the best keyboards to pick up for this holiday for you or your family, and if you guys want to pick it up and maybe save yourself a couple. Bucks make sure you guys check our Amazon link down below, to go ahead and purchase the Vulcan 2 mini now before I show you guys the keyboard in more detail. I want to show you guys my thing. This is the fastest unboxing youll ever see on the internet boom. Ja, guys we have the Vulcan mini. It is here right in front of us and, som I ser, it is extremely small. I want to give you guys a little bit of comparison, so you guys a good idea on how small this is. So let me put up a keyboard here. Let me put it to the corner right here, so you guys can get an idea and you guys notice look at all the real estate I have on this keyboard, so it pretty much goes halfway to what a typical keyboard is it, its very, meget lille.

This keyboard is 65 less than your typical keyboard, and the thing we love about this keyboard is the Aesthetics. As you guys know, we have rounded edges right here. We also have on the back, and we take a look at the back right here. Youll notice that we have a nice rubber padding here, so it makes the keyboard not go anywhere. So wherever you, you know where you take it to a table, you take it to Starbucks wherever you may take it youre going to be having a good time because its not going to be moving around. We have the Dual one, so you could go super small like super light or you could go, go on super heavy depending on how you want to do so were going to kick this all the way up here and then Im gon na show you guys exactly What we mean here, another thing I did I enjoyed about the design of this keyboard is not just only the rounded edges but aesthetically. It does have a concave area right here, as you guys notice, it does make the keyboard look more aesthetically, pleasing and one thing youre going to want to notice. Is this how how lifted these are from the actual keyboard? The reason why I want you to notice is because this not only makes it easy for cleaning plus it gives it a nice aesthetic. Look when it comes to the RGB lighting and the RGB lighting here is pretty solid, which well talk a little bit more here.

So now that weve talked about the Aesthetics of the keyboard lets go ahead and talk about the functionality of the keyboard and boy. Does this keyboard it may look small. It may look like its me, some features, but guys I am telling you right now. This keyboard has a ton of features due to a new feature that is included in this keyboard called the easy switch. Basically what this does guys based on the software. It allows you to map any sort of keys that you want by pressing down on the shift. Key and being able to use any of the keys that you program to it to do macros or to do any sort of shortcuts with that press of the key. Så, even though you dont have macros on the side with, som du kender, with your standard B keyboards or your other mini keyboards, youre still able to have macros in here, just by holding down shift and combining a keystroke that you want to press within the keyboard. So thats pretty cool because it allows you to maintain the small factor, but still have a lot of function built into them now, in addition to that, what it makes this even better, it also comes with the first dual: let Smart Switch? What does that exactly mean? It means that visually youll be able to be aware of the different functions that youre doing within the keyboard, based on the way the RGB lights and youre able to control that guys within the software.

But youll notice. How right here, if I press the FN key youre, going to notice that thats going to change the lighting in here? So that means that its telling me that there has function keys. So if I had any function keys mapped in here, then I would be able to notice that, som I ser, it goes back to kind of the RGB glow. But if I press the function, things youre going to notice how I change color, because its letting me know that Im pressing the function key now when I press a key its also going to respond to the different color, letting me know that visually. That is a Different Stroke that Im actually pressing for that particular keyboard. Now I know that when it comes to gaming, keyboards or mini keyboards, one of the biggest things that, Selvfølgelig, that you want to know is what type of switches this keyboard has. This is running on the Titan 2 optimal switches, and I got ta tell you guys if you are looking for a keyboard for competitive play, thats going to give you the edge on the competition, its definitely going to be this keyboard because it is ridiculously fast. It is by far faster than the majority of the mini keyboards that out there and also the larger keyboards, due to the fact that this has a very fast response time, even faster than other typical mini keyboards. So this guys will give you an edge when it comes to playing first person, shooters MMOs, because the response time of that keystroke is going to be very well enhanced.

Also speaking about the switches guys, not only are they fats, but they are extremely durable. Its going to offer you a hundred million key presses in its life cycle without any of the letters being erased, plus one thing: we love it and I definitely got to give props to rock. That is the fact that they allow you to switch any of these keys with any third party. Uh keep cap. So if you want to customize this in any way, you want youll be able to do that with having the option of putting any of the keycaps, and they will work with this keyboard, and definitely that is a very good option and definitely includes them for not Kind of just tying you down to a specific heat. Selvfølgelig, we cannot dismiss one of the biggest facts when it comes to keyboards. Selvfølgelig, this is RGB lighting, guys and youre definitely able to change these to whatever color you want, so youre able to go. Uh, you know you could have the rainbow effect wave effect. You have a specific color that you want to have for your keyboard or for your mail. You know your mouse to match that or to match the in game, so this will be able to be enhanced via the software which well take a look in a little bit but being able to customize it to whatever form you want is extremely awesome. Now there are two options of this keyboard: you have this black option and you also have the white version as well.

I wish they would have sent us the white version. So if youre watching this video real cat send us the White Version, we would definitely want to get the white version to match the roll prop Mouse as well. But I like the fact that youre giving multiple options to actually be able to use this keyboard. The reason discords such a high score is because it is extremely lightweight, so very lightweight, very compact, one of the smallest keyboards weve, seen in addition to that, the response time when youre playing multiplayer games or youre playing first person shooter games, we definitely love. Not only is the keyboard very functional for anybody thats, a gamer, but its also factional for anybody that plays and also does work at home, because the key response is really really fast, and in addition to that guys, it is not that loud. So let me go ahead and show you guys Im gon na be quiet for a little bit and show you guys exactly how loud this is. I mean notice not only is a very fast responsive keyboard, but it is very, quite not Extremely Loud. Ive heard really loud ones. This is actually pretty good when it comes to the audio when it comes to, Jeg ved, typing on the keyboard. In addition to that guys, the extensive amount of RGB lining that you can Implement is extremely extensive, Theres, a ton of functionalities that youre able to use within the keyboard itself, especially with the ability of it being small and you being able to apply these functionalities via The easy shift so letting you have a ton of macros for the keyboard without them over you know, without having macros on the side of the keyboard or anywhere in the keyboard.

You could definitely use that with the easy shift to just hold down shift and press the Mac, or you want to map it to so. I love the fact that they included that it takes a little bit getting used to, but once you have it down, it is extremely smooth. Nu. The thing that I love as well is that they werent greedy they didnt have you only buy their capsules. They actually gave you the ability of being able to use third party examples, allowing you to fully customize it to the way you want, whether you want the white version or the Black Version. Now this keyboard is 149. It definitely has a really good price point and Im pretty sure you might be able to get this at a little bit lower price. If you click the link down below its going to leave your Amazon, I believe theyre going to be up on sale very soon. So youre definitely going to want to check out the link before anything else to make sure you guys pick that one up now the reason this didnt get a 10 ud af 10. It is because we really wish that when it comes to many keyboards, I always feel like they should be Wireless. I think wired is very awesome, but the main thing you want to have a mini keyboard is youre going to want it to be practical, especially when youre on the go. You definitely dont want to be dealing with a cable unless you want to charge it or unless you want to have the cable.

So I think a wireless option for this keyboard would have been amazing, even though it would have been priced at 200, its or 180. It still would have made the keyboard. I almost get a 10 ud af 10 because the keyboard is solid in every aspect. I wish I would have had the wireless option as well now. Another thing that we kind of knocked it a little bit down was the fact that the easy shift of functionality takes some getting used to, and some people might not just be able to get used to it at all, because you know some people just dont want To learn many things if you like to learn new things and want to have things at a smaller form factor, but still have a lot of ability to be able to use it with multiple options. Theres definitely the cheaper for you and if you know, if you dont want to like relearn something it might be something I will throw you off just a little bit. The software is extremely amazing. Youre able to do a ton of stuff with the keyboard even to use the sounds of a keystroke which is awesome, so we really love the software as well. I would definitely recommend this keyboard to anybody thats looking to upgrade anybody thats looking to get a better keyboard or to give a keyboard for Christmas or for the holidays. This is definitely a keyboard. You want to pick up this once again got a 90 ud af 100 and our no BS review.

If youre looking for a keyword to upgrade, I highly recommend you pick up the Vulcan 2 mini and if you guys want to see more of our reviews here on a channel, we have more reviews on mouses head senses. So youre definitely going to want to check those out. Those videos are probably popping up right now on the screen. If you enjoy what were doing here in the channel, dont forget to subscribe turn on all your notifications, so you guys wont miss when our videos go. Live if you want to go, the extra mile do consider becoming part of our membership. Your group, by hitting that join button down below it, does help us out, make better videos and also review more products for you guys. Thank you guys for watching and Ill catch.