This one is from a company called vast king. It is their king pad m10. Now it has a chipset in it that weve seen a lot of, and that is the uni sock tiger. T 618, its not actually a bad chipset for the price of it, its an octa core with mali, g52 graphics, and it does support lte band 20. So weve got 4g support with this one: dual sim gps, fm radio, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack in this particular tablet. With a very nice 10.36 tommer, ips screen thats, fully laminated super bright and probably one of the best screens i have seen in a tablet. Now it is running android 11. We have four gigabytes of ram and a 6 000 milliamp hour battery inside the box. With the tablet, you will find our charger now, its only 10 watts this one so very slow to fully charge this particular tablet. It will take over two and a half hours. We have a type, a to type c, usb cable theres, a sim tray tool. Så ja, we do have some support with this. It does support lt band 20 for those in europe. We have this little card here on the kingpad m10. An extended warranty, if you sign up for that, which is quite unheard of we dont, normally have such a large warranty for such tablets out of china and then a user manual. The kingpad m10 does also have a keyboard and they send this out to me.

So it uses this nice synthetic material theres, a very stiff hinge here, så det er, actually the kickstand. This part, you fold that right back and then youll be able to prop up the tablet at all sorts of angles, and that is actually quite good. Now it is stiff, it holds up the weight of the tablet, just fine and it clips into this plastic right there. So the keyboard layout uh, ikke så dårligt, considering, were only working with approximately 10 and a half inches here. The smaller little arrow keys there, but its not too bad. If you are going to be typing a lot, i do recommend getting a hardware keyboard versus using the touchscreen. Selvfølgelig, we get a tiny little touchpad right here, but its still okay and usable its better than nothing and the keyboard. It lies flat here, så theres, no bounce or anything and the quality of these keys, its not allowed keyboard to type on either. They do feel okay and so far my time using it, i havent had any problems. You can see right there. We have the pogo port pin connector, so it doesnt use bluetooth or anything like that, so this keyboard does not have any lag to it at all. The other side on it has well just nothing there thats material again, so that means that both sides are protected by this case. So we have an alloy chassis here on the back matte finish to it, and it does pick up a few fingerprints, the back of it right here.

This part that is made out of plastic with a rubberized texture to the top of it again. You can see a few little fingerprints now of my week of using this tablet, and that is for the wireless antenna reception, so wi fi ac, is on board with this, and we do have, som nævnt, weve got lte support too, which is great so right here. We have a 13 megapixel camera and a flash down the bottom youll find a microphone. There are two loudspeakers right here, so you can actually place voice calls with this particular tablet, but its just for that single mic, theres no noise cancellation, but it can be done. Imidlertid, i would recommend plugging in a headset if youre going to be placing calls on this tablet, so poker put: fastgør stik. There are two holes there for the stays for that keyboard. På højre side, youll find our 3.5 millimeter hovedtelefonstik. That does support microphones, Selvfølgelig, and then here on, the left, weve got our type c port. This is data only does not support video power button, which is made out of plastic, our sim tray tool, which does support micro, sd cards or two nano sims. So it is great that we do have this support and the good thing about this too, er det: has gps on board, so not just the lte support dual sim, but gps for this price and category or tablet its offering quite a bit up the top.

We have another two loudspeakers, Så, Ja, there are four little speakers in total volume up and down and what looks like a microphone is in fact, a reset switch inside there so use the sim tray tool on that. If it ever did lock up, and you need to do thatwhich of course you shouldnt have to and then our screen here were looking at a 10.36 inch screen with the bezels around the outside are not too bad theyre about a fingernail or so the width Of them now they dont look like the pressed material or even the box, see the box. The bezels look a lot slimmer than what it really is theyre trying to make it look like something like a galaxy tab, s7 or the f7 plus, not quite that slim, but theyre, Ikke dårligt. Nu, this screen is excellent. Its really good im, pleasantly surprised by it. Brightness tops out at almost 700 nit. I did not expect this its a super bright, fully laminated ips screen. You see when i just turn this right upoverpowering my camera of course moment, but its really bright and you can make it out in direct sunlight. So fully laminated means theres no ugly gap between that digitizer glass gestures touch. I have not had any problems with it all, and that is great, so lets have a look at quickly. Some real world images on this. I dont think its a bad screen at all.

Its right now its a little bit too bright now it does does dim down quite dim and again that touch response is good and just looking at these real world images, i think this is an excellent screen that theyve selected and gone with now. Beslutningen er 2000 ved 1200 and our front webcam, which is in the top bezel right here, Det er 8 Megapixel, so a ui with this one. It is running a stock, android 11 ui um its okay, but you can install something like nova launcher. If you want so, you do have like a dock here on the right side, which im not too fond of. You can move and change that around a little bit. Og, Selvfølgelig, if i swipe up here that brings up the apps draw now performance in general. With the rom, its only got four gigabytes of ram. Vi har 128 gigabytes of storage with this and, Selvfølgelig, that tiger t 618 for the price, its not a bad chipset, dens, not super fast. So if you do heavy multitasking, i have noticed when youve got a game running in the background you go out of it. You go back into the launcher. You will see sometimes a few frame depths now right now performance with pretty much nothing running. In the background there, its smooth its not bad at all, you might have noticed that it does sport, a hardware, airfare tuner, so this, of course you need to plug in a headset to get working but thats.

Hvorfor? I say that this affordable tablet here this chipset really does offer a lot for the money, because youve got the gps dual sim 4g fm radio. There too, so a lot of tablets dont even have these little extras that this one does now. I do recommend that when you get hold of this tablet that you do run the system update, so they do have an over the air update system where they push out patches, pretty standard there. But a lot of manufacturers dont even bother or use this and its good to see that they are at least doing that to fix just minor little things which they have with this update here. So when you get that youre going to have about uh here, you can see uh just over 113, 15 or so gigabytes free that youll get with this on first boot, and this is our antutu score. Sorry that doesnt have to flip it around so accelerometer. Som du kan se, is working fine, so this score uh its, ikke fantastisk, Okay. So this is a pretty standard score here for that tiger, T 618, det er en 12 nanometerchip, its an eight core, and it has the mali g52 graphics. So its not a monster. All right, but for standard light tablet needs. I think it does. Okay, i dont think its too bad there. This one only paired up with the four gigabytes of ram, so the storage on board here this is emmc spec here and its not amazing.

Som du kan se, i mean its okay for the type of storage. Det er 128 Gigabyte, as i pointed out there a few times and of course you can expand upon it. I tested it out that uh tested the micro sd card slot 128 Gigabyte, one fine. So this is what i was expecting here: a drm so wide vine level. Three cert: we need level one uh, so amazon, prime netflix disney plus, is all standard definition, Desværre, which is an absolute shame because it has such a nice fully laminated ips screen this model here so were missing out on that i mean it really depends. If you can watch amazon, prime video or netflix in only standard definition, it looks a little bit blurry and blocky, but its for some people, its okay, but for me it isnt. So here we do have a battery life runtime. This was a screen configured to 200 nets. It runs until it gets to 20 of just seven hours. Its only got a six thousand milliamp hour battery. Nu, if it had an 8 000 milliamp hour battery wed, be looking at then about probably nine hours. So seven hours of run time it isnt a battery champion, but its got a very bright screen too as well. So if you crank that brightness right up, you will really chew through that battery a lot faster. I wish it had a larger battery, but at the same time it is a nice thin tablet.

Now that chipset does have this too, which is the gps i mentioned before, which is great to have on an affordable tablet. So down to one meter of accuracy is possible and the signal strength is quite good, so its there, you can use something like google maps and all sorts of other programs, but what it is lacking is a hardware compass that is not on board. So its always going to be pointing to east here, because it simply is lacking that sensor. Nu, if youre watching 16×9 content, you will see this will happen. Okay, weve got borders top and bottom theyre, ikke så dårligt, because this does not have a 16×9 Størrelsesforhold. Its more like 16×10, here and thats, why weve got the top and bottom bezels there now the maximum quality with youtube playback, you can select 1080p, hvilket giver mening, because the resolution here is only slightly over full hd, its just 2000 ved 1200, now audio wise. Det 3.5 millimeter hovedtelefonstik, i dont, think it sounds too bad, but certainly not the best ive heard the speakers so two down here, two at the top. As i showed you at the start of the video, when we had a look at the hardware, they sound pretty flat to me quite average. The loudness is ah its okay, but i really wish it was a bit louder, but heres, a sample of those speakers now so pdf files are one area that i think this tablet is really ideal for, because of this really great looking screen now, youve got your Blue light filter youve got your black and white mode too reading modes, and what im using to read this pdf file is simply google play books.

I do find it works really well now, if i skip ahead, you can see its not going to be super quick. Okay, not going to win any speed records for pdf performance. Imidlertid, when you zoom in double tapping here, just look at the text, its sharp its clear, i can happily read pdf files and definitely ebooks on a screen and a tablet like this, which is what i believe this tablet is very good at just for your light. Android tablet tasks. So if youve seen my other tablet, videos on this particular chipset that uni sock tiger t 618, it can actually game all right for what it is, not an amazing performer sure. But a game like pubg here lets take a look at what settings we can get away with were not going to get of course, 60 frames per second option under graphics. Youll see that if you put it onto smooth, you can at least run ultra, der er 45 frames per second lets, take a look and see: how is it going to run here on this king pad m10, so the performance is okay. Lets have a look and see if i can get a kill here, all right that was probably a bot, so its playable. I am not completely lagging out and it just turns into a horrible choppy leggy mess. Ingen, it seems to be fine. The melee g52 here thats in this t 618 its okay for games, but you want to always keep the settings on the lowest possible visuals.

So that way it does not bog down. So it can even play ive tested out this chipset before something like Genshin impact, but again lowest possible visuals. There is the only way to play with this chipset. So all the titles in the play store will be playable on this machine. Just dont expect it to perform like a flagship tablet because clearly its notand this is what you can expect from that frontfacing camera, so its going to be okay for something like zoom or whatsappcalls skype. You get the idea, men ikke fantastisk, its a little bit dark the quality of it here. 8 megapixels and the microphone quality as well is yeah its average. So i wouldnt rate this as amazing, but its not actually the worst. I have seen when it comes to front facing cameras on affordable, Android tablets. Now that ive been using it for well over a week. One of the things i like about this king pad m10. Godt, the screen the screen, the screen and the screen. It is so good for this category and price point of a tablet being an affordable one. Her, android 11 entry level, you dont normally see screens like this. It is super bright. It has great blacks for an ips. The contrast is very good touch response. There is excellent and it is fully laminated so fantastic screen in this. It is a thin tablet only over eight millimeters, its about 8.

2 millimeters and the weight is just 440 gram, which is good because it only has a 6 000 milliamp hour battery in it. So battery life is around 7 timer, its a little slow to charge. It does take well over two and a half hours and thats normal, though at only 10 watts with it, and i really like the fact that weve got gps dual sim 4g support. So you can put a sim card in this and you can place voice calls. You can even answer whatsapps and you can do all that sort of stuff that you would on a phone, but also on this particular tablet, which is great and then gps. Is there too 3.5 millimeter hovedtelefonstik, Selvfølgelig, really do need to use that for the voice calls? Because if you answer it without it its going over the loudspeaker, the microphone and you dont get noise cancellation either. So you really want the mic close and a headset for that now the optional keyboard you can get with this. I think if you type a lot, if youre someone thats going to be answering a lot of emails, then thats something to go for because its a hardware, one so theres, no bluetooth lag theres. No batteries to worry about simply plugs in connects and it acts as a case to protect their tablet performance wise. As i mentioned quite a few times. This is not a flagship tablet, but that t618 chipset actually does pretty well.

You can play most of the games out there just keep the settings on low. Faktisk, all the games do work. You just need to go with lower settings with it, and the wrong performance seems to be fine, its stock android 11, which is another positive there. Så, thank you so much for watching my review here of vast kings.